Episode 34: The Marketing Strategy For AI Models & Crocs

01:16:49 | July 1st, 2022

Episode Transcript

Garret: All right, Episode 34?

Brady: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. I almost spilled everything.

Garret: Episode 34, Brady?

Brady: Yeah, I’m good.

Garret: You’re overcoming the obstacles, the drama. What you got over there? What’s that?

Brady: I have a little nectar cold brew smoothie.

Garret: These are the worst posture chairs ever made. I just want to point that out. I don’t think it’s me. You have better posture than I do but-

Brady: I have terrible posture, so they’re perfect.

Garret: Yeah, they are super comfy.

Brady: They’re slouchy.

Garret: I think I’m getting fat. And so, when I watch us back to try to get better at this whole podcasting thing, I feel like my belly’s getting bigger and it’s showing in these chairs.

Brady: That’s why you always have a layer. You got a layer.

Garret: I’ve been too hot in this room, man. It’s been killing me. Look at this, I can cover the belly too, like this. Just be like this, yeah. Haven’t worked out in six months. It’s been brutal.

Brady: It’s been 31 years for me.

Garret: I’m like fishing once, twice a week. But I just-

Brady: That’s working out. From my experience fishing, I’d say that’s working out.

Garret: Bro, you tapped out after one Marlon. You were just done.

Brady: Yeah, that’s all I wanted.

Garret: Your hands are like-

Brady: I could have done more.

Garret: You’re like, “Oh, I don’t know about that.”

Brady: Got to conserve the environment.

Garret: You’re like, ” My hands are blistering.” Well, were we were releasing him, homie.

Brady: Yeah, but that one, the nose snapped off on one.

Garret: That is a good point, Brady. That was why you did it.

Brady: I did get some pretty bad blisters.

Garret: Yeah, you were talking about your blisters more. Tanner was what? He was sea sick up there. Just dying.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: Your hands were blistered. Jesse, we almost literally lost him. We almost had to do inaudible. That was such a great trip. That was so fun. We got June coming up.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: Big trip.

Brady: What’s the plan? I don’t even know.

Garret: You want to know the plan?

Brady: Yeah, let’s hear the plan.

Garret: As of right now, I’m leaning towards Alaska.

Brady: That would be awesome.

Garret: I know. I’ve never done a fishing trip in Alaska.

Brady: I would love to go to Alaska.

Garret: Yeah?

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: You like that idea? All right.

Brady: I have some friends who have done the cabins.

Garret: That’s what I’m talking about.

Brady: They have a boat. They have ATVs.

Garret: I want to get into cards so we can play card games. I just don’t know.

Brady: Like poker? What do you mean?

Garret: I meant more like-

Brady: Get into cards.

Garret: Black Truck Poker. I know those.

Brady: What are you talking about?

Garret: I meant a cool car game. I don’t know.

Brady: Go fish, War.

Garret: Like group card. I don’t know.

Brady: Acey Deucey.

Garret: That I don’t know. That’s what I’m talking about. Games like that. Those kind of games. Correct.

Brady: I haven’t played that in a while.

Garret: I don’t know them.

Brady: I lost a lot of money to my mom when I was like a teenager.

Garret: What’s the slap game? The slap game with cards.

Brady: Yeah, I know what you’re talking about.

Garret: Slap Jack?

Speaker 3: Or speed.

Garret: Speed. Slap jack. Yes. See, I feel like that’s what you do if you go to a cabin in Alaska.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: Is you play card games with people. Or what’s the one where everybody closes their eyes and they get murdered. There’s like a murderer.

Brady: I don’t know if I want to go.

Garret: Then there’s a priest. Peter, what’s the game? You close your eyes. Come on, you know these kinds of things. There’s a robber and then there’s a healer and they’ll be like robber rise. And it’s like an app. You put it on the phone and it-

Brady: Dungeons and Dragons?

Garret: No. You guys know this game, right?

Peter: I think it’s just called Murder Mystery.

Garret: It is? Imposter?

Peter: There’s also a game with like werewolf.

Garret: Werewolf. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s another good game.

Brady: I’ve never heard of it.

Garret: That’s what you do at cabins, I feel like.

Brady: All right.

Garret: You go up to a cabin in Alaska, desolate area. We got to have some games we can play. But you think that’s a good idea?

Brady: That’s a great idea.

Garret: Hell yeah. Well, you ready to talk some marketing.

Brady: Let’s do it.

Garret: Where do you want to start? Should we start on mine?

Brady: We got yours pulled up.

Garret: All right.

Brady: I’m curious if you saw this in the wild.

Garret: I did.

Brady: See, I’m jealous. I don’t get these ad. I like this ad. I watched it.

Garret: You never had a television before, Brady Graham?

Brady: I don’t really watched TV.

Garret: But you do watch TV because you said anytime your wife has a show on that’s garbage TV.

Brady: Yeah, but that’s on like Netflix. And then we’re watching American Idol, but we don’t watch it when it’s live.

Garret: You know what we should do?

Brady: We fast forward through.

Garret: As a true professional, you should downgrade all your accounts to have the ads. You know what I’m talking about? I know.

Brady: Marriage podcast content. I don’t think my wife would be okay with me go watch Netflix Basics for the podcast.

Garret: You’re like, ” Baby, it’s for work.”

Brady: I get them on YouTube. I see ads on Twitch. But I have noticed when I’m watching, like when I watch FIFA in the World Cup games.

Garret: Yes.

Brady: I was watching ads Super Bowl obviously. I was like, ” Oh, this is where you see the legit ads if you’re watching that type of TV.”

Garret: You don’t watch sports like I watch sports. And I think that’s the primary difference maker is I will watch Angel games, Laker games, Manchester City games, f1. I watch sports essentially. And we were watching this and I can always tell it’s a good ad because Mara will go, she’ll look at me and we’ll both look at each other and she’ll go, ” I like that ad.”

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: And that’s because she knows I do the show, I think.

Brady: You’re on Amazon too and you’re ready to buy it.

Garret: Yeah, exactly. I don’t know why. She was literally on her phone. And that’s why you could tell it’s a good ad is when she’s on her phone and I’m on my phone because we’re both kind of zonking out. And then you kind of go like this, you do this thing where you go, ” Huh?” So, I actually missed, I probably would argue the first eight seconds of this ad, which is a weird psychological thing. Because it’s the opposite of what we think when you and I do digital YouTube ads where it’s like you got to hook them in the first six seconds. I feel like ads on television are sometimes a slow burn where they-

Brady: Because it can be.

Garret: Yeah, because you’re like, you’re kind of watching and you’re zonking out and then all of a sudden something will catch you. You know what I’m saying?

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: So, that’s what happened on this one. So, let’s watch it.

Speaker 5: This is Roundup for lawns. This stuff works. This stuff kills weeds down to the roof without killing your lawn. This stuff works on dandelions, crabgrass, clover. This stuff works for up to three months. This stuff works guaranteed or your money back. This stuff works on big lawns, small lawns. And I guess you can call that a lawn lawns. This stuff works without killing your lawn. This stuff works without killing your weekend. This stuff works for the rookies and the season pros. This stuff works in Knoxville, Bronxville, Rockville, Marysville. This is Roundup for lawns. This stuff works.

Brady: I’ll probably buy it.

Garret: That might be the best commercial I’ve seen since we’ve done this show.

Brady: I mostly love the handle. I got a bad back. So, just walk around the lawn-

Garret: Am I crazy or is that the best ad I’ve seen?

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: It’s like one of the best ads I’ve ever seen.

Brady: The motion graphics.

Garret: The quick cuts.

Brady: Talking about not killing the lawn multiple times.

Garret: And not killing the weekend. Because it’s also true if you spray all the chemicals out there and then everybody wants to play in the backyard and you can’t.

Brady: Well they didn’t talk anything about pets or a toddler crawling on the grass. But I’m sure maybe it is poisonous to pets and people.

Garret: Yeah, you might have to avoid some legal stuff. But it was pretty amazing. Yeah.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: And I loved how it went to like even if you have something this small. I know because I have this front strip at my house. Do you know how weeds work? I finally figured it out.

Brady: Do I know how weeds work? They absorb water through the root.

Garret: No. I finally figured out why I got… So, I’ve had such overrun grass that I’ll resaw everything and I’ll put in brand new grass. And then within one week there’s weeds everywhere. And I’m like, the birds and the pollen and the wind couldn’t have spread all these weeds this quickly. I have a gardener. The gardeners do not, but they should completely clean their lawnmower from lawn to lawn. So, what happens is when they go do your lawn, it drops all the freaking weeds from all the other lawns. And that’s how you get weeds so quickly even when you resaw it. It blew my mind.

Brady: Interesting.

Garret: I know. Do you see what I’m saying?

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: They bring them with them essentially. Their job is to remove the weeds but they bring the weeds.

Brady: I must do my own self spreading though.

Garret: Well, have you ever resaw it and started fresh?

Brady: No, but I don’t pull every weed and sometimes I’ll mow over weeds when I mow the lawn. So, it must be my mower that’s how I’m spreading.

Garret: Isn’t that a crazy concept? But it looks like Roundup.

Brady: If it’s a Roundup, you’re fine.

Garret: Can we click on it? Like let’s say we love the ad, which we do. I made a description Roundup. Wouldn’t it kill you? But can we go-

Brady: Oh yeah, if they’re running this as a YouTube ad, then all the call to actions and links are built in.

Garret: Fair, fair, fair. Have their back. Let’s just see this stuff. I love it.

Brady: Yes.

Garret: They integrated it to the website now. Hit shop now. Just like I would if I was clicked on it. Oh, that’s dope. They got different types. You can get a refill, you can get a concentrate, you get a sure shoot. What’s the sure shot one do?

Brady: That’s the extension one and it’s like battery controlled. So, you don’t even need a pump. It has like a pump built into the handle. Whoa.

Garret: Oh that’s cool. So, it doesn’t-

Brady: Looks like a non- invasive catheter.

Garret: Yeah, right. Where to use gravel. I think I need this. Wait, how long does it take? Go back. I want to see how long. For up to four months. Do they have recurring revenue? I would be interested about that. Does it resupply every four months? Scroll down for me.

Brady: Yeah, like sign up for the-

Garret: Yeah, that would be–

Brady: Maybe if you add to cart and check out.

Garret: Yeah, so let’s check that because that could be a massive opportunity for Roundup. Can you click add to cart for me? Roundup. You’re not a client. We don’t specialize in these types of products. But I would highly recommend you copy Amazon and do a subscription model for your refills.

Brady: Oh, yeah. Hit check out just to see if they put it on there. Yeah, the up upsell should be right here.

Garret: This should be right-

Brady: Or before.

Garret: I think it should be even on the product page because I think it’s helpful to know. Plus four month preventer great. So, I’m going to need more than four months. You did a good job selling me on the value of the last for four months, then give me the replenishment on autopilot.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: That would be sick.

Brady: Especially if you buy that big pump one or that wand one where it’s like I want to keep this bottle and mechanism.

Garret: Correct. Exactly. That’s why I don’t want to buy the sure shot wand and then add on it below.

Brady: Refill.

Garret: Refill every four months.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: So, sure shot wand plus refill. That would be sick because then that’s what? Three times a year. And what’s the refill cost? So, that would give them theoretically around$ 50,000 increase in recurring revenue per product sold. And if you got what? 25% to do it, you could really grow the business through just a simple, simple software solution. That’d be a pretty good idea.

Brady: It will hold you accountable to doing it because once you get a refill-

Garret: Correct.

Brady: And you haven’t even done it in a few months.

Garret: Well and I like how small it is because I do the fertilizer, the push one.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: It’s a pain in the butt to store that thing though. This I could store so much easier. My dad came by and borrowed mine because he didn’t want to buy one because he didn’t want to store it.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: It’s so cheap. Those little things, you’re literally better off buying it, throwing it away than trying to figure out where to put it if you don’t have enough room in your house.

Brady: Yeah, it’s like growing up we had a big metal sprayer.

Garret: Yeah.

Brady: Where it was a pump with a handle just like they’re making here. But that thing was pretty heavy duty.

Garret: Yeah, exactly. I love the size of this whole thing. I think it’s a pretty impressive product. Can you scroll down a little bit too, Scarlet? Thanks a little more. I just want to see the rest of it. The rest of page. That’s awesome. I loved this ad’s song.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: This is just a cool stuff.

Brady: No, it’s a great ad.

Garret: It’s the best ad I’ve seen. This stuff works. I love it. Myra looked at me and she was just like, ” That was awesome.” And I made a note immediately like spring the show. I didn’t want to bring it last week so I saved it for this week.

Brady: And you can tell I think they did market research, just that subtle note where they said it doesn’t kill your lawn. They mentioned that twice. So, I’m sure they did market research. What do you think of Roundup? Well, I have weeds in my lawn but I don’t want to kill the lawn so I don’t spray it. So, they probably took that feedback and that’s why they really highlight that feature a couple times.

Garret: I loved it. It’s awesome. Very, very cool. All right, Brady.

Brady: So, I’m going back to your roots. Whoa.

Garret: I’m muted. I’m muted that just in time. Wow.

Brady: Yeah, you say that like this mic didn’t catch that sneeze. That was aggressive.

Garret: I think I lost my voice from that sneeze. My throat’s been on the edge. Oh man. I’m doing so much content right now, Brady. Just so much. I’m doing this course for my agency course. It’s got 52 videos. Each is an hour and a half long.

Brady: I know. I saw the outline.

Garret: Grinding over here. We did. How many videos this week, Scarlet?

Scarlet: We’ve already recorded seven or eight in the span of a week and a half.

Garret: I’m a full- time influencer. I’m terrible at it but here we are. What do you got?

Brady: Yeah, let’s play it. It’s a Fiverrr ad.

Garret: Oh, taking you back to my roots.

Brady: Yeah.

Speaker 7: 60%. I think our team had something to do with that.

Speaker 8: Taking the break room. Going away party for Marco.

Speaker 7: Who’s Marco?

Speaker 9: Marco, the moment I found you on five or eight days ago, I knew I found more than just a freelance web developer. The museum worthy work in your portfolio. The humility despite your towering reputation. You were a coy at first but you knew exactly what we needed. A heartbreakingly beautiful website for our company. To Marco.

Speaker 8: To Marco.

Speaker 9: He’s typing. Classic Marco. Expand your team with a Fiverrr freelancer.

Brady: So, I like this ad but truth here is there was another ad I saw live that isn’t on their YouTube.

Garret: You can’t find it?

Brady: Can’t find it anymore. So, this is their most recent ad and I like the ad.

Garret: I love that.

Brady: I like how they’re integrating Fiverrr employees into the workforce. Doing the going away party. But the ad I saw was interesting because I think it really picks on-

Garret: Who’s going away?

Brady: Marco. So, Marco’s job is done. It was like a two- week job. He did the website and they’re throwing a going away party for Marco in the office.

Garret: Is that in Fiverrr’s best interest? I do like the ad, I’m just-

Brady: But I think that’s what they’re going for project based work. But it’s just showing how they felt like he was a big part of the team and they’re treating him like an in- house employee.

Garret: I want to validate that. Because if I was Fiverr I would want people to put when did I want my freelancers on retainers so that I could have more billings.

Brady: Yeah, and he does say that. He says until next time.

Garret: Until I finally know. I saw that. Let’s we go to Fiverrr’s website real quick. I just want to see this. I’m just like curious. Number one is the integrate Marco. I got Saka on Fiverrr.

Brady: So, this is probably for Fiverrr Pro, which I think-

Garret: Correct. I think you and I… I did a pitch for Fiverrr Pro. Didn’t we?

Brady: I believe so.

Garret: Didn’t you?

Brady: I remember we’ve talked about Fiverrr Pro.

Garret: Yeah, because I discovered it. I think we just sold Fiverrr. Obviously we didn’t win it or what it was. That’s a sick product shot, dude. Like that dog, I don’t know what it’s for but I like it. So, go to Fiverrr business please. Top menu. There you go. So, hit join. I’m curious of what it does if you join.

Brady: Yeah, but they still average like that headline is when you need it.

Garret: That’s not what I want. Yeah, I agree. That is what Fiverr is. I couldn’t remember from our conversations with them if they were trying to get you to put people on retainer. Because if I’m Fiverr that would theoretically help me.

Brady: Yeah, I agree.

Garret: That’s why I thought it was weird they were advertising that you were done with them. Conceptually, my head got… I thought it was a weird psychological principle. It’ll be like celebration that Marco’s gone. It’s a very creative concept. I do love the concept. But if you’re Fiverr, I don’t know if that’s the psychological message you’re trying to… Until next time to your credit, to what you were saying is I think they did fight that a little bit with that point. I don’t know.

Brady: Yeah, I think it’s realistic.

Garret: It is realistic.

Brady: And in this example, it’s a website redesign. So, that’s very project based.

Garret: Project based. You’re right.

Brady: The ad I saw that I liked before-

Garret: But they need him to support the website. What if they wanted to make a change? I guess, they were saying until next time they just DM Marco.

Brady: Until it’s broken.

Garret: Yeah, until it’s broken.

Brady: But the other ad I saw was interesting. It was-

Garret: All right, do some bad radio.

Brady: They had a project. I think it was a video project and it was someone trying to make it happen. And it was her employee saying, ” Oh well I got to do this first. And oh we have to do this and we have to wire frame it.” And as she’s getting excuses and complaints from the in- house team-

Garret: That would never happen.

Brady: She’s finding a person to do it on Fiverrr. And I just thought with the timing of-

Garret: Did she hire the person on Fiverrr before her excuses were done?

Brady: Yeah. It’s going around all the different stakeholders and just how long it’s going to take trying to do it in- house as she’s then I’m just going to do this on Fiverrr. So, it’s like her screen and then the people she’s talking to.

Garret: I love that.

Brady: I just think with what’s going on with tech layoffs and efficiency plays going on in organizations, I thought it was pretty brilliant positioning-

Garret: Oh I love that.

Brady: For Fiverr to take. But unfortunately I could not find that thing anywhere.

Garret: I did love the ad though. The Marco ad was exceptionally clever. The way they started it threw me off because I didn’t understand.

Brady: Yeah, I was confused at first.

Garret: The ladies in the boardroom.

Brady: And the guy’s like, ” Going away party for Marco.”

Garret: But it was really creative.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: I do think to your point, it was very creative. Can you search Garrett Margot up there? I want to take you guys back.

Brady: Do you still have your profile?

Garret: Oh, yeah. It’s not live, I don’t think. Oh the other one, the other Fiverrr. I was never a Fiverrr Business. I don’t think I ever earned that.

Brady: I don’t know if they had that.

Garret: Search usernames for G Margot maybe down below.

Brady: I think if you just click that. Imposters.

Garret: Maybe G Margot. Let’s see. Search it. Oh, you got to do it on Google. Whatever.

Brady: Maybe clean the server space. It’s been a while. They haven’t got rid of all the trash.

Garret: A decade. No, I’m there. Go G Margot Fiverrr. Yeah.

Brady: There it is.

Garret: There it is. Yeah, that’s how we started.

Brady: That’s a lot reviews, 46.

Garret: Good reviews too.

Brady: 1. 8.

Garret: If you’re going to do something, do it well, Brady.

Brady: Yep.

Garret: If you’re going to do something, do it well. Look at that. Finish up my MBA in directing my online marketing firm. Directive.

Brady: Marketing roadmap. Increase sales.

Garret: It’s more than art. It’s a science. Then I let Myra run it for a while. But what are you going to do? So, what else we got, team. I liked it.

Brady: Like I said.

Garret: I know. It wasn’t the one you saw.

Brady: I was like, ” Damn, I want to find this.” But then I went to their YouTube and that was the most recent ad. I still liked it.

Garret: It was good. I completely agree. It was good. I wouldn’t say it’s probably as good as the one you saw.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: Because the one you saw sounds way more-

Brady: It’s just so relevant on what’s going on today and what businesses are looking at and consultants coming in and finding inefficiencies.

Garret: That’s the hard part. Dude, nine out of 10 times I feel the same way about the ads I recommend. I come in here and I’m like, ” I like them. They’re not perfect.”

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: There’s something to glean from it. That ad had a weird start and I felt like the finish was a little weird. The middle was pretty cool. The going away party is a very good concept. I do completely agree. Going away party for your freelancer is pretty clever.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: That’s very clever.

Brady: Everyone loved him and he was only there for two weeks.

Garret: But it’s also weird in the sense that if you’re Fiverr, you don’t want people celebrating that they’re done with you.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: Just conceptually. But it’s also genius in the sense that who does a going away party for a freelancer?

Brady: Yeah, I agree.

Garret: Very good ad. All right, so we got a couple topics today, Brady. So, I tweeted about this. I’m sure you guys all saw it. It went mega viral.

Brady: Oh of course.

Garret: Watch. Did I get a like? Let me see. I got one like maybe. Maybe I got one like. But go up real quick for me, Scarlet. Thanks. And I’ve been looking at these. So, there’s actually a little bit more to this, Scarlet. Open up another tab for me real quick and I want to show… Because it’s like the whole story. Do Ryan Gosling Chanel. Travel ad. Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. Click far left. So, can we pull this all the way up? There we go. Thank you. There we go. Cool. So, I think this is a native ad. Go down for me please. Oh it’s even better. It’s Gucci. All right, so this is the perfect topic for us. So, Gucci is running an ad with Ryan Gosling. Can you go to Gucci Twitter? And this is the ad and I think this is I’m talking about. And then let’s go to their Twitter on Gucci. And let’s see if we can find the campaign they did with Ryan if you can. But while she’s looking for this. Essentially Gucci did a travel campaign where it’s like, imagine what we can do and travel the world. And it’s like with Ryan Gosling and all these famous influencers. Now, I thought a really good discussion for us today would be, do you believe that AI will replace influencers? Or do you believe AI will actually make influencers more valuable? We aren’t able to find it right now. I found it on my Twitter earlier. But go to the GQ real quick. So, this let’s say is actually, it is a Gucci campaign with Ryan Reynolds and he’s got his burger or Ryan Gosling, sorry. So, he has his burger dope truck. I like the circle mirrors. And he’s out somehow with a truck on the sand in a beach and it looks like Cap Capri.

Brady: Looks like PCH.

Garret: Yeah.

Brady: North PCH.

Garret: Yeah, he’s somewhere. He’s got all these Gucci bags. It’s a crazy shot but it’s actually a really good shot. And Ryan’s being Ryan Gosling. You got neutral brown on brown, the green and the red. It’s a pretty cool shot. It’s a really cool campaign. So, you got Ryan Gosling. And then let’s go to the other one. The cat also, frankly to me is a really, really cool creative campaign with the Gucci hard hat. And this guy. That guy doesn’t exist.

Brady: So, this is an AI-

Garret: This is an AI Gucci ad for the same campaign. So, Brady, it’s called Gucci Blue Collar. I love this guy. Nick St. Pierre is like a art director who uses AI and he is just playing around with it obviously.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: And this is a way I want to frame the question, so I’m going to give me a second to process this. Do you believe the Ryan Gosling ad would do more money than if Ryan Gosling was replaced in that other one with an AI person similar to this? I know.

Brady: Well because it’s like it’s the concept of this is a brilliant AI generated ad and how they inform the AI to produce this.

Garret: Blue Collar Gucci. I mean, this is the exactly what Gucci would do for an ad. This is Gucci’s style. I know because it’s not an influencer. It’s like another type of influencer I want to show you is… Because I want to round out before you answer. Because I think this will help show you the different types. The next one is Hex. I saw this on Twitter also. So, go to Hex founder CEO Twitter. Yeah, founder CEO Twitter. No, go to Hex clad founder, CEO. There it is that guy. So, go to Jason. And if you scroll down, this. Click on this one for me. So, this is a guy who has a product. Go full screen please. So, the other way you can do this is Kendall and Hailey Bieber. Now this to me works. And this is entirely different because this is influencer generated content not influencer starring in a photo shoot campaign.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: I want to make sure.

Brady: Yeah, it’s like a celebrity placement which was goofy truck ad.

Garret: Ryan Gosling, yes.

Brady: This is now-

Garret: Hailey doing her own show.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: I don’t know what it’s called. Do you know what it’s called, Scarlet? You’re not a hate Bieber.

Brady: Selena did it first.

Garret: You’re a Selena fan.

Scarlet: I don’t really pay attention to any of this stuff.

Brady: So, Selena was doing at home cooking show before Hailey Bieber and I don’t know.

Garret: But Bieber came in and stole her show?

Brady: Well, that’s the whole thing right now. She’s copying her. That’s what’s blowing up at least on my newsfeed.

Garret: Wow. Well, Selena’s every woman’s woman, I believe. And Hailey, she’s just a want to be Selena.

Brady: But Bieber is still showing some type of thoughts and obsessions with Selena still. It’s crazy out there right now.

Garret: It is crazy. Wow. We should do a inaudible on the show.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: So, my point here is whoever, the influencer team at Hex clad obviously reached out to Hailey and somehow got the same show that Kendall’s on, which is crazy. Speaking of placements, this is pretty close to as good as it gets in my opinion of a placement of your knife product of where do you want to be. I would imagine Hailey Bieber’s Instagram with Kendall Jenner has to be pretty high up on doing your job as product placement with influencers.

Brady: I agree.

Garret: So, let’s watch this and we’ll compare it to the other two and see what we think about how AI could change things.

Hailey Bieber: These are our beautiful Hex clad knives on our beautiful Hex clad board that they have provided with us today.

Kendall Jenner: Wow. That was really nice.

Hailey Bieber: Guys, I locked crushed her chop but it was a gorgeous chop.

Garret: I thought they were the D’Amelios or something when I saw it first.

Hailey Bieber: In this hex clad board. I’ve never seen that before. It has a little tray to put all your extras, which I’m enjoying that today. There are our beautiful Hex clad knives.

Garret: That is it. So, I’m sure there’s more, but I wanted to show you. So, that to me is a very different kind of influencer campaign. Do you think AI could replace that?

Brady: No, I just think they’re two different things.

Garret: I do too.

Brady: I think-

Garret: But I wanted to make sure we had a more nuanced conversation.

Brady: Yeah, AI is definitely replacing all non- influencer type campaigns. Even the Gucci one, the blue collar one. I mean, you’d have to take over that construction site. That guy would be probably an expensive model. Your photographer is-

Garret: It’s expensive.

Brady: Is expensive at all because of who they are. Even though no one knows who took the photo outside of people in the inner ad circle. But they’d still pay a ton of money to get that person-

Garret: Oh, yeah.

Brady: To take the photo.

Garret: Legend in the makeup game.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: You got the agency fee.

Brady: Yeah, and AI I think is replacing all of that. I’ve been on a Levi’s photo shoot. I was like assistant for the photographer in Malibu.

Garret: Wait, when is this?

Brady: And it was-

Garret: Brady, you were the model?

Brady: No, I was running memory cards from the beach up to the trailer, the production trailer.

Garret: What were you making an hour on it? How did they pay you?

Brady: Zero. I just wanted-

Garret: So, that was an exposure thing.

Brady: This was back when I was thinking about getting into professional photography.

Garret: You were pretty good. Brady, took another photo.

Brady: Yeah, my cousin hooked me up because he knew the photographer.

Garret: Is that still your display name?

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: Cool. So, we’re an agreement that also the models and clothes.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: Go to Gucci’s website. I’ll kind of show you what I mean. I don’t think it’s just the ad that AI replaces. There’s a whole industry of individuals, people that is a real woman that they had to pay and a photographer and makeup and a studio and an agency-

Brady: Lots of money.

Garret: For that shot. Yet I could run one prompt into an AI tool. I forget what it’s called right now that he uses. If you go back to that Nick guy. Go to his bio real quick. He does Midjourney. That’s the product. So, he is using Midjourney to make all these. And if you go down, you can see his profile. He does crazy stuff. So, keep going down. That’s obviously AI but it’ll get better. Keep going. I just want to see if there’s any other stuff he’s done on here that looks real but I wouldn’t know. This is wild. Look at the game here. Look at the game. If you go up one. Watch this. This is now a first person shooter game. This is how realistic the graphics are, Brady.

Brady: That’s crazy.

Garret: That’s too realistic. I’m nervous he was going to get shot. Let’s keep scrolling.

Brady: I mean, I saw one where you take still images of a house.

Garret: Gucci Cheeto Collection.

Brady: And it creates a fly through walkthrough using AI. So, you need a drone or a 360 camera. You just take still photos and the AI will then understand the house enough to do a floating walkthrough. Which takes over the real estate 360 camera game. People fly drones through houses to try to get that look.

Garret: 1000%. Look at this. They paid$ 3 million for this Gucci campaign back in the day.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: They just autopopulated the whole thing and it’s sick. He’s really good at this.

Brady: Yeah, I want to mess with that AI.

Garret: I know. Gucci Cheeto. Go back to the Gucci website because I don’t know if Gucci has anything better than him right now. If you go down. I think his campaigns are better than Gucci’s campaigns right now.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: That blue collar campaign to me is better than the Ryan Gosling one.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: But you didn’t have to pay Ryan Gosling.

Brady: I forget the photographer that they probably used. He’s pretty outlandish and he uses white walls, old school flash. He’s so famous for it. And so, it looks like they used that photographer and it probably just costs a ton of money. But the market doesn’t know that. Just the inner circle probably knows that. There’s a scene around who they’re using.

Garret: That is an all- time fit by the way.

Brady: The one on the right?

Garret: Yeah. Can we click on that?

Brady: It’s got chandelier glasses.

Garret: Yo, I want that fit, yeah. Bro, what if I came in Guccied out one day? I don’t think you all would be able to stop laughing.

Brady: You wear those overalls on this podcast

Garret: Oh bro. If I come in with a choker. Go up, let me see that choker. Just like that. Like a little Gucci choker. Oh, that’d be all time.

Brady: I still like the overalls.

Garret: So, my point is that model right there. That model.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: That is AI generated easily these days. Those overalls are fire. Imagine wearing those a University of Tennessee football game. But it’s just all time. I got to get that Gucci on the roll up. So, if we go back to his example on the Gucci Blue Collar. How is that not a better… Because I don’t believe celebrities in a photo sell products like celebrities using your product. LeBron sponsors is a influencer of Rimowa. Rimonawa, Rewonama, Remona? I can’t remember.

Scarlet: The German suitcases?

Garret: Yeah.

Scarlet: I don’t know how to pronounce it but I know what you’re talking about.

Brady: I hope it’s not just Ramona.

Garret: No, it’s not. It’s like Rimonowa or something. I always thought it was Japanese and ended up being German. I was like, what? I want one. Rimowa?

Scarlet: Rimowa?

Garret: I thought it was Japanese forever. It’s not. Click that ad. Scroll it. Make them pay. So, LeBron is a member. So, I do like LeBron Rimowa. I’ll show you what I mean. So, I’ll show you the different kinds of campaigns I think it could replace.

Brady: LeBron. I’m just glad you weren’t just having a stroke.

Garret: No, I was having a fun moment. Yeah, thanks for saving my life. You guys just still all stood in your chairs while I died there. So, you give me a photo shoot like this that sells them way more. That’s their wine case and LeBron’s bringing his wine everywhere in the NBA games. That to me is a campaign that makes me want Rimowa. And if you go to the Ryan Gosling version of the same campaign, I don’t know if that makes me want Gucci. Because this is surrealism while the other one is realism.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: Do you get what I’m saying? Because Ryan’s a actor, so it just feels like he’s acting not that he’s using.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: You get what I’m saying?

Brady: Still tying him to the brand. I mean, a lot of women think of Ryan as the romantic actor and so-

Garret: He’s doing that well here.

Brady: Women seeing this advertisement can now kind of tie these Gucci items to their partner and think, oh wow.

Garret: I’m with Ryan?

Brady: If they start wearing this Gucci backpack, they might get some gosling in them,

Garret: The smokey eyes, the squint. I mean, not everybody can pull that off.

Brady: That’s just where the guy at the construction site, it’s super creative but no one knows who that is and it’s just not that connection. So, I still just put them in two different buckets outside of that. I know I sent you ghost writer, that AI musician. That’s where things get interesting is he dropped a Drake and Weeknd song.

Garret: Yeah, we’ll talk about that in a second. I don’t know if I’m buying what you’re saying right now.

Brady: So, I’m just saying I don’t think we’ll get to this point for legal reasons, but AI could technically-

Garret: Beat Ryan Gosling.

Brady: Beat Ryan Gosling in that construction outfit.

Garret: That is true.

Brady: I just don’t think they legally can.

Garret: Yeah, because UMG already removed it from Spotify and YouTube, which we’ll talk about. But if you scroll, I want to see the rest of it. Because I think they’ll show you more shots from the campaign. I mean, it’s a good shot. I freaking love the campaign. I’m not going to say I don’t love the campaign. Scarlet, what do you think?

Scarlet: It’s a vibe. It doesn’t make me want to buy the products.

Garret: It is a vibe though, right? Pretty dope campaign.

Scarlet: But I love the photography. This could be a background of my computer or something.

Garret: It would be right? Yeah.

Brady: And it’s cool how it doesn’t look busy but it’s a chaotic spot.

Garret: It reminds me of Casa Blanca or something. It has that romanticism and that throwback vibe. I love it. I’m not going to say I don’t love the shoot. That’s such a good inaudible. It is a really good shoot. It’s one of the best shoots I’ve ever seen. That’s why I wanted to make it about-

Brady: It’s probably like a $200, 000 photo right there.

Garret: That’s kind of what I’m hinting at. And if you keep scrolling. Oh can we watch this? Let’s hit it. He knows what he is doing. Look at this guy. He’s a pro. It’s such a crazy concept. Where’s he going? I love it. You get away. Got to bring the bag with you. See that AI can’t replace and I think that’s amazing.

Brady: Just because Ryan’s in it.

Garret: Correct. And I do think it makes it better because Ryan is in it. In the photo shoot, I mean he crushes it.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: This is a world- class creative campaign. I love it. It doesn’t make me want to buy Gucci though. Who here wants to buy Gucci more after seeing it? Does anyone?

Brady: No, I just don’t want to buy it because of the AI ads.

Garret: I know, but I don’t even get an affinity towards it. It doesn’t really do anything for me.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: There’s a lot of these examples. Let me show you another one. Jerry Seinfeld with did a whole photoshoot with Kith. Go Jerry Seinfeld Kith, K- I- T- H. I follow everything. I’m like obsessed with this marketing crap. I try to follow her because we don’t do this stuff. Look at the photo shoot. So, does any of this make you want to buy Kith though? It almost makes me not want to buy Kith. But it does make for a cool photo shoot that goes viral because they got Jerry Seinfeld to wear all their stuff. Which is kind of like the antagonist wearing this new school clothes. So, it has a sort of virality too. That photo right there. Could you ever see Jerry Seinfeld looking like that? No.

Brady: No.

Garret: So, that to me is clever. Just like Ryan Gosling doesn’t need 4, 000 suitcases when he travels. But I don’t know if it makes me want to buy Kith. So, I know I’m not in consumer at all. I don’t do consumer retail like this. But all I’m trying to explain is AI wise, from a sales perspective, you could theoretically not pay Jerry Seinfeld and… I mean, Jerry Seinfeld’s not cheap.

Brady: No.

Garret: Ryan Gosling’s not cheap.

Brady: Definitely not.

Garret: And I don’t even know if it raised the brand equity of Gucci. I felt like Gucci was already Gucci. I don’t think he did anything for Kith.

Brady: Yeah, it could be-

Garret: I don’t know. I’m just curious, photo shoot wise, product shots, all stuff, I feel like AI’s going to replace it.

Brady: It could be a part of market research and I don’t know for Gucci or Kith if for Gucci they’re known for certain segments of the market. Oh, only these people use Gucci now and Louis or these people. And hiring Gosling who’s connected to the audience they want could be the play there.

Garret: But is he? Gosling’s not like that. That’s kind of my point to you. The Insta influencers are like that. I don’t feel like the movie stars are like that.

Brady: I’m sure there’s different demographic makeups per-

Garret: You know what I’m talking about. For example, I don’t think Ryan Gosling could launch a clothing brand like Kim K can do Skims, Kylie can do lips, Rihanna even can do Savage Fenty. These are all people who I would say have cult. Beyoncé could launch anything and people would buy it. I don’t think Jerry Seinfeld or Ryan Gosling could launch their own brands and people would buy it in the clothing space. I think if Jerry did something in comedy, we would buy it. If Ryan did something in active classes-

Brady: Didn’t he ho like a vintage car, clothing brand?

Garret: Like Leno, right? He could do cars because he’s associated with cars. Seinfeld’s associated with TV shows and comedy. Gosling’s associated with movies. So, if Gosling opened up his movie studio, wanted to be a producer. Now, our favorite person in the world, Ryan Reynolds.

Brady: Great guy.

Garret: He doesn’t do it like this. This is kind of my point. He does it through his acting. In all of his things he’s acting. He stayed within his lane.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: So, what I’m saying is-

Brady: His character.

Garret: Yes, exactly.

Brady: This breaks character.

Garret: Exactly what I’m trying to explain. So, I don’t know if that translates into sales. Because we like the character of Ryan Reynolds and so we’ll be attracted to what Ryan does. But I don’t think we buy the products because of Ryan. I think we just become aware of them. I don’t buy aviation gin because of Ryan Reynolds. But I would be aware of aviation gin and try it because of Ryan Reynolds. I think those are fundamentally different than Kylie or these new Instagram influencers where I believe that people will do anything to be like them.

Brady: Yes.

Garret: The ad influencer I don’t think is going anywhere. I think this influencer is dead and gone with AI.

Brady: Yeah. I see what you’re saying.

Garret: It’s a hard conversation.

Brady: They say do we choose a model? Do we choose a famous person who could model it for us?

Garret: Yes. That is wonderful.

Brady: Or do we do AI? I think that these situations are a lot closer to AI than that Instagram video of Kylie and Hailey.

Garret: Yeah, if Jerry was the spokesperson.

Brady: Or Kendall.

Garret: Yes, Joe Rogan could open up his comedy club in Austin and crush it. That makes perfect sense. If Jerry was the spokesperson for Kith, I think it would actually work quite well. I don’t know if the photo shoot of Jerry works from a sales standpoint.

Brady: Maybe he’s wearing Kith and doesn’t he have coffee and cars as a show now?

Garret: Great point. If you wanted to have him, have that Rimowa. If he was taking Rimowa luggage with him, to me, like the LeBron one… This surrealism I don’t think translates to sales is my point. If you go back to the LeBron one. Do we have that still? I want to show you just like that. That to me does translate to sales.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: Because you can imagine yourself being LeBron James on the road as a basketball player and you want the same luggage LeBron uses. I get that. I want that luggage. I really do. I would love Rimowa luggage. I love seeing the photo shoot of him with the luggage. It makes me want the luggage. But I don’t want the shirt he’s wearing. I don’t know how to explain that or why. But do you get what I’m saying?

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: There’s like some type of translation there.

Brady: I mean, maybe the Jerry ad is for baby boomer males, fairly wealthy LA, New York-

Garret: Friday night 6: 00 PM, yeah.

Brady: Thinking they couldn’t dress like that. But there’s in Jerry who they wouldn’t expect to dress like that actually looking pretty dang good in those outfits. That could be the play there of using Jerry.

Garret: He didn’t look that good though.

Brady: I thought he was looking pretty fresh. There’s a couple outfits that-

Garret: He kind of looked like he was forcing it.

Brady: A couple of the jackets.

Garret: Yeah, I guess. I don’t know. I just don’t think that these poor celebrities like Ryan Gosling are going to be able to do photo shoots like that and charge half a million dollars anyway.

Brady: Yeah, I don’t know how necessary it is. I don’t think-

Garret: Go back to the first tab, the Gucci one. I don’t feel like this campaign is going to sell any less than the Ryan one.

Brady: I agree. I think even on the website for Gucci, it was all just models and I don’t see the Ryan Gosling ones and think like, ” Oh my gosh, it’s so different.”

Garret: That Gucci hard hat could be a vibe, bro.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: That’s actually a pretty cool product idea of Gucci with. The white hard hat. The green hard hat.

Brady: Yeah, I don’t think anyone wear the hard hat. I don’t get just the hard hat one, but-

Garret: They’re like weird fashion. That’s Gucci fashion. You know what I mean?

Brady: Yeah, the way the bag looks in this. It looks stunning. This is such a cool image.

Garret: It is, right? AI generated. Someone did that theoretically for free.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: And to me is just not as romantic and cool as the Ryan Gosling, but I don’t know if it generates any less sales than the Ryan Gosling.

Brady: I mean, you could do a romantic and cool looking images.

Garret: You could, I’m sure, yeah. It wouldn’t be the blue collar campaign.

Brady: Yeah, and it wouldn’t have Gosling in it even though technically it could. I just don’t know where that legal battles going to go.

Garret: If you swapped him out with Ryan Gosling. I don’t think he does a cent more sales for that battle.

Brady: No.

Garret: So, why pay?

Brady: Because the concept is bigger than the celebrity.

Garret: Correct. And I think that’s the same thing with the other campaign. If you swapped Ryan out with, who’s the French superstar? Chalamet? We had him in one of the ads.

Peter: Timothée Chalamet.

Garret: Yeah.

Brady: Very impressive, Peter.

Garret: He speaks Garrett. Oh gosh. Then I don’t think it would matter. I think the Chalamet guy could have done the same Ryan Gosling campaign. In fact, Chalamet might have actually made it more sales and be cheaper.

Brady: Yeah, because Gosling might even take away from all the creative concepts of the ad.

Garret: Yes.

Brady: You’re looking at Gosling instead looking at-

Garret: The bags, yes.

Brady: All the bags and how many varieties they are and yet they all fit together somehow.

Garret: And this one puts the bag front center.

Brady: Oh the bag is just so front and center in this photo.

Garret: But that person doesn’t look like they’re not a person. I like it because it makes the bag the focus instead of the person.

Brady: Yeah, and his outfit is clean enough to where it’s not too much of a contrast between this very smooth high- end bag. And even the scenery isn’t too rough around the edges as well.

Garret: Because they say hands is the hardest part. Look at the hands. The hands are so good.

Brady: Yeah. And the way he’s holding it kind of defies gravity a bit. It’s such a soft grip holding it from right there.

Garret: But it makes the product pop.

Brady: Yes. The lighting is incredible.

Garret: Imagine all these brands right now where they’re paying all these women to be in their swimsuits or in their clothes. That whole industry to me of women being in the shots, it’s going to go either one way. That was kind of my point. Or conversely, if everything’s AI does doing the Ryan Gosling campaign five years from now probably hits different? It’s kind of my point.

Brady: Yeah, I get what you’re saying. We’re so used to everything being computer generated. This ad is finally authentic. It’s a person.

Garret: Correct. That what in my head I’m trying to process.

Brady: Gosling.

Garret: Because if you’re thinking about it, if you’re head of brand marketing for a fashion label right now and you see this. And if you saw our segment right here, I feel like you’ve got a conundrum. What do you do? Do you do another Ryan Gosling campaign or do you do one of these? Do you do both? Do you have to mention that it’s AI in the watermark? There’s not been really any AI ethics in like how it’s portrayed. You get what I’m saying? I’m very intrigued by all this.

Brady: Yeah, that’s why that ghost writer drama was interesting because it’s like-

Garret: Yeah, let’s talk about that. You want to pull it up real quick before we… Can we pull a clip up?

Brady: There’s this guy, he calls himself ghost writer with some numbers. And he used AI to generate, technically a Weeknd Drake song with like the vocals.

Garret: It goes hard.

Brady: It’s a great song. It sounds just like them.

Garret: See, I don’t know about… Do you think just?

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: I actually followed this guy on Twitter to learn more about it. And did you see how he makes it? Have you seen his process?

Brady: No.

Garret: So, he sings all the lyrics and then they replace his voice with their voice. That’s how they do it. I watched the whole making of kind of video. All right, hit play there.

Brady: That’s listening to the article.

Garret: Oh good, I was hoping we could listen to it. Go to Twitter and find it there. I search hard on my sleeve on Twitter.

Brady: Yeah, it’s been taken down a lot of places.

Garret: Yeah.

Brady: Mostly streaming platform.

Garret: Heart. But we’ll see if we find it. There it is. Maybe that’s where I found it. Let’s try it here. Yeah, there we go.

Brady: He sounds just like Drake.

Garret: I’ll show you where I found it. Old school Drake, we’re back. The beats a little off. I mean, the song goes hard.

Brady: Yeah, his As and ad libs don’t sound exactly like can but it’s pretty close.

Garret: It is, you’re right. It’s 95%. I think it’s the beat that’s a little like a… You hear the bass if you hit play again. Listen to the bass. They aren’t able to get that.

Brady: Yeah, that doesn’t sound like Drake.

Garret: Yeah, he doesn’t seem like that.

Brady: High pitched.

Garret: But it’s 95% there and the songwriting’s great. The beats fire and it sounds like Drake.

Brady: Yeah. Does Drake own that exact sound?

Garret: No.

Brady: Just like does Gosling own how he looks.

Garret: Yes, I do think Gosling owns his face and I think Drake owns his voice.

Brady: But what if there’s a doppelganger out there, someone who looks just like him. Can they not-

Garret: So, your legal argument would be what about impersonations?

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: I think you would have to say you’re an impersonator.

Brady: Yeah, you just can’t claim that it is that person.

Garret: Drake. Correct. And they had the AI, I guess disclaimer. So, technically to your point, I just don’t think you can use their name because you’re using Drake in the Weeknd’s name.

Brady: Yeah, they said Drake featuring the Weeknd.

Garret: Correct. AI. But I don’t think you can promote it. You can be weird Al, but you can’t say you’re Drake.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: You get what I’m saying? So, I think that’s what the UMG, Universal Music Group was getting frustrated about. Also, they’re just Universal Music Group. But I have a hard time connecting this directly to marketing. But I would just say…

Brady: Well, it just shows you can’t completely replace it. Because that conversation we just had, you could technically have an AI Gosling, but that would be against the rules. So, Gosling still holds value that way.

Garret: Correct. And my point is, I wouldn’t want to listen to an artist that didn’t have artistry. So, a lot of people, for example, to this point, the people who think Drake is overrated, think he’s overrated because he doesn’t write his own songs and he is not a real artist. Remember Tanner Schaffer?

Brady: Yes.

Garret: The arguments we have to go through with this guy who claims Drake’s not an artist because he doesn’t write his own songs.

Brady: Yeah, this is the ghost writer of the ghost writer.

Garret: Correct. So, there are people. And I wouldn’t say Drake’s not an artist, but I would say I respect what Drake does a lot more than people who cover Drake. You know what I mean? I like going to’90s night at the Wayfair and I think the band’s amazing. But I know that they’re the cover band.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: So, I don’t know if it’s going to fix music. Because I think people still want the real thing. I don’t know. I guess the DJs that have a mask, those people might be in trouble. The invisible persona. Like the Weeknd before he showed his face. Remember that?

Brady: Yeah, Marshmello.

Garret: Yeah. To me, EDM might be in trouble. Because what is a DJ doing? No offense to DJs, but what are they doing? They’re just like, woo. That might have a problem. But country music, I don’t think country music’s going to… Not because it’d be too hard to replace the songwriting. But because I feel like with country, it’s still a live performance for a person who’s playing the guitar and singing. What do you do about that? How do you see live music with AI? That’s the problem with the digital world. Everybody forgets like 75,000 people or 175, 000 people are at Coachella right now.

Brady: Yeah, and a lot of them watched a Tupac hologram one year.

Garret: But we all know he’s dead.

Brady: Yeah, I know. We don’t know.

Garret: Yeah, he’s down in Argentina. I don’t know. I feel like AI’s going to replace models. I do. Like the model, the photo shoot, I do think AI will replace that.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: I just don’t see why you’re going to pay all that money. I do think you’ll still pay money for influencers doing UGC. I would want to do the Hex clad ad and that’s way more valuable. But I don’t know if I would… See this is where it gets a little different. So, let’s ask Scarlet this. Who’s your favorite female celebrity? I know you don’t watch any, but you got to have something. Like who’s your fan girl?

Scarlet: Blake Lively.

Garret: So, Blake Lively is in Madewell and she rocks the crap out of this dress. You’re more likely to buy that dress than if it was AI in the same dress. Correct?

Scarlet: I’d take a look at it, yeah.

Garret: But if it was AI, you still might take a look at it, but you would be more likely to take a look at it if it was Blake gladly. Correct?

Scarlet: In some aspects. I would say maybe 10% I would. But with that I’m looking at the dress, not the person.

Garret: But you might become aware of it because of Blake if she put it on her social media.

Scarlet: Yes.

Garret: So, that would be the difference. And that’s what AI can’t replace, is AI can’t post it on their profile yet. I mean, did you see that they built these fake AI people who had a million followers?

Brady: I’ve seen people do social experiments where they built YouTube channels.

Garret: Yes.

Brady: I saw a girl built a male one in tech.

Garret: Yes.

Brady: And she was using AI the entire time.

Garret: Yes.

Brady: And built a huge following and then she revealed herself.

Garret: I know.

Brady: Crazy.

Garret: So, my point being though is like you still have to become Blake Lively. What’s the one where she has the two guys fall in love with her at the same time? They’re the weed farmers.

Brady: It’s not the one where she’s stuck on a buoy, right?

Garret: Do you know what I’m talking about? No, that’s a different one. Blake Lively’s with the two guys. They have the weed and they get involved with the drug dealers. Yeah.

Brady: Apple Express? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Garret: No. Blake Lively. And then movies.

Brady: We still have our ties to Ryan Reynolds.

Garret: Oh, I forgot she was Gossip Girl. I always forget that.

Brady: Well, she wasn’t Gossip Girl, but…

Garret: I’m sorry. Keep going. Savages. There it is. That was Blake Lively. It was a great movie. It’s just one click away. So, Blake Lively built up her following because she did all these movies and she has her social media. And then she becomes an influencer because she’s done things of influence. Now modern day influencers kind of can just dance and do other stuff on social media. But historically, these Ryan Gosling and Blake Lively built their influence through their work, their career, doing things like Gossip Girl.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: I think if Blake sponsors something within her realm of influence, it’s going to outperform AI. I think when Ryan Gosling does something not connected to him like a photo shoot for Gucci, he might not outperform AI. Does that make sense? So, I still think influencers are going to be fine. I just think they’re not going to be able to get away with as many random photo shoots. I think they can do the video still though. Snoop can still do the BIC ads because that’s right on brand. And Snoop can do Corona.

Brady: Yeah, that’s got to be Snoop, those big Martha.

Garret: Yeah, it’s got to be Snoop. Correct.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: So, that’ll stay on. But I don’t know about a photo shoot of Snoop in the Corona, the Corona video. If it’s just a Corona still, I don’t know if you need Snoop anymore.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: Because it’s too ancillary. I don’t think Snoop Dogg Corona. Like beer, beer Snoop aren’t the same as Snoop Weed. That’s what I kind of mean. Like photo of Snoop smoking weed, it’s going to sell a lot more product if you’re a weed brand than AI. Do you kind of get what I’m saying? I think it’s going to become nuanced like that where you’re going to have to stay in your lane more as an influencer because they don’t need you. They can get AI to just do it.

Brady: It could overlap too. They could make an AI Snoop and Snoop signs off on and says, ” I just kicked my feet up and get the check.”

Garret: Oh royalties like AI royalties.

Brady: You can use my liking, you can use AI, but you pay me for it and I do absolutely nothing.

Garret: So, you got your AI rate and you got your real human rate.

Brady: Yeah. They have to approve it and be okay with all of it but not film a thing.

Garret: Snoop kind of hoses himself out a little bit. He does everything. Have you ever seen like Snoop Dogg ads everywhere? He’s in China, he’s in Japan, he’s in Korea, he’s in Argentina. Snoop’s everywhere. So, if you’re Snoop and you’re like, I don’t want to keep flying out to all these places and doing all this.

Brady: Like Shaq?

Garret: Shaq, same thing. Like AI Shaq for$ 200,000 an hour. Real Shaq$ 400,000 an hour. You pick. I like that.

Brady: So, that’s where-

Garret: I could definitely go. All right, last topic.

Brady: What have we got? Oh, the dream. Do you own Crocs?

Garret: Heck no.

Brady: Oh yeah, me neither.

Garret: I would never.

Brady: Outside of my two pairs. They’re my-

Garret: Don’t you even. We’ve been friends for a long time.

Brady: I have a pair of Crocs at our sliding glass door in the backyard.

Garret: Yeah, this is a sliding door moment for me too, yeah.

Brady: So, I put them on whenever, took out the trash cans early this morning, put on my Crocs.

Garret: You know Rainbows? The little flip- flops. You’re a beach guy, man. What happened to you?

Brady: No, these ones are fuzzy inside.

Garret: No.

Brady: Yeah, they’re like Ugs Crocs. And then-

Garret: What generation are we? We’re millennials.

Brady: Yes. And then I had Crocs in college for the first time, but I was walking to get food.

Garret: That’s because you do that to be an antagonist.

Brady: Little bit.

Garret: Back then that was an antagonist move. In college you had to purposely say like F the establishment.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: I want to wear Crocs just because you guys are hating on them.

Brady: Yeah, but I was walking somewhere and I felt a poke in my foot. So, I took them off. There’s like nothing in there. I put them back on, just feel his poke, poke. I flipped them over. I had a screw, like a flat tire up through my Croc. So, that sketched me out a little bit.

Garret: So, you got off the Croc.

Brady: I got off the Crocs for a while, but my wife has like four pairs.

Garret: No way.

Brady: It’s like her house slippers are Crocs. Which they’re big in the nursing world-

Garret: Isn’t she supposed to be wearing Birkins? She went to Azusa.

Brady: What are Birkins?

Garret: Birkenstocks.

Brady: Oh, she has Birkenstocks too.

Garret: Because that’s the traditional, I feel like our age millennial slip on is like the Birkenstocks.

Brady: I love my Crocs. I got a couple Jibbitz, Yoshi.

Garret: What are you talking about?

Brady: You don’t know the charms. You know how Crocs have holes in them? You can buy little charms to put in the hole for like$ 5 each.

Garret: Oh no.

Brady: I got a little Yoshi.

Garret: Did you see the TikTok ones with the flashlights?

Brady: Yeah. Brilliant.

Garret: I did think that was a good ad. But I had no idea, Brady. You didn’t tell me this in the pre- show. You kept this little secret. I like that.

Brady: There’s a new product out and we’ll get into this, but Crocs had a huge mist. There’s a new product trending.

Garret: Crocs had a huge mist.

Brady: Where it’s a rubber, it’s like a purse with the holes in it, but the holes are so small enough-

Garret: It’s not functional out.

Brady: And you could put the charms in the hole. So, it’s like Crocs should have made this product, but they didn’t.

Garret: So, it’s like Brighton?

Brady: No, I don’t know what that is.

Garret: Brighton?

Scarlet: The brand Brighton?

Garret: You know what Brighton is? It’s charm bracelets. Your mom has one I guarantee. Can you show them? Brighton charm bracelet. Watch this. Your mom has one. Guaranteed. You didn’t buy this? Growing up you buy your mom one of these for Mother’s Day.

Brady: Like Pandora. Is that like a…

Garret: No, Brighton is the one. Yeah, I’m sure your mom has one of these. And when you’re little, when you’re eight or something, you buy her like an Eiffel Tower thing. This is like the truth.

Scarlet: It’s like those old bracelets.

Garret: Do you know what I’m talking about?

Scarlet: That you would pull apart and you would put like…

Garret: You have one, right?

Scarlet: They’re not Brighton.

Garret: They aren’t? They are. Brighton has a charm bracelet and you buy the-

Scarlet: These are different charms, but there was like one-

Garret: Go to their charms. Brighton. I want to show Brady. Click that ad. You’ll love these. I’m like, inaudible keeping Google afloat. No, this isn’t what-

Brady: No, I know what you’re talking about. I’m pretty sure my mom had one.

Garret: Yeah, all our moms had one.

Brady: Yeah, it’s like the charm bracelet of the foot.

Garret: Yeah, and then you buy her one of these because you have no money and you go to the mall and you get her one of these for Mother’s Day.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: Yeah.

Brady: It just like a Jibbitz.

Garret: Gosh. Let’s see the Jibbitz.

Brady: Didn’t you know Crocs almost went out of business? They filed for bankruptcy, then they blew up.

Garret: They did the Bieber sponsorship. So, we’ll talk about that. It started it all.

Brady: Look at all those Jibbitz.

Garret: Oh God.

Brady: Yeah, I got a sick Yoshi one.

Garret: Oh God, Brady. Oh, those sandals aren’t bad. So, she’s wearing the lady sandals right there.

Brady: That’s cool.

Garret: Those cute ones or is she wearing the classics?

Brady: They have Birkenstocks, essentially.

Garret: Is that what she’s wearing around the house or is she wearing the classics around the house?

Brady: Oh, she’s wearing those Fuzz line.

Garret: Oh no.

Brady: That’s what I got too.

Garret: Oh no.

Brady: I got them on sale too. They’re pretty expensive.

Garret: Those black ones, I mean at least, they’re not too-

Brady: Yeah, I have those. That bottom left gray I think.

Garret: So, you don’t have them in like-

Brady: Size 12. So, they’re like boats. I got a Yoshi on the front left.

Garret: How much do you pay for these?

Brady: She got them on sale.

Garret: Of course.

Brady: She was jealous.

Garret: I know. Wait, so you got the fuzzies bro?

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: And with the Jibbitz upsell, they’re goated for the upsell.

Brady: Jibbitz. You have$5 for a Jibbitz. No, we were at the Crocs store and you get five for two bucks each.

Garret: Yeah, but you went into the Crocs store.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: So, the reason this is funny is because us, our age hated on Crocs pretty hard.

Brady: Speak for yourself.

Garret: No, there was a time where they’re super cheesy.

Brady: Come on.

Garret: Everybody hated on Crocs for a while. You wouldn’t be caught dead in Crocs.

Brady: No.

Garret: So, go to Crocs YouTube. I was doing some prep for this. We’ll talk about the campaign that turned them around. Crocs plus Justin Bieber.

Brady: Yeah. I didn’t-

Garret: This was their big campaign.

Brady: I don’t know if I’ve seen this.

Garret: Yeah, I follow all this stuff, man. I’ve been following this for years. This is old. So, this is Crocs, Justin Bieber drew. And they sold out immediately. And this is what saved them out of bankruptcy from what I remember.

Brady: Oh, it was like smiley face brand.

Garret: Yeah. So, they did a second collab. Their first one though, everybody was like, ” What the heck?” And when Justin one, that’s when they went viral. And everybody wanted Crocs, which is to my, I guess earlier point, some celebrities got that juice. I want to say Ryan Gosling’s in the same juice level as Justin Bieber. I’d say Justin Bieber’s top… Who’s top three male influencers in the world right now, guys? Drake, Bieber? Anyone bigger than those two? LeBron James. Tiger Woods.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: They’re not really influencers. They’re athletes of that world. Peter, what do you think? Biggest male influencers.

Peter: I don’t know. Maybe The Weeknd.

Garret: Yeah, but we still don’t always know what he looks like because he dated Selena too, right?

Brady: I feel like Rogan influences a lot of people.

Garret: Oh, the Rock, Ronaldo, Messi, Bieber, name our heart, Chris Brown. There you go, yeah. So, Bieber’s up there, right? So, Crocs gets Bieber. Let’s do Croc’s first campaign with Justin Bieber, ad campaign. Let’s see if we can find it. Because I want to show you all how they did it. Because I think this thing from an advertising standpoint, how do you turn Crocs into… Crocs have technically become cool.

Brady: They were cool.

Garret: Brady, I think their stock price and their sales says different.

Brady: Yeah, they almost went out.

Garret: They were dying. Let’s go to that one. Let’s do the second one. Just click there. All right, the finance. Oh, 2020. Yeah, go to that one you just clicked on. That’s my fault. Sorry.

Speaker 12: Forget the big iPhone reveal. It’s the Justin Bieber Crocs.

Garret: There it is.

Speaker 12: That are blowing up in a certain demo. And that’s dope Croc.

Garret: See?

Justin Bieber: What do we think? Is it real or is it cake? Nah, it’s cake. This one is cake, but this collab is very real.

Speaker 12: In keeping with his yellow centric clothing line, Bieber’s yellow Crocs feature eight charms. You plug in the holes. ( singing)

Brady: Jibbitz.

Speaker 12: Justin’s Crocs are as holy as his new single.

Brady: Jibbitz.

Speaker 12: Welcome to the Acrocalypse Joe, Esquire.

Garret: Oh gosh.

Speaker 12: Of course Bieber inaudible.

Garret: Sorry, let’s pause. I’m going to lose it. It’s painful, but it worked. I think that was a photo I saw.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: Right there. And it was this Crocs floating in the pool. That was how they launched it.

Brady: Brilliant.

Garret: 1. 4 million likes is just nuts.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: But they launched it with that photo. Can you move the thing off it so it shows it?

Brady: I think if you play, it would be the cleanest way.

Garret: Yeah, there we go. 14%. Go back. I just want to see them real quick. So, go back to that so I can see the postdate. More, earlier. I want to see the soon one.

Brady: I want to say it said October 1st.

Garret: Let me see that. October 1st, 2020.

Brady: What does it say?

Garret: I think. So, let’s go to Crocs stock price. Because this is a perfect case study in what influencer marketing can do, especially with what we’ve been talking about today. So, go to max. Top above under the chart it says Max.

Brady: The new HBO.

Garret: Yeah. Dude, I mean whoever did their CMO, that right there is your ultimate case study.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: So, essentially they do the Justin Bieber campaign and the stock goes from going bankrupt straight down to record heights.

Brady: Well, when was the bankruptcy announcement? That was a while ago. I think-

Garret: It’s got to be at the bottom. Go to the stock prices. Essentially you go to the right. See how it goes way down in 2020, right before the Justin Bieber campaign.

Brady: Well, that was COVID. Everything did that.

Garret: Yeah, it’s true.

Brady: Because I want to say it was one hospitals banned them.

Garret: Hospitals banned them?

Brady: Yeah, that was a big moment. Hospitals, they weren’t confined-

Garret: Well, where nurses all wearing them?

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: Well, your wife’s a nurse, so that makes sense.

Brady: So, I think that’s what got them in trouble. And then this was all a part of the recovery plan is like let’s make them cool.

Garret: Let’s go mainstream.

Brady: You can’t wear them in hospitals.

Garret: Let’s get Bieber to wear them.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: And it works. Let’s go back to their ads now where we’re kind of starting this whole thing. And the reason I wanted to do this kind of history lesson of it all was Crocs leaned into it. And that’s what I love. It’s accepting your love for Crocs, putting Jibbitz on your Crocs, pairing Jibbitz in socks with your Crocs. That’s Brady.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: Like this ad if you saw this, would totally resonate with you. Because you’re their customer.

Brady: Yeah, sport mode. Do you know what sport mode is?

Garret: I think because you usually keep them in front of your ankle.

Brady: Yeah, you have the strap up here.

Garret: And that’s casual mode.

Brady: Sport mode is when you lock in.

Garret: Because that went viral, right? Because somebody’s like putting their Crocs in sport mode.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: Yeah. And then did you know Crocs has sneakers with the old Microsoft Paint graphics and stuff? Very sneaky, very soft mom will approve. It’s just perfect branding leaning into it all the way. Now B2B tech companies, let’s say directive, how would we lean into something like this? How does a brand lean into when everybody makes fun of them, you know what I mean?

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: Nobody else does this.

Brady: I mean, Tim does it, I’d say in his own way. It’s not done through this meme layout, but he makes fun of sales and marketing talking to each other and hey, marketing or you just launched this yesterday. Where’s my sales?

Garret: Yeah.

Brady: So, he does it.

Garret: He does do it. Yah, we’re a little edgier I guess.

Brady: I know Dooly was big on memes, sales memes, and they’re like a sales enablement Salesforce notes type tool. And so, they just really lean into the sales world and all the memes you can make being an AE and an SDR.

Garret: But they’re leaning into it of you have to accept that you actually love your Crocs. That’s a whole other…

Brady: Yeah, this is tied closer to the product than those examples.

Garret: To me, this would be Pepsi when everybody got pissed about, remember the Kendall Jenner ad?

Brady: No.

Garret: Let me show you an example of someone who could have leaned into it. Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad. So, this ad went viral for all the wrong reasons because people were pissed. So, watch, you’ll see. If Pepsi solved all the world problems.

Brady: It was a social justice type ad?

Garret: And Pepsi solved racism. But everybody got pissed about it. Is that Kendall Jenner? It doesn’t look anything like her.

Brady: Might be AI. It does look a little off.

Garret: Is this the song or is there ad? It’s at the very end. Go to the very end for me. So, you kind of see the ad, right? So, here’s Kendall. Now there’s Kendall, right? I still don’t know what everybody got pissed off about this.

Brady: I don’t find anything.

Garret: But my point is, everyone freaked out about this. Do you remember this? So, everybody freaked out about this Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad controversy. It was a big deal. If you’re Pepsi, I think just leaning into it, it’ll be just doing more Kendall Jenner ads solving other problems.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: That’s kind of my point. It’d be like then have Kendall solve hunger. Have Kendall solve polio. Kendall solves COVID. Remember when all the celebrities did their song to solve COVID and everybody roasted them for it?

Brady: No.

Garret: I follow everything too much. But essentially, that’s what Crocs is doing is my point is Pepsi would’ve had to be like, ” Screw everybody. We’re going to have Kendall solve all the problems.”

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: And to me that would’ve been leaning into it. It’s kind of like what I said about Bud Light we talked about. It’s like, Bud Light, you want to do this? Go all the way. And I think everybody will come around and accept it. If Crocs didn’t embrace who they were and have Justin Bieber wearing Jibbitz and then run these types of ads, I don’t think they would’ve been as successful. Conversely, Payless. Payless has never leaned into the fact that they’re perceived as Payless. They keep trying to change the fact that they’re perceived as Payless. Do you remember the ad we did on the show?

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: Where everybody goes-

Brady: It’s like a mock store.

Garret: Correct. Most brands are trying to change your perception of them while Crocs is entirely embracing your perception. What’s the one where Adam Sandler pees his pants to be like the kid?

Brady: Oh, Big Daddy?

Garret: Yeah, you know how he pees?

Brady: Great movie.

Garret: And then Adam Sandler’s like all the cool kids pisses their pants and then everybody in the class pees their pants. That’s what Crocs is doing.

Brady: Yes and no. I mean, getting Justin.

Garret: Oh don’t stand up for the Crocs right now.

Brady: I’m just saying getting Justin Bieber to do a line isn’t really owning who you are as Crocs. That’s kind of trying to redefine Crocs.

Garret: No, I think changing the look of… He was wearing Jibbitz.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: What Crocs is saying is like, ” We’re cool.”

Brady: But I’m saying that was a pretty big moment to try to change.

Garret: But everybody else does it like Payless. They try to say we’re just as good as these other designer brands. It’s kind of like our point with the shoe brands. You and I won’t buy a random shoe brand unless they fully embraced being the random shoe brand. What I’m trying to say is Crocs is fully embracing the fact that they’re Crocs. Nobody else does that. Give me an example of somebody fully embracing the fact that everybody hates on them and then they use that to their own success and their stock price goes up.

Brady: Yeah, nothing like that. I mean, it kind of reminds me to your point around this commercial and what Pepsi could have done. I feel like fast food restaurant Twitter pages sometimes do this.

Garret: Well, they talk crap on each other.

Brady: They talk crap on each other. And then if something happens to them, they kind of own it on Twitter and make it funny and laugh with everyone.

Garret: That’s true.

Brady: Not just feel like everyone’s laughing at them.

Garret: Wendy’s doesn’t own the fact that their cheeseburgers tastes bad. They don’t run ads that are like.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: They’re literally saying accepting your love for Crocs, putting Jibbitz on your Crocs, pairing Jibbitz and socks. They’re literally playing into the thing I would make fun of, they’re saying is what makes them cool. But then they did scale this, which is what I did want to give them credit for. So, go back to YouTube and go to Crocs for me. I couldn’t find it on YouTube. So, just go to Crocs YouTube. Yeah, from searching Crocs on YouTube, I couldn’t get to their account. That one right there. They have a campaign with every influencer, 7 eleven. They’ve got influencers. I don’t know who Daphne Growin.

Brady: They got Sza though.

Garret: Sza, Luke Combs I’ve heard of, obviously. Everybody has a Croc now and it’s worked. It’s kind of my point is they’ve somehow invaded influencers.

Brady: That’s crazy.

Garret: Every in influencer has done a campaign with Crocs at this point. So, to me what’s so cool about it is once they realized it worked for Justin, they scaled it like crazy. But it’s just wild to me that they leaned into it that hard. And I was just so impressed with it because I think that takes a lot of confidence to say, ” We’re going to accept the fact that everybody makes fun of us. And we’re going to make making fun of Crocs, we’re going to make it cool.”

Brady: Yeah, do they make fun of themselves though in those ads? Or make themselves trendy?

Garret: I think they own who they are and make that trendy. But wearing socks with sandals has universally been made fun of. Only Europeans wear socks with sandals is kind of the joke.

Brady: Yeah. Socks and Crocs is different though.

Garret: This is kind of my point to you right now that you’re literally proving my point is they’re getting their fans to say that Crocs with socks is different and they’re running ads that say that.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: But universally, you can always tell when we go to the beach, you can always tell someone’s not from here in two seconds. I used to make fun of Chip all the time. Because I could always tell you’re someone from Arizona, because they’re wearing the baggy gym shorts and the slides, but not the flip flops, but the slides. I was like, ” Bro, we got to get you some California beach gear, bro. You’re wearing your Arizona pool gear. We got to get you some California beach gear.” That was what it wasn’t called. It’s like when you’re wearing the rubber slides and the basketball shorts. It was like, oh, well you’re not from California. Crocs was definitely not cool in college, Brady.

Brady: I mean, we’re different, man. My other outside shoes in the garage are Adidas slides. Costco 13 bucks.

Garret: I love my slides by the way. I wear slides every time because in soccer that’s huge.

Brady: But I know what you’re saying. Go on the beach socks and slides.

Garret: But what’s what all the soccer, like sports guys like basketball players stuff.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: Everybody in sports, what we do is we take off our shoes, whatever we’re training in. We don’t take off our socks and we just put the slides on top. So, that’s what we do as athletes. But as an athlete, you wouldn’t be caught dead in your Crocs. You’d get roasted in the locker room. You just would. That was what it was back then. And now it’s cool. They got the Gen Zers to be like, ” Crocs are cool.”

Brady: Yeah, it’s impressive.

Garret: It is.

Brady: Especially the fact that they almost went bankrupt.

Garret: They were not cool, Brady, when we were in college.

Brady: They knew how to work under pressure.

Garret: Scarlet, were Crocs ever cool when you’re in high school, college? Did everybody make fun of you for Crocs?

Scarlet: No, my dad one year bought all of us Crocs underneath the tree without my mom knowing for Christmas. And my mom returned all of them the next day. She goes, ” No, you guys aren’t wearing those.”

Garret: That is kind of what I’ve been trying to explain. It’s like Crocs went from being that to somehow getting Justin. Imagine trying to convince Justin Bieber to wear your shoes. It wasn’t like Crocs were cool before Justin wore them.

Brady: I mean, I wore them in 2013. I was pretty big on Instagram by posting Justin Bieber content.

Garret: Oh man. Well, shout out to Crocs. Just changing the game.

Brady: This whole Crocs wasn’t cool thing, I’m tracking.

Garret: You’re not tracking.

Brady: Because I wore them in college. What do you mean they weren’t cool in college?

Garret: Peter, were Crocs ever cool, man, when you were in college?

Peter: No, not when I was in college. But I have apparently now.

Garret: Yeah? See. But they made it be from you had to be a closet lover of Crocs to that you could be a public lover of Crocs and you’d have a tribe. And I think that’s what’s so cool about what Crocs is they literally, I would call it like tribe based advertising.

Brady: Definitely.

Garret: If you wear Crocs, you stand up for Crocs. You ain’t talking bad about my Crocs. I mean, half the show’s been that. And I think that’s kind of what they’re so amazing about what they did in their branding is like they did go mainstream somehow when they were not mainstream for a long time. And that’s really impressive. So, shout out Crocs.

Brady: Always been killing it.

Garret: Always been killing it. It’s kind of like our influencer episode, it feels like.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: But wow, I don’t think AI’s going to change the world. Well, actually I do think AI’s going to change the world. But I don’t think it’s going to replace influencers entirely. But I do think it’s going to replace the less relevant photo shoot influencer campaign.

Brady: Definitely.

Garret: And that’s going to be gone.

Brady: And not even models, just display ads. I just saw motion graphic Instagram ad for AI and it’s better than even Camba where it still takes some manual labor. You just drop in assets and it does crazy motion graphics.

Garret: It’s going to change everything. So, what a show. Thanks to everybody for tuning in. Like, subscribe, leave five stars, let us know your comments. I think this is my favorite show ever on the show.

Brady: It’s fun.

Garret: My best episode. I feel like we had a ton of fun today.

Brady: Yeah.

Garret: My favorite episode.

Brady: I’m going to wear my Crocs next week.

Garret: You have to wear your Crocs next week.

Brady: I got to wear them next week.

Garret: All right, see y’all next week. Later, everybody.

Brady: See you.