Episode 7: A New Style of Carwash, Impacting User Experience & Market Perception

00:37:57 | July 1st, 2022

Episode Transcript

Garrett: Hello, everybody. Welcome to episode 7.

Brady: Lucky number 7.

Garrett: Thanks for the shout out, B of…

Brady: It’s called the Original Marketing.

Garrett: Okay, one second. I think someone farted.

Brady: Were you blanking on it?

Garrett: No, I just smelled a fart.

Brady: Were you-

Garrett: Did someone fart here?

Brady: No. I think you just forgot the title of podcast.

Garrett: No, no, no, no, no.

Brady: That’s crazy.

Garrett: I’m not.

Brady: That’s crazy.

Garrett: I smelled a fart.

Brady: Good thing it’s a podcast.

Garrett: Producer keep this thing, okay?

Brady: And audio and video, there’s no smell.

Garrett: No, I did not forget the episode. I swear to God, that was not what it was. I just was like,” I can’t process the information.”

Brady: It’s all over there, if it’s somewhere. Is it your coffee? Is it your creamer? I know you put a lot of creamer in there.

Garrett: It’s probably the producer.

Brady: Ah, inaudible that.

Garrett: You fucking ass. Welcome to episode seven everybody. We’re super excited to have you. It is a tight space so, if that would happen, it could be chaotic. It would-

Brady: Yeah. His chair creeks and now, we just have no idea.

Garrett: We never know. Well, we’re excited to you all. We got a new segment that we’re going to talk about today called Market This. So, we’re going to dive into it with you, and it’s going to be super exciting and fun. But any updates from the weekend, Brady?

Brady: It was a chill weekend. So, recovery from the Aspen wedding. Doing a lot of stuff.

Garrett: Okay. I’m going to ask you something about the Aspen one.

Brady: Okay.

Garrett: Your wife posted a photo of you wearing the cutest little like Boy Scout handkerchief thing-

Brady: I’ll tell you about it.

Garrett: I wonder what it called-

Brady: I’ll tell you-

Garrett: It’s the bougiest thing I’ll ever seen.

Brady: The whole wedding was crazy, tons of plans. It was tons of fun, but the night before the wedding there was a barbecue, like a welcome barbecue and it was Western theme. And so, my uncle had, he looked like the guy from Westworld, black hat, and everything.

Garrett: Like the Marlboro man.

Brady: Yeah. So, everyone’s going all out. They all own cowboy boots. I don’t have any of that.

Garrett: Okay. The cowboy boots are cool. You don’t have a pair of that?

Brady: No.

Garrett: You just got to fake it till you make it.

Brady: No, I’m not. No, I’m packing too. I’m flying. I’m wearing my Cole Haan’s like pretty much fold and hat.

Garrett: Boots rule packing. You got to fly in the boots or else trying to pack boots.

Brady: Yeah. Forget about it. Yeah, I’m not flying in boots. I got an ultra- boots on, anyway.

Garrett: Okay.

Brady: It was Western themed, and I wore black jeans. I tucked in the shirt. This was last minute. Tucked in the shirt with the belt-

Garrett: I did see that.

Brady: …and wore a flannel and I really put it together. And then they had this cool little stand where they were giving you bandanas, but that little quite few inaudible-

Garrett: Yeah, you know what it was, bro. I’ve never seen that in my life.

Brady: No, they had custom stamps.

Garrett: Okay.

Brady: They were like custom stamping the leather clip, and so-

Garrett: Like with their initials or something or?

Brady: Yeah, you could do your initials. I took a preset one that had a C on it, and had like a B.

Garrett: B cram.

Brady: Yeah. B cram.

Garrett: Do that C.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: I never saw one.

Brady: So that’s what that was.

Garrett: I wasn’t playing. I’m like, I couldn’t hop in your wife’s comments. Be like,” What are those?”

Brady: No.

Garrett: But I saw-

Brady: A lot of people had them. It was-

Garrett: Did the people were might the only person who brought it up to you or did someone did one-

Brady: No one brought that up.

Garrett: Really? None of your boys were like,” Yo, Brady. What was that?”

Brady: No. They were like,” You look pretty legit.”

Garrett: You did look legit. You looked classy.

Brady: It was fun. Yeah. They had us stand in the back.

Garrett: So, this weekend was this recovery?

Brady: Yeah. We got hit with plans, and I was just throwing out nose. It was like a-

Garrett: Traditional like-

Brady: It was a festival.

Garrett: …CP three going down the lane inaudible.

Brady: There’s a festival in J Town in LA this weekend.

Garrett: Okay.

Brady: I was like, I want to go to J Town.

Garrett: What’s J Town?

Brady: Japan, Tokyo, little Tokyo in LA, and I was like,” I can’t do an event though.” I can’t do festival, LA, no parking inaudible-

Garrett: You’re probably saying no to shabu- shabu. It’s like takes too much work. You were just… you wanted it.

Brady: No, we went to Shabu.

Garrett: Okay. So, that’s a little bit of work.

Brady: No, that’s…

Garrett: Just wish list.

Brady: No, we were hanging out doing Shabu. I was more like LA traffic, no parking festival. So, probably not even like restaurant reservations.

Garrett: I’m already getting buyer’s remorse if I were to say, yeah.

Brady: Oh, I was getting anxiety from it. Like now, I got a chill. And then Sunday went to sister- in- law’s house, hung out with the nephew’s chill day-

Garrett: So, just relax, took it easy.

Brady: Tons of laundry. A lot of laundry this weekend. It was a sheets, towels, clothes kind of weekend.

Garrett: Big weekend.

Brady: Oh, yeah. It was fun. It was nice to relax. Just say no to plans.

Garrett: I love it.

Brady: What about you? More fishing?

Garrett: I did go fishing.

Brady: Nice.

Garrett: If y’all got guys got subscribe to YouTube, you’d see my face look like a raccoon. I have glasses on. So, now that I’m fishing more, you’re supposed to wear this neck thing that you put up over your face because the hats get the top down. But then the sun hits the water goes up.

Brady: Oh, it was reflected, yeah. Kind of like snowboarding.

Garrett: So, I got the exactly… So, here’s the deal. So, for listeners, I’ve been trying to get better at fishing. I’ve got a tiny 20- foot fishing boat. It’s all like 1960 Skipjack old- school boat, and I go out to Catalina Island. I’m mostly good at boating. I’m better at the fishing, and I have so much the catching part, if that makes sense. But this trip… So, I’ve been studying everything, watching all YouTube videos. I’m trying to get good at this, and this trip I finally found fish so, I could see them. Now they weren’t biting. I’m told it has to do with the full moon. So, I’m learning-

Brady: Yeah, gravitational pull.

Garrett: Yeah. Titles, currents, crazy stuff and I’m getting better at it. So, we found the fish. Hundreds of just like dorado just swimming through. There was like six boats around. None of us were hooking up. So, I don’t feel bad.

Brady: Yeah, that’s good.

Garrett: Yeah. Yeah. I got myself to the right spot, wasn’t quite the right time of day, and I couldn’t… They were all full. So, what happens is full moon comes out, fish can eat at night, they chill in the day. So, yeah that was my weekend.

Brady: Interesting. Is the moon so bright that they’re just not eating?

Garrett: No, the moon’s so bright that it lights up the micro bait, and they go up to the top, and they just eat all the bait.

Brady: Oh. So, there…

Garrett: So, the daytime there’s stuff, they’re not hungry.

Brady: Yeah, yeah. I get it.

Garrett: Yeah, it’s just calm water. There’s nobody out there, and then the moon is just lighting up the ocean. They can see everything, and they go up there and eat. So, yeah that’s the weekend.

Brady: Next time.

Garrett: So, Brady, I’ve heard through a little friend about the mutual acquaintance of ours, Andrew Choco that you like car washes.

Brady: Yeah, I use them.

Garrett: Yeah, me too. But yeah, I’ve heard you’re a fan of the business model. You want to one day own your own car wash.

Brady: I don’t know if we need to go that far, but I-

Garrett: Oh, why you like it so much if you don’t want it bro?

Brady: No, it’s a cool business model. It’s like the laundry mats, just passive income. It runs itself almost, right? You have someone telling you to turn left turn right.

Garrett: You can buy those online, you know that? They’re like a biz buy and sell. Something like that. They have that website. Have you seen that before?

Brady: No. You?

Garrett: Oh, do you-

Brady: Like a franchise site or?

Garrett: Like an independently held private- owned business you can buy for not that much money.

Brady: Like equity in it or full?

Garrett: No, you own it.

Brady: Fully own it.

Garrett: Yeah, you could own it. Operating business and you could sign a one- year contract with the previous owner, and then essentially, you’d have a year to set up your own management team, run it, rebrand it, and maybe even check this out. Change the marketing.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: So, Brady, today what we’re going to do on market, this is a new segment for you and I too. We’re going to come up with a business model. A type of a company or a business and we’re going to come up with how we would market it. In this case, car wash. Now I want to be clear about the type of car wash we’re doing. There’s two types of car wash. There’s the hand car wash and then there’s the automatic machine wash.

Brady: They say it, hand car wash, but it goes through a machine and then they put their hands on it, and it’s a hand wash.

Garrett: Yeah. They don’t actually wash it. They hand dry it I believe, right? Do they hand wash it too.

Brady: They get inside, they spray like interior and windows, so.

Garrett: Okay. So, it’s then yeah.

Brady: No, it’s hand. It’s just…

Garrett: We’re not talking about that one though, because I don’t think you’re as interested in that business model either, right?

Brady: No, I’m all about the…

Garrett: The FAST5.

Brady: Oh, yeah. Put it in neutral, no break sir.

Garrett: Yep. That’s what we want. So, if y’all are curious which one we’re talking to, one of the ones that I think does it really well in this California areas how FAST5XPRESS.

Brady: Yep. I got one. Right down the street.

Garrett: Great. It’s a great like FAST5. I love their setup. So, you, let’s say Brady, you’re the proud new owner of Fast Seven because it doesn’t take five minutes and it’s not$ 5 anymore. It’s probably like seven minutes, it’s$7.

Brady: Yeah, it starts at eight. It gets up to 18.

Garrett: Yeah. So, let’s just say you got a car wash or FAST car wash. What’s some of the core fundamental pieces, Brady, that you’re wanting to make sure that this car wash has, or that you’re going to establish yourself to get this thing going?

Brady: Are we in California?

Garrett: Yes. We got to be California.

Brady: I think that’s a-

Garrett: Why. What?

Brady: Well-

Garrett: Why? Break the wall.

Brady: Yeah, we’re breaking it down.

Garrett: inaudible the weird.

Brady: So, this is State geography.

Garrett: Okay, break it down. Why is this matter?

Brady: So, part of the why it’s a cool business model is the recycled water, right? So, water is one of the main expenses you would think, but it’s all recycled, and it’s good for the environment. But with what California is going through with the drought, I follow a lot of things like Orange County, Reddit, I’m on a lot and people are all question-

Garrett: Must be a lovely place.

Brady: Oh, it’s great. They’re questioning like wild rivers, right? We just developed a water park, we’re in the biggest drought-

Garrett: That’s all recycled water.

Brady: Then people are like,” You really need to care about golf courses.” So, now I’m freaking out now all the spot- on golf courses and they’re having defends themselves-

Garrett: Don’t come after my hobbies. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Brady: So, I think just given the environment where I think it’s safe to say it wouldn’t be too seasonal marketing to talk about drought resistant-

Garrett: Ooh, okay-

Brady: …I think that’s a Southern California thing.

Garrett: So, you’re saying that you can get the environmentalist to come to your car wash.

Brady: I just think it has to be an advertisement now. I don’t think it used to have to be so, people didn’t really lean in on it but it’s all perception. And so, I think-

Garrett: I like that. Yeah.

Brady: …when people see car wash, I think people feel, I don’t see it much anymore. We used to in the’90s. I don’t see people washing their car in the driveway, and I think that’s just all perception. They feel embarrassed, they feel guilty.

Garrett: Oh whoa, whoa, whoa. Brady.

Brady: I don’t see it.

Garrett: This for stretch over here. I don’t-

Brady: Do you see it still?

Garrett: I think humans are lazy my guy.

Brady: I don’t think so.

Garrett: Oh, you don’t think it’s laziness?

Brady: No, I think it’s all perception.

Garrett: Our generation plays video games and watches Netflix. Our dads washed cars as Netflix. That was their way of escaping our us, our but. You and I can go play video games with headset and get rid of our kids. Their way of getting rid of the kids was like mowing the lawn. You never had a-

Brady: But that’s the thing.

Garrett: My dad never hired a gardener.

Brady: I don’t have a gardener. I mow my lawn-

Garrett: Why? You had kids.

Brady: …I trim everything. I don’t have kids yet, but I don’t wash my car.

Garrett: Because it’s too affordable and easy to go to FAST5.

Brady: That’s a inaudible no.

Garrett: I don’t think if because of you’re not doing it because you want bad looks.

Brady: No. Well the thing is I’m not even that happy with the FAST5 car wash.

Garrett: Who is?

Brady: Right? And so, I did. I used to enjoy washing my car. It actually gets rid of all the bird shit on it versus get rid of a little bit of residue.

Garrett: That’s true.

Brady: But I would feel awkward doing that in my driveway, just given the state of our drought.

Garrett: You really would.

Brady: I really would and I think-

Garrett: So, sometimes I let the hose run there and make sure neighbors are watching.

Brady: Oh, my gosh. That’s it.

Garrett: No, I’m just kidding.

Brady: Are you kidding?

Garrett: Yeah.

Brady: Because here’s what happens to every lottery ticket that your- You buy every-

Garrett: …your block party so I don’t know if you’re kidding. No, I’m totally kidding. Because essentially, I love the… Okay so, my actual joke around, hoses right now is more that the spray nozzle. My kids take off and then there’s mini pieces to it where it’s essentially like the…

Brady: The filter like in-

Garrett: It’s not the filters or it’s the gasket. The gasket that connects the two so, it doesn’t spray everywhere.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: And they lose those. I buy a new nozzle for my hose.

Brady: Like the rubber ring?

Garrett: Yeah-

Brady: Like the ceiling?

Garrett: Yup. You can’t buy them separate.

Brady: Yeah, yeah.

Garrett: So, I buy a new nozzle hosting every two weeks because I can’t stand the water running. So, I’m actually I am on your side here, but I don’t do it. I don’t care about public perception very much. This is going to shock everybody. But I’m not necessarily that worried about what people think of me. But, if I’m at hosting on the boat, one of my pet peeves to your point is there they won’t have any nozzles. So, I get so anal about not wasting water that I spray it, run back, turn it all off, wash it, turn it back on, spray it because I’m constantly not wanting the water to run.

Brady: Is that fresh water on the dock?

Garrett: They have both. They have salt and fresh.

Brady: Okay.

Garrett: But I use the fresh and I don’t care. They always try to make use the salt. But I was already in the salt. So, we have our car wash that we’re worried about.

Brady: Yeah. So, that’s just one of the plays is actually bringing up the fact that the recycled water is a great part of business.

Garrett: So, part of your let’s call it mission, almost, what if… Okay so, do you ever want to go proactive? Because I’m going to take what you said. I’m going to give you more. So, anytime someone gives me a concept, I like to make sure that they’re fully embracing that concept, and I think fake marketing’s the worst. And I’m not saying you’re saying that Brady, but I don’t think you just putting up a sign that says eco- friendly recycled water is really your point.

Brady: No, I think it’s worth five seconds in a social video ad.

Garrett: I would agree. I think you go more than that though. What if every car wash you donated gallon of water to farmers in the Central Valley? Now you start doing that, and you have some type of give back thing even if it’s only taken one point off inaudible. Now, I think you have marketing that you can make more as a social marketing, a social justice kind of positioning. And it’s not just lip service because I think that’s the problem. I think if you just did a sign and you said you cared about it, people wouldn’t care that you care. But I think if you put your money where your mouth is, that’s when people care. Does that make sense?

Brady: Yeah. I don’t know how you set that up. How are you giving water to farmers?

Garrett: I don’t know. We could figure it out. I got that step one, okay, I just know there’s farmers. You ever driven up the five through California and all the signs like,” Water rights is a human right.” Stuff like that. They’ve got all that stuff. So, I’m sure that there’s some type of co- op that we could donate to, or yeah.

Brady: Yeah. I’m just thinking more like Vegas what they’re going through right now. Those farmers like Lake Mead’s going away. I don’t even know how you.

Garrett: I know but I don’t feel horrible about farmers in the desert because they like you’re going against God’s creation at that point.

Brady: It does rain there more than here.

Garrett: That’s true.

Brady: I don’t know. You guys-

Garrett: It’s also 125.

Brady: Yeah, dries up quick. Yeah, I think that’s one angle. If we’re piecing together maybe an ad, I would want three to five seconds to talk about how they do use recycled water to counter anyone who has the perception on like,” I’m not washing my car because we’re in a drought. It’s like no you can…

Garrett: You really think those people exist.

Brady: Yeah, 100%.

Garrett: Okay. Out of 100%, how many of those people exist?

Brady: In Southern California? Maybe 20% might have that cross their mind. 30% 50%.

Garrett: Yo, don’t give that cross their mind-

Brady: Yes. I don’t know if it would hold them back from. I

Garrett: I think the only reason your team must say you want to buy the car wash. I don’t think the people driving through it give a darn.

Brady: I think you would get more people to drive through it if you controlled that perception.

Garrett: I would agree with that statement. I would say it’s probably 15%. But I agree that it’s enough of it that you could differ. I think you could differentiate yourself with it. So, think about the branding. What do they do on a branding? What’s your color scheme in here? How are you thinking about the emotion you’re creating? Because if you think about the FAST5EXPRESS, it’s all red blue. They always like Cars. You know like the movie, Cars?

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: All the branding looks like it’s out of Cars. To me, if you were play this way, you could go more shiplap and more hips or how the… What’s the New Wave Coffee? Is this disrupting Starbucks? What if you did New Wave car wash disrupting the old car wash? So, all of your air fresheners were 100% organic. And then all the colors was like white on very Mediterranean light blues, like white and it was very much you could walk in. Maybe you had some malasadas as some snacks from a local malasada bakery. What if you made it into the dopiest coffee shop in Orange County?

Brady: Is it drive- through though?

Garrett: It is. But people still are going to have to go because here’s why. I think your add on for the profit is the gas station, but you’re gas station, second. So, you might want to go, it’s by my house, it’s a gas station first and then it’s a car wash second. But they do a good job on the car wash. And so, I go there once a week. I like my cars clean. I like to have a clean car. It makes me feel like-

Brady: It feels like that drive better.

Garrett: Yeah, that would break better. That’s for darn sure. When you get out of the car wash and you get that break, like good break when you buy that-

Brady: They might slip. It’s scary.

Garrett: Yeah, it’s cool, right?

Brady: No, I’m saying when it’s wet, you might slip.

Garrett: Okay, that’s a problem.

Brady: Yeah, it’s only inaudible-

Garrett: But I’m saying for my vision of kind of a car wash and I like where your head’s at.

Brady: Okay. So, we have a gas station.

Garrett: We have it.

Brady: Because we all going to be clear on this. I’m thinking drive- through, pull- up vacuum cleaners, and…

Garrett: Oh, we have all that too.

Brady: Might get the hell out kind of thing.

Garrett: No, no. We have all that too. So, if y’all are curious, what I’m thinking about it’s off of Tustin and Collins I believe in Orange. There’s a gas station and it has still really good vacuums that you drive around on, and a really good car wash. Great one. Now, here’s where I think we could do it different. Two lanes. Okay. Because the FAST5 have two lanes to get in but still one. So, there’s a bottleneck.

Brady: Oh, yeah. Got all fees is a zipper.

Garrett: To me, I don’t like FAST5 because it defeats the purpose. I don’t feel like it’s fast, and it doesn’t cost five.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: What if we did two lanes? So, I’m saying we have two lanes.

Brady: Like two washes.

Garrett: Yeah, two washes, side by side though.

Brady: So, now we got to break down the cost.

Garrett: Yeah, I think it’s way cheaper because we’re going to get the volume going. Remember we’re getting leveraged on head count. The reason you and I like the business model fundamentally is we can run it with just a couple people like a drive- through, like a Chick- fil- A drive- through. We got two people out of the drive- through, right? And then that’s it.

Brady: But do you need one person for each lane to then make sure-

Garrett: Your FAST5 has.

Brady: …your tires in there.

Garrett: No, we can do-

Brady: But we’re talking two now.

Garrett: Yeah. But we can do parking garage systems. We can still have one person, and it’s still automatic, tap to pay.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: Thing goes up, no cash.

Brady: But then, they have to tell you where to steer so, your tires in the lane.

Garrett: I think we could overcome that problem.

Brady: Maybe by doing every other inaudible at that point.

Garrett: Hold on. So, that’s two people though. Because you have one, right? So, there’s one guy in the middle, and he’s laying up both lines.

Brady: Okay.

Garrett: And it’d be one person who’s doing the line management. So, you still have two people. We have a third running the inside of the gas station, and a fourth who’s doing the coffee shop. If you did like a ultra new school coffee shop, really nice gas station, really nice car wash. You’re just telling me you won’t have a Costco line in that thing. I can guarantee you that’s a Costco.

Brady: I don’t know man. Parking is a problem now.

Garrett: inaudible parking.

Brady: If the coffee shop’s really going off,

Garrett: It will be.

Brady: Then are people taking the vacuum port to then go in to wait in line to get the, I don’t know.

Garrett: Negative Nancy over here it is.

Brady: Not negative just-

Garrett: I like your ideas.

Brady: Realistic Randall.

Garrett: Realistic Randall. Okay. So, we do have to figure out parking.

Brady: Do you really think I’m really breaking this down, to be negative.

Garrett: No, I agree. So, we’re going to have a lot similar to Costco where you got lots of parking.

Brady: Okay. That rents now going up.

Garrett: I think we can monetize the rent.

Brady: Okay.

Garrett: Because if you could get both cars going through, you could have the nicest car wash and never have too bad of a weight. Because that’s the part with FAST5. Honest to God. You know what I’m talking about? When you’re going to pulling up the FAST5 and the cars are in the street, and you just drive past-

Brady: Yeah, yeah you eye it and you’re like, not today.

Garrett: That’s what I’m saying.

Brady: That’s going to take seven minutes.

Garrett: Correct. No, it takes more than that. It’s like a 20- minute process. You might as well go to a hand wash.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: So, that’s my part to you is if that’s the case, wouldn’t it be nice after you do the vacuum, grab a cup of coffee?

Brady: I totally agree. I’m just thinking you do the vacuum, now your car’s sitting in one of your vacuum ports.

Garrett: Or sitting at the gas station part, but people have been dealing with those gas stations for a while, right? Are there any nice gas stations we can model ourselves off of?

Brady: There’s huge ones on the way to Vegas. The biggest gas station-

Garrett: Oh, then they have. What’s the one in Texas that everybody’s obsessed with? What’s the name of it?

Brady: Santalia.

Garrett: It’s like a little beaver.

Brady: The armadillo?

Garrett: No, it’s a beaver.

Brady: Oh, yeah, the beaver.

Garrett: Yeah. It’s a beaver.

Brady: I have a mug with that guy on it.

Garrett: I forget what it’s called but people love that thing.

Brady: Yeah, I know exactly what you’re talking about.

Garrett: They have this. It’s like Walmart meets a gas station I think, right?

Brady: Yeah. I think they’re known for the inside the…

Garrett: And then Rudy says Rudy’s in Texas were the best brisket sandwiches. I was just like,” No, obviously Terry Blacks, or Salt Lake or one of those.” But, legit Rudy’s is legit. I love Rudy’s. That’s in the gas station. So, I’m telling you people have done this and they have the parking around it, they just put 20 spots up into it. So, you can park into the gas station and then you can still go around it. I think we could pull this off. I really do. Because the vast majority of people are just going to get gas and do the car wash. But a lot of people are going to… Well their tanks filling up, they’re going to go grab a coffee, little malasadas. You like the malasadas though? I didn’t hear any pushback on malasadas.

Brady: Oh, no. No pushback there.

Garrett: Okay. So, we like the malasadas.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: Okay. How do we want to price it? Do we want to go premium? What if we could actually have a good, automated car wash? What if we’ve got better machinery and it actually worked? And what if we made that at a branding? Like,” Car washes just like you imagined.” You know how in this… Do you see the Frigidaire commercial from the’60s where their refrigerators are better than ours?

Brady: No.

Garrett: It’s crazy I’ve ever seen. They have an exponentially better refrigerator and freezer in 1960 than we have right now. Way better.

Brady: Yeah. They’re super inefficient but I think they were better.

Garrett: Way better designed. When you see the functionality of it and how it’s set up, I’m like,” I need that set up.”

Brady: All the compartment. Yeah. I saw that.

Garrett: I see the video. It’s amazing. But point being is what if we did that for car washes? We actually made it. What if the automatic car wash did dry your car at the end? I have to keep four different little micro towels so-

Brady: Yeah. Yellow, green and shammy.

Garrett: I keep them in my hood, in my trunk and I’m always having to do that afterwards. I got to dry it off real quick and then I got to do the vacuum.

Brady: Yeah. My back of my hatchback has an overhang so, my back window just dry.

Garrett: You don’t have window cleaner. Have you ever noticed that? There’s never window cleaner. They all give you a dash cleaner but never a window cleaner.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: So, I think there’s some ways. I think there’s some serious disruption. You could theoretically if you applied this model, build the next Starbucks of car washes.

Brady: Yeah, I think that’s why I even brought up California is. Now we’re talking Southern Orange County.

Garrett: Not a bad place, they’ll pay for it. And I think Texas, maybe it doesn’t work. Bee Cave in Texas, it will. So, I think if you find the right location, you can certain average household income, things like that in an area, I think there’s a lot of mommies driving G- Wagons that would love to take an Instagram photo or something of like,” Can you believe this is at a car wash?” And they’re inside getting their cup like their vanilla latte, and their malasadas, and I think it goes lit on social. Imagine the PR we could get for this thing. You don’t think the news, every local news channel is going to be covering the new car wash and gas station? I guarantee you it’s a story.

Brady: Yeah. I’m trying to think, bringing it to an app in some way. Do you order your car wash, order your drinks when you park at your vacuum cleaner, we deliver it to you.

Garrett: That’s brilliant. Because if you could essentially like the Philz app, the Philz app is killer for coffee. I don’t know if you ever used Philz app.

Brady: I use the Starbucks one, which is hyper convenient.

Garrett: Okay. Philz app is nuts. You haven’t seen it.

Brady: No.

Garrett: I will show you real quick while we’re on camera. I just ordered totally on there. It’s one of the best consumer apps I’ve ever used.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: So.

Brady: Because I could resolve the fear of the line too.

Garrett: One click I just say reorder.

Brady: Oh, yeah.

Garrett: I just opened the app. It’s so sleek and clean, and then it has the pickup.

Brady: I like their visuals.

Garrett: Oh, it’s phenomenal. And you can see all the blunt stride stores visit us, brace met whole thing. So, what if inaudible point we’re in line. That’s how we solve a little bit of the parking problem. And we can order while… Because remember we’re just sitting in our car and neutral going through this gas station, and what if we had a little sign that says,” Don’t forget to download the app and you have a little QR code. You take your phone, snap the QR code, you’re in there, order your food.” I don’t hate this idea. I’m telling you. I think if you made car washes and gas stations sexy, it’s like, you know how I would say don’t do things that do something different. Instead of trying to build a better car wash, what if we made a completely different car wash?

Brady: Yeah. Yeah. I’m thinking even before you’re in line, you can set up your whole wash. I’m getting this wash, I’m getting this coffee, I’m getting these malasadas, and then, when you pull up, instead of paying, you’ve already paid, you just scan the QR code, and at that scan it, puts in your order for the coffee and malasadas.

Garrett: Before they came, though they’ve already paid for everything online.

Brady: You already paid for it, but knowing that you’re at that point in the process, so the payments right before the gate, that then triggers the coffee shop to then start your order. So, you’re going through, they’re making it.

Garrett: Oh, it’s fresh too.

Brady: Your gut tells you what vacuum port to go to. So, you already have an open vacuum port and then the coffee shop knows…

Garrett: Dude, we made this technical, but that would be dope.

Brady: That’s one of the things I watch was like Uber.

Garrett: inaudible so, when there’s too much in the app. Like, I just want to drive through the thing and pull into the open vacuum spot. Do you feel that at all?

Brady: Yeah. No, I’m definitely with you there. Can be-

Garrett: So, we’re going to be careful with this…

Brady: …over complicated.

Garrett: I just think if you could order the coffee ahead that would probably solve 99-

Brady: Yeah, just go in and say it’s here.

Garrett: Yeah. You just order the coffee ahead. We’d probably solve 99% of them.

Brady: I’m just worried about people taking up those vacuum spots. Get too chitchats with the baristas.

Garrett: I think we want it to be a vibe? It’s okay if there’s a-

Brady: That air is always running too. That’s some tech we need is a sensor on the vacuum. It’s always running. Have you notice that?

Garrett: No, you don’t need a vacuum with a sensor. You need the vacuum on the parking. So, if-

Brady: You know the car sensor?

Garrett: Yeah, car sensor.

Brady: Like the parking structures.

Garrett: No, not even that. Yeah, I guess but I got at a light. You know at a light, they have the circle, and the asphalt and then the weight triggers it. That would be nice. So, the kids can’t just be like-

Brady: Because those vacuums are always gone, but it’s all in one main system I think is why.

Garrett: Ooh.

Brady: So, that.

Garrett: So, do you think if all the vacuums running a bus suction too?

Brady: Yeah. No, they’re in an airtight sleeve.

Garrett: Because when I had a Tesla, I always try to not pull up next to other Teslas that are charging because I thought mine would charge slower. I have no idea if it’s true. Maybe.

Brady: But I think people have these weird things.

Garrett: If all the vacuums are out at once, I do think it’s less suction power because it’s all on one. So, what if our vacuums always worked? What if our dryer at the end of the car was actually dried it, and you could get a good cup of coffee and the gas station was clean. If we just delivered on those things and then you could have two. I think you need two, because I’m telling you, once it’s popular, you cap your earning potential like FAST5. You know exactly what I’m talking about. I go, I look, I’m like,”Ah not today.”

Brady: Yeah, I’m a little different. I like seeing the cash line backed up and the credit card line is empty because it also says members only, but then it says credit card under so, no one really gets it.

Garrett: I know.

Brady: And I fly past every line, and I tap my thing.

Garrett: How about that lady who’s doing the thing doesn’t let you through?

Brady: Sometimes it’s automated on mine. I just tap pay, gate opens, and I skip everyone in the cash line. But that’s because mine says members for the credit card line. So, everyone thinks they have to be a member. It’s very unique situation.

Garrett: I know. That’s what I’m saying. For me, I never understood Costco. This is my same point. Why doesn’t Costco build more pumps? They have plenty of spots available in their parking lot, and they always have too big of a-

Brady: Because they don’t have to. I guess. No, they could make more money.

Garrett: Yeah. It’s all I’m trying to point out. You don’t make-

Brady: But people wait in the line so, it’s less of a pressure.

Garrett: Do they though? I never will get Costco gas. So, I don’t think the line’s worth it. I would argue 50% of people. I think that’s almost 50-50. There’s people who do Costco gas, there’s people who don’t. I think you use more gas waiting in line to get the Costco gas. So, I think these are the stuff we got to figure out. So, now what’s our primary channel? I’m thinking maybe we do a geo- fence, and we just geo- fence and we just light this up on social?

Brady: Yeah. Geo- fence social

Garrett: And we get some maybe, I could ask my wife has all her OC mommy influencers. You know what I’m talking about. In each location, there’s influencers. They’re not like macro influencers. They’re micro influencers. They’re like the popular kids in high school back in the day. But now for adults, I feel like we could get them to just go to… I give them a free car wash, and they would just go and just post it on social.

Brady: Yeah, if you have to… I think the ads have to highlight the process too. Because I even remember, I was a Costco car wash guy, and even when it was a bit further away, that was just my thing. It was my routine. I knew how it was going to work.

Garrett: Would you get food when you went?

Brady: No.

Garrett: I’m curious about that with before. Yeah, you didn’t get.

Brady: It was too much of a hassle.

Garrett: Because it’s getting the parking.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: Parking is important. To your point earlier, parking is important.

Brady: Yeah. I was like,” Well is it a different process? Am I going to know what to do?” I saw this sign that said members, but it also said credit card like,” Am I going to go in the wrong lane?

Garrett: I did feel that way too at FAST5 because the members only was very confusing to me.

Brady: So, I think there’s also…

Garrett: I’ve reversed it. The first time I went in that line, I didn’t realize the members only. I got to the front. I got nervous. I reversed back out. I went, waited in the long line. Later, I obviously figured it out. But it is always-

Brady: So, people are really afraid of experiencing that. I think these are the fun things to actually honing on. So, we have to actually show the process a little bit.

Garrett: There’s psychological friction, right?

Brady: Yes.

Garrett: inaudible I’m talking about… There’s psychological friction like,” How long is it going to take? Is it going to ruin my paint?” One of the things to do is nicer cars. I think people with nice cars are afraid of the automatic-

Brady: Oh 100%.

Garrett: ….car wash, but they shouldn’t be.

Brady: Yeah. Is there a mode that is more delicate?

Garrett: We could have like our luxury car mode, and we charge a premium. We make it like,” Do you know how much you could make these people pay who have plenty of money but don’t want to have time for hand car wash?”

Brady: It’s all spray and air dry. You see those videos of the hose, that’s the wash for the super nice cars.

Garrett: I think we could just case. I think we just have a premium wash, like a$ 40 car wash. Just ultra that people would buy crazy, and it would only be$2 extra cost to get sold. But I guarantee you I always get the$ 9 one. Do you always get the expensive one or do you not?

Brady: So, at mine, the cheap one doesn’t have the air dryer at the end.

Garrett: What? Wait they deleted the air dryer?

Brady: Or I don’t think they have the tire cleaner.

Garrett: Oh, okay. So, they’re removing key services.

Brady: I’m at random. I’m just like my car just gets sturdy. I did not get the garage spot. It’s the older car. So, my car just gets wrecked and so I get it washed. I

Garrett: I don’t have a garage either. I have to literally mall my car. That’s why I do it every week. They’re always getting dusted.

Brady: Yeah. So, I’ll do it the day before day of an event. And if I’m just trying to roll up with a clean car, I’ll get the$8 one.

Garrett: Little date night with the lady, I like to make sure my car is clean. I always feel bad if I do date night and instead of inaudible yeah.

Brady: If it’s been a while or if it’s a rainy season, I’ll get the nicest one with the rainbow wax. So, pretty dependent.

Garrett: Okay. So, I always get the$9 one, because my nicest one’s only$ 9. But if they had a$ 20 one and they were-

Brady: Oh, yeah mine gets up to 18.

Garrett: See? Yes. Mine only is up to nine so, I’m just doing the$ 9 one. But if they had a$ 20, and they were talking about how the wax or the polish or they were twice as long on the dryer, wouldn’t you pay extra till twice is long dry?

Brady: 100%. 100%.

Garrett: Do you ever try to just see if it’ll keep going? I wait until the fee turns off.

Brady: I put it in park. That little rotator just going under my, no. I’m get rear ended. Yeah.

Garrett: Yeah. But you have to try to get the car dry. So, I do think if we were to disrupt the car wash space, it’s a big industry. You could have one car wash every 10 miles.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: People don’t want to drive more than that to get a car wash. You get every five miles you can be like Starbucks every corner.

Brady: They got hit during COVID, but they’re definitely fine now. At least by me.

Garrett: Yeah, that’s true. Yeah, They’re just-

Brady: Just because people weren’t driving so, no one cares if their car looks clean. They weren’t seeing anyone so, they did get hit a little bit but…

Garrett: I love it. All right. I’m going to package this up for everybody. So, we have to have a social impact part of the business.

Brady: We talked mostly business model.

Garrett: I know.

Brady: Not necessarily advertising.

Garrett: Brady, is the ad what makes an ad successful or the business that it’s advertising?

Brady: It’s the perception of the business.

Garrett: Correct.

Brady: But we got to make sure the perception is true so, we had to work on that side.

Garrett: Oh, we have to do this. For everything and everyone, if you’re in marketing listening to this, you can only market as good of a product you have.

Brady: Exactly.

Garrett: Okay. So, that’s really spend more time with product or on product and you’ll get better at marketing, hands down. And so, we have a social impact part of it. We are giving back to a farmer’s co- op in the Central Valley or whatever is in that state so, we can localize it to the state we’re in. We don’t ever want too long of a line, but we need a little line. So, we always look like we’re busy, but are not too busy for you to not stop, you still get it done. We want to have gas because we got to make the extra money. We think that if we had a coffee shop or some malasadas, little bakery in there, we can make it trendy. We get some user- generated kind of advertising-

Brady: Have breakfast burrito too.

Garrett: Hoo. Little breakfast burrito.

Brady: If you’re known for the best breakfast burrito, and people are okay with saying it’s from a car wash, if it’s bomb that makes it even better.

Garrett: Dude, are you kidding me? Do you know how much they’re going to want to brag that they just got this coffee from a car wash? That’s why I like it. It has that little like,” Oh, where do you get your car washed?”” Have you been to this one yet?”” It’s got malasadas, it’s got coffee. You can select to have the dryer go twice as long. I think the dryer going twice as long-

Brady: Oh, I’m with you.

Garrett: …would be the most requested feature we’ve ever had. Oh, and the vacuums are twice as suctioning. I’m sold on this car wash. If you’re listening and you start this business, let us know how it goes.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: Because…

Brady: I’m thinking clear tubes, that was a Dyson thing. Is Dyson’s not a better vacuum cleaner but because you can see all the trash they could sell?

Garrett: Wait Dyson’s, not a… Yes, you don’t think it has better technology in it too? You think it’s the same thing as the clear tip?

Brady: It’s a marketing. For the technology, it’s marketing-

Garrett: I don’t know all about it is just marketing. I bet you they have better chips and suction power in there. How else are they charging all these ladies like three grand for the hair inaudible? Have you seen those hair dryers that they do?

Brady: Oh, I saw it when I bought it. I saw it when it came to the house, and I saw my wife opened it for Christmas. Nothing is funny. She doesn’t use it sometimes because it takes too long, and it gets too hot.

Garrett: And I’m just like,” Really?”

Brady: So, she’s using her old curling iron.

Garrett: No way, the old one came back?

Brady: No, she uses the nice one. I’ve used the blow dryer’s cool.

Garrett: Look at your hair.

Brady: Yeah, exactly. No, it’s such a-

Garrett: You think you get that type of cut without a Dyson?

Brady: No, it’s a pretty funny thing in our household. Whenever she’s using the old school one, I’m just like,” You got what?” I

Garrett: I love that. No, it’s old fake-

Brady: Anyway. No, the clear trash was like a thing.

Garrett: Yeah, it is. I agree. The clear would be cool.

Brady: Kids would love it.

Garrett: That is dope. I agree. Clear tubes. If they’re equally strong, and then you could also tell him I would not pull up to one that’s got like a towel stuck in it.

Brady: That’s the thing, yeah.

Garrett: I would like to know that.

Brady: It could get you in trouble. The clear tubes could get you in trouble. It’s trash and cart.

Garrett: Hey. No, that’s called accountability. Now our staff members who are working very hard and getting paid a living wage with a 401k, I do think that’s important actually paying. Imagine if we paid the staff at the car wash well. Last lady I pulled up on was smoking a jay.

Brady: Nice.

Garrett: Just full face- face tattooed smoking a jay, could it have cared less about me. And I have no problem with tattoos or smoking. That’s why I really what I’m saying, I’m just saying I don’t really want my employees face tattooed smoking a jay. Wow, customer’s role.

Brady: No. So, I do think it’s common in car washes for them to. That’s a program in itself is who they’re employing.

Garrett: Yeah. I think our marketing could be-

Brady: But the marketing would have to represent that because without that context, then it’s like,” Who’s this?” Tweaker-

Garrett: Oh, yeah. If we wanted to do what is in brothers, what is it like, What’s the guy out of LA? This is really cool what he does. Little shout out to him brother. What’s it called? You can find him-

Brady: It’s like guy’s out of jail?

Garrett: Yeah, yeah. I forgot what his name’s.

Brady: I don’t know.

Garrett: That’s a great program.

Brady: Yeah, there’s a barbecue place in Irvine like that.

Garrett: Yeah, which is fine. I don’t know if we have to do that. Going to lie to you. Seems like more of a headache than maybe you and I want as a hands- off business. But I do think the staff, if they’re paid well, and you hired to the right character traits and the right values, we could do really well, so.

Brady: Yeah, paying well because the guy who takes the hose, and he actually really works the car before you go in. Respect.

Garrett: Respect.

Brady: And I don’t think he’s getting paid to do it. That’s just good character.

Garrett: I love it.

Brady: But you could control that.

Garrett: So, that my friends that’s market list.

Brady: We have a lot of competition now, great.

Garrett: Yeah. Great. All right. Everybody, that is another episode of Original Marketing. Subscribe, stay tuned, and we’ll see y’all next week.

Brady: Yeah, see you next week.