Episode 40: Breaking Down the Marketing Strategy for the Apple Vision Pros

01:06:17 | July 1st, 2022

Episode Transcript

Garrett: Episode 40.

Brady: We made it.

Garrett: Woo. You know what they say about the 40th episode?

Brady: New Decade. It gets a million views? I don’t know. What do they say?

Garrett: I don’t know. I’m just excited. Man, 40 episodes.

Brady: Yeah, it’s a moment for us on the pod. Little round of applause.

Garrett: Well, thank you if you’ve watched all 40. Thank you, mom. No, but glad having everyone’s support and yeah, excited to chat marketing with y’all today.

Brady: Yeah. Me, too.

Garrett: Anything wild happen to you in life, Brady?

Brady: Yeah, we can talk about this weekend. Pretty big life update for me. PRed in golf.

Garrett: I thought you had a kid.

Brady: Nope. Not yet. No kids yet, but little early Father’s Day gift.

Garrett: Okay.

Brady: Took my dad out because we’re gone this weekend. We’re going to Bend.

Garrett: Okay.

Brady: So we played Tears Creek. Which-

Garrett: Bend, Oregon?

Brady: Yes. For a wedding.

Garrett: Okay, very cool.

Brady: Should be fun. So we played Tears Creek. Which we played two weekends ago and I shot like an 81.

Garrett: You told me about that. We talked about that a lot. Yeah.

Brady: Thought I was going to shoot in the seventies. Got a triple bogey on the last hole.

Garrett: Heartbreak on 18. Yeah.

Brady: So going into this round, I’m like okay, time to shoot. Typical low nineties at this course. And I shot a 78 with a three putt on the last hole. What’s

Garrett: What’s up with you in these last holes?

Brady: Well, so this time I got on in regulation. I knew where my score was.

Garrett: Okay.

Brady: And so I was pretty just-

Garrett: Because you were like a five stroke.

Brady: I was done with the round once I was on the green.

Garrett: Five strokes up at the Masters.

Brady: It was a very conservative putt.

Garrett: Yeah, yeah.

Brady: Left myself like five feet. Missed that putt. Tapped it in for the bogey.

Garrett: For a 78.

Brady: For a 78, which is my all- time best score.

Garrett: What course was this on?

Brady: Tears Creek.

Garrett: Not an easy one, Brady.

Brady: Not an easy one.

Garrett: Some people could say that you’re now that course’s daddy.

Brady: Okay.

Garrett: That’s been two rounds in a row. 81 then 78.

Brady: Yeah. I’m trying to keep it up. So that was a highlight of the weekend.

Garrett: Nice. Congratulations.

Brady: Thank you.

Garrett: That’s epic. That’s really, really nice.

Brady: Anything going on in your world?

Garrett: Saturday wedding.

Brady: Better than a Sunday.

Garrett: I’ve had Thursdays.

Brady: Yep, we’ve talked.

Garrett: I’ve had weddings on days that I didn’t even know weddings were able to be on. So a Saturday wedding was delightful.

Brady: Nice.

Garrett: Babysitter came a little early.

Brady: Okay.

Garrett: Got a full date day with the lady. You know?

Brady: Nice.

Garrett: Drove down. We watched my number one sports team, Manchester City.

Brady: I saw that. I saw you were in like, a pub. I’m like, did he go to Ireland or something?

Garrett: No, that was the Harp on 17th, the Harp Inn on 17th in Costa Mesa.

Brady: Nice.

Garrett: Dude, I got there 20 minutes before… No, 30 minutes before kickoff. 20, 30 minutes. Little boil and bake on the way.

Brady: Nice.

Garrett: And… Standing room only.

Brady: Yeah, it looked packed.

Garrett: I couldn’t even-

Brady: I saw it on Instagram. I’m like, where the heck is he?

Garrett: That was the Harp. They do all the soccer games, but I figured usually, you know, get there five minutes before, and you can find a seat outside. Not a great seat. So I was like 30 minutes before. No, that place… Couldn’t even get parking.

Brady: Did they win?

Garrett: They won. Manchester City got the treble. English Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League. I’ve been a pretty diehard fan for I think 12 years now, of Manchester City. Never won the Champions League. Always semi- finals or finals lose. Better team, but a lose. This game, frankly we were the better team and almost lost again. But we won, and as a fan it was pretty big deal. Felt good.

Brady: Nice.

Garrett: To complete the task. It was like, if you’re a fan of a team, and they never won the Super Bowl, and you win the Super Bowl. It’s kind of like that. So it was a big win, big day. Then the wedding Saturday.

Brady: Someday just lay in bed as long as possible. Cover and stay around the house. Prep for this week for work.

Garrett: So it was a good weekend, though.

Brady: It was fun.

Garrett: Yeah. You want to talk ads?

Brady: Yeah, let’s do it. I’m checking out yours on the TV.

Garrett: I know it’s been autoplaying, as your like, permanent distraction.

Brady: I’m not too distracted, because I’ve seen the clip.

Garrett: Okay, you’ve already seen this before?

Brady: Yeah, it’s cool.

Garrett: Okay, so-

Brady: It’s very smart.

Garrett: So essentially from what I understand, this influencer Alix Earle. With an” i”, I love that. She was going on a trip. Do you remember where the trip was? What’d it say in the caption? Can you go back for a second? I should Positano. So Italy. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But Europe, you’re, that’s close. So she went to Europe. Combinations went to crud. She was probably posting on her story.

Brady: Yeah. Had a big group of friends.

Garrett: Big group of friends. Airbnb comes in and saves the day. That’s pretty dang good marketing and advertising.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: You know why? Because Airbnb didn’t have to do nothing. They had to stay in their core product. It’s a use case for their product, by the way. Like oh, something goes wrong. You can always grab an Airbnb.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: Real time. I mean I’ve booked an Airbnb night before, so you can do real- time Airbnb booking.

Brady: But her first issue was with Airbnb.

Garrett: Oh, it was?

Brady: I believe so.

Garrett: Wow. Tell me more, bro.

Brady: Yeah, so she got a house on Airbnb. And then it didn’t work out.

Garrett: Oh.

Brady: So they really saved the day.

Garrett: I see.

Brady: And I think Alix is a good person and knew how everything works. And so I thought it was pretty cool that-

Garrett: Little tit for tat?

Brady: She went out of her way and celebrated what they did versus really focus in on-

Garrett: How bad-

Brady: How it messed up.

Garrett: Well, it’s good for her if she wants to keep getting her sponsorships and her deals to show she’s a professional.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: Does that make sense? Like a good partner. But I think she’s got quite a few followers, I think, is it 5 million? Is she, have you heard of her before, Scarlet?

Scarlet: Oh, yeah. I follow her. I know this whole story.

Garrett: Okay, so you already know. I’m over here like dad- mo, did you hear about the word”rizz?” It means” flirting.” Okay. So you guys already know the story, apparently. Okay. So not everybody, maybe. Do all of viewers know? Anyways, you’re going to hear my opinion.

Brady: I didn’t know her and I saw the story. Which I think shows how big.

Garrett: Yeah, she’s pretty big, right?

Scarlet: Yeah. She’s really big.

Garrett: Okay. And I’m guessing… I’ve always found the big popular influencer girls. They have a tribe and then in their circle there’s other influencers a lot of times. Correct? So you not only probably, the way I saw it was even more than you get her, you get also all the other, the girl gang.

Brady: They’re only like 500 K. I mean, that’s probably pretty significant.

Garrett: But of real followers getting to see the place. So let’s check out the video, of how Airbnb saved the day with some product.

Alix on Video: Our first villa in Italy was a scam. The house didn’t exist. So Airbnb literally was like, hello, let me help you.

Garrett: Okay.

Alix on Video: Look at what they just set us up with.

Crowd of Women on Video: Oh my gosh. Oh, my God. How is this real life right now? Look at this view right now.

Garrett: How she have so many friends?

Alix on Video: We’re literally in a castle.

Garrett: It’s me.

Brady: I couldn’t even get that many people to go to Caprice with me.

Crowd of Women on Video: inaudible The sauna and steam room.

Garrett: Lot of woo girls.

Brady: Yeah. Which is expected.

Garrett: You wouldn’t woo at the sauna steam room? Come on.

Brady: You’re right.

Crowd of Women on Video: Thank you, Airbnb.

Brady: With the thank you Airbnb at the end. I mean-

Garrett: Honestly, I don’t think Airbnb could have done a better ad for themselves.

Brady: So I’m second guessing. Because I did take that intro the first time I saw it as oh, Airbnb messing up.

Garrett: Yeah.

Brady: But maybe it’s just some other-

Garrett: Yeah, I had watched it. I didn’t realize, I think you could be right that Airbnb had, they got scammed on by Airbnb and then they saved the day. Or they got-

Brady: Because I thought that’s how it’s on their radar. How would Airbnb know about this situation? Unless maybe she posted it.

Garrett: And tagged them or she’s big enough?

Scarlet: She posted.

Brady: Okay.

Garrett: Oh, and then maybe someone at Airbnb.

Scarlet: inaudible stranded and posted on it.

Brady: Okay.

Garrett: How does she have so many friends? Where are they?

Scarlet: I don’t know. I told, I know she is very known for get ready with mes and makeup stuff.

Garrett: Okay, got it, got it. Okay.

Scarlet: And then she just became huge.

Garrett: Got it. But she’s in Italy doing something and she invited all her girls.

Scarlet: These are all party girls. They all go to U Miami. They’re party girls.

Garrett: Got it.

Scarlet: So they just share their lives.

Garrett: Got it. They’re doing a summer break together. And it’s not just her who’s got followers. I’m sure they all got followers then.

Scarlet: Yeah, they all do.

Garrett: That’s brilliant.

Brady: I wonder if it was all set up. If she knew like, hey.

Garrett: We’re going to go to Greece. I got nothing planned, but I’m just going to post that we got screwed. I’m going to tag Airbnb a couple of times and we’ll get the hookups.

Brady: You never know.

Garrett: I love it.

Brady: You never know.

Garrett: If it’s too good to be true, Brady’s going to say it.

Brady: No, I just liked it from Airbnb’s standpoint of just being on it. Being on the comps.

Garrett: Yeah.

Brady: Capturing a moment, not letting it slip. And they got act quick for something like that. I mean it sounds like they knocked it out within a fraction of a day.

Garrett: And then, what’s the cost? Unused inventory is now somehow being used and in return, you’ve got probably 10 million impressions, right?

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: Because if she’s got 5 million followers and all her girlfriends and all the virality, let’s say you got 10 million impressions on your brand. Through someone that people have a genuine affinity for and an audience for. That’s pretty dope marketing.

Brady: And it’s like, even for their luxury market, I’m sure a lot of people who could afford a place like that found out that oh shoot, I didn’t know you can get mansion villas-

Garrett: In Positano.

Brady: On Airbnb. They were probably thinking, I got to go to the Ritz.

Garrett: Or I got to share a room at somebody’s house. A lot of people still don’t actually understand the platform, ironically. So no, I thought it was that big. Way to go Alex, too. Throwing a bone back to Airbnb’s. Kind of cool.

Brady: That’s a great ad.

Garrett: Great ad. Amazing ad. I would ask her for permission too, and start to run it everywhere. Little clip up.

Brady: A little commercial.

Garrett: Yeah, little commercial. Little stuff like that. But what do you got for us?

Brady: So I got some questions for you.

Garrett: Ooh.

Brady: What do you do right now if you catch a fish that you want to put back, or maybe you even catch bait. How do you get it off the hook?

Garrett: Pliers?

Brady: Don’t tell me you use pliers.

Garrett: Oh God, no. Don’t tell me we’re going. Because you know how golf, if you watch-

Brady: Like, all the gadgets?

Garrett: Yeah. Go up on a well.

Brady: I’m a pretty seasoned fisherman now.

Garrett: Yes you are, Brady.

Brady: So I’m at the point where I see this, but I’m very curious. I don’t own a boat. I don’t even know how to mount this thing on the side. But I’d love to hear your perspective on this product. If you think it’s legit, if you’re jealous of it, if you want it on your boat or if you have thoughts where it’s like” Brady, these videos are like, this is what actually happens. There’s no way it would work like that.”

Garrett: Okay.

Brady: But it’s all over Instagram. All over TikTok. And then we can talk about throwing. It’s called the Overboard Pro. The only way I found out it was called that is I had to pause my reel, flip it sideways and read what it said on the actual product. They didn’t tag the product. Their site is very old school. It looks like they’re B2B but they actually do have a consumer shop. So I think you can maybe hit them up and start. Yeah, just click some videos.

Garrett: Let me see a couple videos here. What are you working with, B?

Male Voice on Video: Okay, so we catch a shark. Boom. Boom. Overboard like a pro.

Garrett: Okay, so he’s holding the rod in one hand.

Male Voice on Video: Wait, another shark? You don’t want that. Gone. Ooh, not good eating. Gone. Caught some fresh bait? Can’t find your pliers? Gone.

Garrett: I don’t know about the bait woman.

Brady: Yeah, I think maybe a small fish, it’s a bit harder. Let’s see this guy.

Garrett: I mean, these guys will do anything not to touch their fish. This is if my mom was like, okay, I love everything about fishing except touching it.

Brady: I mean, what I remember, one time when we went fishing, I thought I lost the pliers. They’re like, in my pocket. My pocket was open. We caught a fish. I patted my pockets, couldn’t find them. Didn’t know what to do.

Garrett: So there’s just like the machismo side of fishing that this is somewhat in direct conflict of. I kind of like the grabbing the fish by the gills part. And you can see it now. The areas where I like it are in the types of fish that I hate doing this with. Which are sharks and bat rays. I don’t like bringing sharks on the boat.

Brady: Yeah. Sting rays, too.

Garrett: I don’t like bringing sting rays on the boat.

Brady: Get whipped with the tail.

Garrett: And when you’re catching sea bass and you’re trying to catch halibut, you do get a lot of leopard sharks in Catalina. And you do get a lot of stingrays. Happens to me every time. I get what’s called bycatch. So this would be bycatch. Would you click on the stingray one? I’m curious about that one, Scarlet. Yeah.

Second Male Voice on Video: (Singing)

Brady: They even grabbed a line.

Garrett: I hate that I like it, Brady.

Brady: Oh, they got your music going now.

Garrett: How many does he have on one go. Okay,

Garrett: so

Garrett: here’s the thing with it.

Brady: That was like, all their products. I think that’s maybe the guy who made it.

Garrett: It’s cool. It serves a function. It is nice, as you saw. What do you do with the bigger ones, if you can’t lift it up? Do they have any big fish they do it with? Because like… There we go. That’s a bigger one. Yeah.

Third Male Voice On Video: Ready? Yep. And that’s how she works.

Brady: It’s all about getting the hook in to inaudible. So that one he had to kick down on it.

Garrett: Yeah? Okay. So I like it.

Brady: I mean, you could just get flyers with that shark and-

Garrett: I see your point, Brady. I see your point. Now do I think that the hardcore blue collar fisherman is going to adopt this product? No, because they’re the saltiest humans on the face of the earth, like metaphorically and actually. And so they are very, very, very against any types of innovation that aren’t directly connected to increasing the amount of fish they catch.

Brady: Saves time, get back on the reel, catch more fish.

Garrett: Okay, so here’s the thing, too. So the way it works, the captains don’t own the boats. Owners do.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: They might have equity in them. But the guys running the boats don’t own the boats the vast majority of the time. And the guys who own the boats, the captains would be terrified to present this idea to them, in my opinion. Because they’re always like, look, I’m trying to get him to do this thing or I’m trying to get him to change this on the books.

Brady: There’s a lot of boat owners.

Garrett: There is a lot of boat owners, though. So do not-

Brady: They might take their own boat out fishing.

Garrett: This is all user- generated content. It’s all use case content. Do they have an ad for it?

Brady: So that’s the thing.

Garrett: I was curious.

Brady: It’s like, I’m jealous of the product.

Garrett: It’s all from Joshua. He seems like a great guy, real active. I just didn’t know if we had-

Brady: I’m not jealous of them. Because if you look up Overboard Pro on Instagram, their page is not popping. Quoting Jack Harlow.

Garrett: Yeah, let’s hop in. You want to go to the very top? That one? Can we see the 47 seconds on it? It’s like so catch it. Put it on the side. Hops. That is pretty cool, Brady. I’m not going to lie. I kind of like it.

Brady: I think you can catch more fish, to your point earlier.

Garrett: I really like it, but it is so nice.

Brady: I don’t think it’s that cheesy. I get what you’re saying.

Garrett: It’s so nice to have gimmicky.

Brady: I don’t think it’s that cheesy and gimmicky.

Garrett: It isn’t, but it is, but it isn’t. Scarlet, what do you think?

Scarlet: inaudible.

Garrett: Do you think so? So kind of my crew do this for me.

Scarlet: I feel like it’s a nice to have.

Garrett: It is a nice to have. I think it’s the definition of a nice to have is the problem.

Brady: Yeah. I personally don’t think that-

Garrett: Can I see their website?

Brady: Yeah, so their website is-

Garrett: Okay.

Brady: When I first got to it, I was like, oh, they don’t actually sell it. Until I saw the shop in the center.

Garrett: Oh, yeah. See the bait tank one, I’m not a fan of. I like to be” As a fishermen, we try to treat our bait with a lot of respect. Because the baits, the healthier it is and the harder it swims, the more fish we catch.” So you

Brady: So you got to grab it and poke their eye out the pliers and shake it off. Versus just-

Garrett: No, Brady. You saw how it went on the bait tank. I felt like the bait kind of got a little beat up there, compared to nice gentle slow release.

Scarlet: Is this you, Captain Brady?

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: Whoa. Wow.

Brady: I’m really doing self- promotion here.

Garrett: Disclosures next time, Brady.

Brady: Yeah. If I set up a royalty deal with them.

Garrett: He’s Captain Brady in all the videos. So bait tank? I think I’m a no- go on the bait tank.

Brady: Okay.

Garrett: If we’re being honest.

Brady: I was the opposite with it thinking, if anything, for the bait tank.

Garrett: We do want to treat our bait with a lot of respect. And when I saw the little bait or all over the top of the bait tank. Yeah. I was like, eh.

Brady: I do think it’s a lighter fish, smaller fish. Doesn’t drop off.

Garrett: Exactly. We don’t catch that much bait. Well, it depends on the waters. So East Coast waters, they can net. We don’t net bait here and we go to the bait bars. So they would have taken that out of the bait bars. We literally take the net from them when they hand it to you, and you gently put it in the water and you generally turn it over. Then when I pull out, I go get water from the ocean in a bucket. I pour that water into the bait tank to get some fresh water in there and rebalance the water with all this new bait in there. So genuinely, if you really do love to fish, bait is like you got to be real, take care of your bait. But when it comes to releasing fish that you’re pissed you caught or aren’t big enough, just put that thing in the dehooker and call it a day. I think it’s pretty.

Brady: Yeah. But in my mind it was less on the fish than when we get the pliers and shake it out of the pliers.

Garrett: Correct. I would agree with that. I think the way, if you saw how we do sibikis here and how we do bait, we don’t really do it like they do it. So maybe in this application on the East Coast it looks like, and the Gulf Coast and stuff that it makes more sense. Out here, we’re catching on sibikis and you kind of like, they, I don’t know.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: It wouldn’t really, I don’t know how you could do a sibiki on that thing. So we don’t catch bait on individual hooks here on the West Coast. We catch it on bait hooks.

Brady: Yeah. Like in Mexico.

Garrett: Yeah. Correct.

Brady: We were trying to catch five at a time.

Garrett: Correct. So, same concept. That’s how we catch bait out here. And so I don’t know if it works for that, but I do think bat rays and sharks, I really, really like this. Because what I have to do sometimes, I got to go put a glove on. And then I’m literally holding the line on one hand and then trying to get my pliers in there, to your point.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: It’s a nightmare. And then-

Brady: You drop the pliers.

Garrett: And there’s a big bat ray. If you get a big bat ray, you get a big black sea bass, you get a big leopard shark. I mean, I’ve caught six, seven- foot leopard sharks that I’m not trying to, I don’t keep, I’m not sure. I only keep stuff I eat and I’m not trying to keep bycatch.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: I’m really targeting a specific species that I’m like, oh I like that halibut or something for that in my freezer. And I’ll go instead of buying halibut at the store, I try to catch it. Right. So that kind of stuff I love. But yeah, this could be great. So nice. Thoughts

Brady: Thoughts on the pricing? 90 bucks.

Garrett: Oh, I didn’t even notice that.

Brady: I mean, you lose a couple pairs of pliers and you’re already there.

Garrett: Brady. And a finger. I mean with the way our insurance is. No, that’s a little pricey.

Brady: In the boat world?

Garrett: For a nice to have? If I told a fishing buddy that I got it and it was only 90 bucks, they wouldn’t stop laughing at me, Brady.

Brady: All right. All right.

Garrett: That’s the problem. I think the boaters could afford it. You just couldn’t tell anyone how much.

Brady: Yeah. They’d be a little embarrassed. I get it.

Garrett: It’s a price that your buddies would bust your butt on a little bit.

Brady: Okay.

Garrett: Yeah, they’d definitely, definitely make fun of you for that.

Brady: All right. Well they could use some help.

Garrett: Yeah, they could definitely use some help.

Brady: Yeah, I found them. But like I said-

Garrett: How was it 90? Just out of curiosity. What’s the 90?

Brady: The custom manufacturing? I don’t know. You know these guys have to buy the mold for it. That costs a lot of money. So it’s probably them just looking at their inventory and saying, how quick can we break even?

Garrett: $29.99? $19.99? $39.99?

Brady: Yeah.

Brady: But

Brady: I can’t tell with these guys it could cost them 30 bucks to land one. Who knows? Shark Tank, sometimes people have their landing costs way down. Others are like, oh yeah it cost me 40 bucks a product. That’s why I have to sell it for 80.

Garrett: Who knows? I don’t want to judge them at all on that. I would just say 90 bucks. You can’t tell anyone how much you paid, because you’re going to get made fun of.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: It’s already a product that kind of makes you a wussie in the boating community. What? You’re scared to touch a fish. And as a use case, I actually like it. But if you’re tell me you paid$90 not to touch a fish? Now you got some problems, Brady.

Brady: See my thought was all speed, so I could catch more.

Garrett: I like that.

Brady: I’ve changed that stance since your feedback.

Garrett: Yeah. I like where your head’s at. I’m like, I’m on a boat every weekend and right now because my boat’s in the shop, I’m on a different person’s boat every weekend. 99.9% of them don’t think like this. And they definitely wouldn’t spend$ 90 on this. Now, maybe with some value prop based marketing. I think this would be a great product to get black tip fishing. Black tip is a massive YouTube account. Local knowledge guys. Any of the top YouTube fishermen, I would, like, immediate marketing strategy? Send this to them for free. All you got to do is include it on your next video. Then I think we do all right and we lower the price to$49. 99. And then I think we can get a lot of sales. I think at a slightly cheaper price, good distribution on the YouTube influencers. Couple Instagram influencers. Send it out to a bunch of captains. Some people would go on the captains’ boats and they see it, and they’d buy a boat, they’d want it. Little stuff like that. I think it could be great.

Brady: Yeah, they got a control their destiny. That was my thought. Like I said, the one reel I had saved with it, product was not in the description. No link to it. I had to, like I said, pause it, read what was on the product-

Garrett: If you weren’t running a marketing show to explicitly make this the topic, it would’ve been a little hard for you to buy it.

Brady: And so if I, we don’t have to go to it, but their Instagram page. Not a lot of followers, not a lot of traction. Went to their site. Thought, oh, this site’s only built to sell to-

Garrett: West Marine.

Brady: Yeah. West Marine, retail stores… Until I found in the center, they had a e- commerce.

Garrett: And then fishing shops. So all the different fishing stores, we could do distribution. Send them five.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: Take whatever. I think little stuff like that. So no, it is a good product. It has a use case. I understand it. I think it’s going to have some friction with its target audience. Just not touching the fish kind of makes you a wuss. And then 90 bucks is a little pricey for fishermen. I had no idea how much I’m not like… Fishermen are usually broke and divorced.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: Like real fishermen. It’s not great on your relationship. I’ve found through, not mine personally, great. But when I’m out on the boats on those trips.

Brady: The salty guys. A lot of people on third or fourth marriage, not a ton of money, and all they do is fish. But boy, do they have photos of big catches.

Garrett: And they fish a lot, and they’re out on those boats a lot. So I don’t know if this product resonates with those. I’d say this is more like the kooks, the people that we all hate, fishing.

Brady: Yeah. This product’s perfect for.

Garrett: So I think if you could make this product for the people who fish a lot, then I think it’s pretty cool.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: You got to do the marketing right.

Brady: Yeah. They could have done a video of keeping one too. Just solo. You grab the line, you put the net under, you pop off into the net and bring it in.

Garrett: Yeah. I mean in general, guys who catch a lot of fish and do it for a living, have no problem doing this.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: Guys like me who do it once a week, week and a half, could be better at it. And this tool’s pretty helpful. So I just feel like getting that marketing right, figuring it out. But, yeah. Nice one, Brady. Apple Vision Pro. I heard it’s cheap.

Brady: All right, Frank

Garrett: Scarlet, how much does it cost? I guess it’s like$3, 500. Skip to the bottom of the page. All right. We’ll get past all the marketing, Brady, that we were going to talk about.

Brady: Pretty small site.

Garrett: Yeah, let’s talk price. Did you get to it? It was like $3,500, I think it was?

Brady: Yeah, I think it was. Yeah.

Garrett: Okay.

Brady: I saw the reactions of audiences seeing the keynote. I don’t know if you saw those live keynotes

Garrett: What, did they do a crowd reaction?

Brady: It was just like, oh. But then my thought was like, they’re still going to buy it.

Garrett: They’re going to buy it.

Brady: They’re going to buy it.

Garrett: All right. So let’s go to the top. This

Brady: This. Couple more hours.

Garrett: All right. Thanks, Brady. 3, 500 bucks. We talked a lot on a previous show. Obviously none of you current viewers forgot about that. But if you go back in time, we talked about

Brady: The Oculus side?

Garrett: The Zuckerverse, the Metaverse.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: And what I saw as the biggest problem, which was all of the marketing was things you couldn’t do if you bought the product.

Brady: Yeah. It was like, farmers in the year-

Garrett: 2049 will do irrigation through their headset. And maybe he’s right. But you got to sell some of these, Mark.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: And Mark is great. Meta’s great. That’s software. But Apple’s the GOAT at hardware. And that’s the thing, is you cannot compete with Apple at physical products. Look at that thing. It’s sexy. Their very first one. Can we pull up Oculus real quick just to get us a reminder of what they’re competing with? I don’t have one of these. Do you, Brady?

Brady: No. I’ve used it once.

Garrett: Just do the homepage of Oculus. Give me the, I just want to, because it at this point it’s a marketing game. So give me that. And then, okay, so maybe to the top left, that Meta Quest? Okay, so this is their product. Yeah. This feels like Nintendo versus Xbox. One of them-

Brady: Who’s the winner there? I’m confused.

Garrett: Having Xbox, right? But this feels like, it is$ 299, though.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: I mean we’re talking, the Apple product is 10 times more expensive.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: I mean, they’re actually more than 10 times-

Brady: Technically different categories. AR versus VR. No one’s really dropped a good AR. I think Magic Leap has been in production for years in R and D. But they’ve never made a huge splash.

Garrett: Who’s Magic Leap?

Brady: They were the first big AR company. Years ago I saw their promo was a gym, with a whale benching in the gym.

Garrett: For our listeners and our viewers. Not me, obviously. Can you explain what AR is versus VR?

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: Not for me.

Brady: As you can see. Well, the Oculus technically has cameras in the front so you can see beyond outside of your goggles. But augmented reality is mixed reality with virtual. Virtual reality is all virtual.

Garrett: So it’s like you did drugs on AR.

Brady: I mean, maybe the strong drugs would be like VR. I don’t know.

Garrett: Like you know, when you watch on, if you’re on Instagram or something. They show a real like, this guy’s on shrooms. And have you ever seen the, I just saw this video where it was, it wasn’t actually shrooms. It was like what it feels like to be on shrooms going down a slide. And the whole slide was like kind of like a Mario Kart. The

Brady: The tube?

Garrett: No, the one used to jump the last course on the very first Mario Kart? Rainbow

Brady: Rainbow Road?

Garrett: Yeah, Rainbow Road. Yeah. You know what’s up.

Brady: Thank you, Peter.

Garrett: It’s like that in the video. So I’m guessing that’s what you mean. It’s kind of like an augmented reality. It’s like-

Brady: Well, VR… You’re, it’s all virtual. You put on a VR headset, I don’t see you anymore. Anything in this room-

Garrett: You’re in a new, different virtual world.

Brady: AR is, I see you guys. But say the TV didn’t exist.

Garrett: inaudible spectacles.

Brady: Yeah, like that. You could put filtered lenses. I mean the snap glasses are cameras. They’re not-

Garrett: So essentially you start see through a camera and the camera manipulates reality with a microchip or something?

Brady: So with AR, you’re actually see- through. Like the lens you’re looking through is see- through like glasses. And then it projects the augmented reality on top of reality.

Garrett: Okay. And that’s what Apple can do?

Brady: Yes. It’s not see- through.

Garrett: It’s not see- through? So it’s all using cameras?

Brady: Jesus, let’s not trust a word he says, everybody.

Garrett: Well, their cameras are better than Oculus.

Brady: They’re way better. Yes. Yeah, it’s still cameras.

Garrett: So is that a screen on the front showing your eyes?

Brady: That is, yeah. A screen on the front. And it’s actually technically showing… You know how there’s a video where they do a scan of your face. It’s actually a screen showing an avatar version of your eyes based on what the eye tracking is doing on the inside of the-

Peter: They got you good, Pete.

Brady: That’s why-

Peter: Clip that, Peter.

Brady: That’s why there’s memes about how creepy it is. Because it’s a screen. It’s not actually you.

Garrett: And it knows what your eyes are going to do before your eyes do it, is the craziest part.

Peter: inaudible.

Garrett: Yeah, but it can do it before you do it. Because before your brain knows what it’s doing, your eyeball moves and the sensor can see that. So it can give you what you want before you know you want it. Because we have physical leading indicators from what our mental processing is doing. Isn’t that wild?

Brady: Does it require, what’s Elon’s thing?

Garrett: Neuralink.

Brady: Neuralink.

Garrett: No, we haven’t got there yet. So what I love about Apple though, compared to our boy Zuck, is they’re so good in marketing. There’s just-

Brady: Made me think it was see- through.

Garrett: Yeah, I didn’t know it wasn’t. But I didn’t know anything. So if you scroll. There we go. Little more. Whoa. Whoa, Scarlet.

Brady: What if we scroll really slowly, apparently.

Garrett: I mean, that’s pretty cool to have all your apps right there, too.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: And you just put it on. Okay, let’s keep going. So I could, so it’s making me imagine what it’s like. I loved this where it was like I could be doing my, that kind of stuff is so sick.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: And this is where the price point in my mind, it replaces other hardware like monitors.

Brady: Yeah, that’s true. I don’t know if you delete your monitors, but it could, yeah, to your point, it could replace, I guess. And then if we keep going. See? They’re just hard to beat when they do this kind of stuff, because they make it so sexy. The process of doing this tech feels innovative. You’re some type of digital explorer. You know what I mean, by buying it? So you get this and you keep going. Now this I thought was interesting about their marketing because you have to try to show this new world. Like, watch. That’s so cool to me.

Garrett: Now, I wonder what it’s actually like. Do you see the other stuff or do you just see the screen? I don’t know yet.

Brady: You could probably do both.

Garrett: Yeah.

Brady: If you have AR capabilities, you could technically replicate VR. Yeah, it’s so sick dude.

Garrett: So would you guys watch a movie like this? Because it feels lonely. I’m going to be honest about it. I think one of my core problems I have with the product is how lonely it feels.

Brady: Yes, I agree.

Garrett: Because to me it took something, like, popcorn by yourself on the couch with your headset on. Don’t wake me up when that happens.

Brady: Or you drop seven grand so you and your wife can each have one.

Garrett: Hey, you see what I’m saying?

Brady: Or I don’t know if it works like the shared headphones. If you just each have one eye?

Garrett: Do you get what I mean, though? To me it is a, I hate how lonely our world’s become.

Brady: Yeah, it’s like a hermit product. For the entertainment side, I guess.

Garrett: But you know how many people do get some popcorn and eat it by themselves and watch a movie? And that’s-

Brady: Yeah. Just time spent in your room.

Garrett: So sad. So I think it’s really special, but I think at the same time it keeps fast- forwarding the negative consequences of psychology on our humanity. Because it gets us deeper and deeper to this idea of selfishness, I guess to a certain point. Because in this case, you’re the only one experiencing it. No one else is watching it with you.

Brady: Yeah. But if you, it’s like gaming, right? I’m pretty spread out from my friend group. But if we hop on a game, like we’re hanging out talking to each other. So if you’re friends, let’s say you’re in college, you’re spread out-

Garrett: Long-distance relationship.

Brady: And happen to have a ton of money. You could be next to your friend’s avatar and look over and talk to them while you’re both watching the same movie.

Garrett: $3, 500 though for a product only you experience is an interesting viewpoint. Because it’s a hard one. Like, you watch it, take it off my head, put it on your head. But then if it’s fully integrated with my phone, it doesn’t seem like it’s that shareable. So I was trying to think about that, the different angles of the product. So this whole premise is, it’s a fully immersive experience of your other, of your iCloud essentially. That’s what it is. It’s an immersive iCloud. Then I don’t really like when people watch things on my phone. I wouldn’t mind if people watch things on my Oculus because they’re playing games. So using my video game system, no problem sharing. Sharing my phone with everybody, it’s a little weird. So it’s a very personal product.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: It’s very private.

Brady: Yeah, yeah. I get what you’re saying.

Garrett: Because I don’t think anybody thought about that. But it’s the way I kind of think about this stuff lately.

Brady: No, he wants me to watch this YouTube video, but let me go to his photos.

Garrett: Yeah. You see what I’m saying? And now you’ve got-

Brady: Let me check those texts.

Garrett: That’s kind of my point. And so now you have this human issue of privacy and stuff, which Apple’s ironically, I think, leading the charge of pretending to care about it. I don’t know.

Brady: Yeah. It could be multiple profiles though. Yeah, like a Netflix login where you set up your guest one with all your games. You have your own personal. Your wife has one. There’s a kid’s one.

Garrett: But I guess that’s always with Apple products is you do have to buy more than one, or you’re going to have to buy the accessories. You’re going to have to buy all sorts of stuff. They’re going to make some serious dough on this thing. But that was one part. Let’s keep going. I agree. I’ve never seen anything like this part. It’s pretty cool. The product, I mean Apple’s so good at this.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: They’re just so good at this. So I’ve tried to buy the Bose ones, because I like to think of myself as not an actual audiophile, but I like sound and music. So I tried to get rid of the AirPods. Because I thought Bose is just better at audio. They didn’t auto- sync when I took him out of the case. They didn’t deliver that fully integrated experience and the audio wasn’t frankly better. And then the design frankly wasn’t better. They didn’t fit as well in my ear, and then they didn’t give me that immersive integrative experience. I think what Apple does so well is, not only is there, I think for Christmas, one of these years, I got you the over your ear headphones, right?

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: How nice are those?

Brady: Very nice.

Garrett: They feel nice. They have that luxurious, there’s this tactile feel that Apple does with their products where I bet you if you touched that little off- white rubber section right there, it would feel phenomenal in your hand. They just do this little thing where it’s like their products are just better

Brady: And they make them look good, too.

Garrett: I know. Like somehow that doesn’t look-

Brady: They got the nice balance.

Garrett: That thing looks sexy and hot. It doesn’t look kiddy and toyish.

Brady: Yeah. Because the AirPod Max is what, something I thought through with those is, they don’t have a pad on the top of the head. But the way the padding works on the ears is it kind of takes just enough weight off for you not to really feel the harder material that’s on the top.

Garrett: Or when they had that little cushion thing with the way they designed it, and it kind of just fits there.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: But I flew all the way to Australia with those and my ears never got sore. The ear pod stuff, I get pretty sore pretty quick if I keep him in too long.

Brady: Same.

Garrett: Let’s keep going. Early next year. I mean, talk about giving yourself some time. Think about how this… Clients, I love every one of you. It’s June. Apple launched their product to promote it almost a year in advance. That’s all. Just a note. If you’re going to invest a lot of money into a product promoting it for a year. I know it’d make my life a lot easier if our clients had been promoting things for a year to the market, and then we were supposed to show up and advertise it.

Brady: It is interesting how they chose, obviously they’re skipping the holiday season with the actual launch.

Garrett: Yeah, that’s crazy to me.

Brady: I think they know this is a net new category. So they’re probably aiming for Christmas 2024.

Garrett: Yeah.

Brady: Because they know how much time it’s going to take for the market to really-

Garrett: That’s a really good point. Yeah, they’re not even trying to get it out before Christmas. They’re literally… Next Christmas.

Brady: I think they’re strategically getting it out for 2024.

Garrett: Because the early adopters will get it. Hopefully they’ll talk to everybody and-

Brady: Then the content out there, people jealous of it.

Garrett: Then they’ll get it the following. I mean, that’s what I’m talking about though. That long- sightedness is something I’m truly learning to appreciate about large established corporations like Apple. Where I think a lot of people like to talk crap. Oh, they’re dinosaurs. They’re super slow. What have they ever done? This is pretty transformative. This is pretty revolutionary. And that product, like this vision for work, I unfortunately don’t think we’re that far away with how, I think the work product is a lot closer than the play product. And that’s why I liked it for Apple. I think the Oculus use case is a lot further away of a world where we’re all somehow stuck in our own computers on our heads. I think it’s further away than the fact that everyone in the world is working remotely right now. And this is a more immersive way to work.

Brady: And I could see myself, he has that digital keyboard floating up there. If I could use my physical keyboard, physical mouse, yet throw up these screens.

Garrett: That’d be pretty dope.

Brady: That’d be awesome.

Garrett: I know. And so just thinking about it gets me even excited from a work standpoint. And I’m sure I’ll buy this at some point. Because that part’s exciting. Now if you keep going, entertainment’s fine. I thought… This part, Meyer liked.. I showed it to Meyer and she was like, oh. So I think the photos and the videos and this kind of stuff is also pretty dope from an experience standpoint. But how often can you do this? So that’s where I always had a hard time with these novelty products is it’s like okay you do this once, you go through all your photos once and then what?

Brady: Yeah and how different is it from me looking at memories on my phone.

Garrett: Correct. I’m sure it’s fairly different, but how often do we do that? I don’t know if people are going to put this thing on every night to do that. And you can only do it by yourself. To me it’s a little rude. Now this is where I thought it was a little crazy.

Brady: Yeah. But do they see them? That’s what, with the goggles on?

Garrett: That’s what I couldn’t figure out, fam. So that’s where I got lost on this whole thing. Is like, is that, are they wearing their goggles too? Peter? Break this down for us technologically. I feel like I, you know this.

Peter: So what they see is actually going to be that digital avatar that you do like a face scan of. I don’t know if it’s going to show at some other point on the page. So they’re just using a regular zoom camera kind of thing.

Garrett: So they’re on a normal camera, and you’re on your special one?

Peter: You’re on your special one. And what they see is a digital avatar.

Garrett: See how we dehumanize? That’s the part I don’t like, is that dehumanization part. I feel like there one day though they’re going to be able to perfectly recreate our faces like that. And it’ll look like we’re talking even though we have the headsets on.

Brady: I think we’re already there. Yeah.

Garrett: So that’s not going to take long. What else we got on here Scarlet? That’s just crazy how well they market it.

Brady: Like the design by Apple. The light seal inaudible.

Garrett: Okay, what’s up with that cord? Can we talk about that?

Brady: I think it’s like a what, battery tap?

Garrett: Two hours of use?

Peter: For the battery. Because the battery-

Garrett: That doesn’t work.

Peter: It’s external.

Garrett: There’s a gap.

Brady: Yeah. They don’t really show the box too much. It’s like my frame TV I bought, I just thought I’d hang that baby on the wall and plug it in. No it runs off a five- inch by two- inch by four- inch box that I had to install into the wall.

Garrett: They left that part out, huh?

Brady: Yeah. It didn’t really show it too often on their marketing.

Garrett: Yeah, they haven’t talked about the two hours of use part. That’s not enough.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: But because you kind of have this promise of mobility.

Brady: Work- wise, it’s fine. And like you’re not going outside and walking around with this thing on. I don’t think it’s that bad.

Garrett: I know, but I feel like it promises mobility, but two hours of battery use doesn’t deliver.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: You don’t see it that way?

Brady: No. Only because my laptop battery’s been shot for a while now.

Garrett: It doesn’t matter.

Brady: And it’s never a pain point. Just because of how I use my laptop.

Garrett: Understood.

Brady: And I feel like this is similar to laptop usage.

Garrett: That cord on my shoulder would annoy me, though. That thing hitting my ear. I do think it would annoy you more than you you think right now. Because you don’t, it’s not like your cord is hanging over your back.

Brady: Yeah. Especially when you get up and run with it on an accident. Just do anything. You trip or something.

Garrett: I don’t know. I feel like that’s a little weird. What else do we got, scarlet? Sick product shots. Cool. We already know it’s going to be flawless.

Brady: Yeah. I want to see the one where they show all the tech.

Garrett: Flawless spatial operating system. They’ve already been using the word spatial and all their music and all this other stuff. I love that word for them. That’s going to be great with integrating it, leaps into life. Now one of the things they haven’t shown is like, Superhuman. Let’s say that I use for email Chrome, I use for browser. Are we going to be able to use other people’s tools? Because I don’t really use the whole app ecosystem from Apple.

Brady: Yeah. I think you have to be pretty integrated with their apps.

Garrett: Yeah, I wonder about that. The audio on the side. I’m sure it’s fire in there. Eye tracking. I mean dude, this thing has it all. Sensor array. The new chips is going to give them an edge. I mean the whole thing’s pretty amazing. Now can we go back to Meta Quest real quick?

Brady: I like that visual where the lady was talking to her partner it looked like, and she had them on. So they’re selling that it’s not rude to keep the headset on while talking to people.

Garrett: They say that you see better when you’re with the headset.

Brady: Exactly. Yeah. Just like you hear better with AirPods, on transparency. It’s probably true.

Garrett: Brady’s going to be going up to the lady. Lindsay, baby. Baby, I see you better with these on.

Brady: You saw me on the airplane when people would come if I wanted peanuts or whatever. I know they don’t do peanuts these days but I just, transparent mode. Oh, yeah. I’ll take a ginger ale please.

Garrett: Not even a pull of the ear.

Brady: No. If I take it out, it’s so loud in there. I’m like what?

Garrett: Brady literally still has not let up this bit that he hears better with his AirPods in.

Brady: So true.

Garrett: It’s the greatest.

Brady: Anyway, it was interesting. They were marketing that. They were marketing. They were like, hey you don’t have to take them off to talk to your family. Keep them on.

Garrett: You do have to model out the human behavior that you’re trying to change.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: I think that’s nutty behavior. But it’s good marketing.

Brady: It’s what we’re going for.

Garrett: Yep. Now look at this. Conversely, if we scroll a little bit on this page, can we see it?

Brady: They got the MBA partnership.

Garrett: I still haven’t been able to experience the product.

Peter: Yeah. I’d love to do the court side.

Brady: 360 cameras would be cool.

Garrett: Well just show me what it’s like to use your product, right? Conversely, the other one the whole time I felt like I had the product on. It was an immersive marketing experience. Did you feel that way at all, Scarlet?

Scarlet: For Apple?

Garrett: Yeah.

Scarlet: Yeah. I think it’s super cool.

Garrett: Would you buy one?

Scarlet: No.

Garrett: Why? Explain it.

Scarlet: I wouldn’t buy it because I just feel like that human connection. Sometimes this stuff scares me a little bit. And it’s just another thing for people to not have to get up and do something. I feel like it’s for the lazy people.

Garrett: Well the nerds run the world now. They all got rich and built these tech companies, and now they tell us how we’re supposed to live. That’s how it goes, right?

Scarlet: Yeah. We’re going to see people instead of walking with their AirPods, people are going to be walking with these huge toggles and we’re returning into robots.

Brady: What if they don’t have to make robots? What if they just make us into robots?

Garrett: And so no, I do feel you on that. Now, would you ever buy this thing?

Scarlet: Not for the price point.

Garrett: For the 300 bucks?

Scarlet: Oh, this. No. I have no interest in any-

Garrett: This doesn’t even. But this is what you hate about this, right? Compared to Apple’s trying to make it cool. I feel like Meta’s version of it is everything that we’re scared of. The metaverse, we’d all live digitally online.

Scarlet: I would choose Apple over this if they were at the same price point.

Garrett: Would you still choose Apple over this at the current price points?

Scarlet: No.

Garrett: You’d still, you’d do this one.

Scarlet: Yeah. Just to see.

Garrett: Okay.

Brady: If they had a T Swift partnership Eras tour front row for only 300 bucks, and you could virtually be there?

Scarlet: By myself?

Garrett: See, that’s where it makes it weird. That’s kind of the thing is part of, we talked about last week, part of the T Swift experience is that you’re in a stadium full of raging fans all singing together. In this case, I guess they can make it immersively feel like that.

Brady: But it is what it is, baby.

Garrett: If we just all live in our headsets, it’s a weird world. Now if you go to the top, do they do any marketing for this? That just makes sense. No. They never show us what they’re seeing.

Brady: That guy’s in a follow- through on a golf swing. That’s kind of getting me.

Garrett: Yeah, but what’s he seeing? What are the graphics of what he’s seeing? What game is he playing? I don’t know why I’d buy this product. And that’s why I never have.

Brady: Yeah, it’s a pretty weak product page.

Garrett: Compared to the Apple page we just watched.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: No. Nobody’s better than Apple.

Brady: Their product pages are always phenomenal.

Garrett: They’re the best in the world every time. But still, if you’re Meta, there’s no way Mark was surprised. He knew they were launching his product. They have, these guys are better at spying than countries are. So let’s not pretend like Meta didn’t know it was coming. I’m just surprised they didn’t address anything. You know what I mean? It just seems like their playbook’s been the same, and it hasn’t worked. And I do think people are going to spend the$3, 500. And I do think Apple’s going to win. And I think Apple’s going to keep on Appling. Because they don’t ever move first. That’s what I’m so impressed with of Apple, is their ability to win despite being last at everything they do.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: It’s part of their playbook is, they let everybody else test things, figure them out and then they just do it better. Regardless of price.

Brady: I guess they didn’t, did they move first on the iPhone? Like that generation of touchscreen phones or… I feel like it went from blackberry pearls to iPhones or Sidekicks.

Garrett: Well, they’re doing something different. I’m sure there’s people like this back then who weren’t that successful and then they came along after. Does that make sense?

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: Because I don’t think that history will remember the Meta Quest. I think they’ll be like, wow, Apple was the first one to come up with…

Brady: These headsets everyone wore.

Garrett: Correct. Because they’re that powerful of a brand. And I think they understand us as consumers. I think when we find out it’s 300 bucks, we don’t want it. When we find out it’s 3, 500, we want it because we can’t afford it. I think they’re masters of manipulation, of getting us to buy things we don’t technically need. And boy oh boy, do we do it. We don’t need our tablets, if we’re being honest. Our laptops are just fine.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: But we all have tablets. Who here has an iPad they rarely use? Anyone. No, just me?

Brady: You’re the only one with one.

Garrett: Dang. I still rarely use mine. I do when I travel.

Brady: Because I knew I would never use it.

Garrett: Yeah, I use mine when I travel. I only bought it for the airplanes. Because I have those tiny little, I still fly Spirit and stuff like that. Frontier. So you have those tiny little trays. You put your little.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: I can’t fit my laptop on it.

Brady: Do you have the keyboard on it?

Garrett: Yeah, I got that.

Brady: So you have to put it away on takeoff?

Garrett: Don’t you. You just want to get me hot for the show.

Brady: No, no, no.

Garrett: Dude. Okay. I’m going to just, okay. You know what, we’re going to talk about it. When you’re going on a flight these days? They come by, the lady just says, excuse me sir, we’re going to need you to unplug your charger. Why? And I ask her and she says, because we need you to unplug your charger. And I said no, I have no problem doing it. But can you explain why? And then she just walks away. And then-

Brady: The charger thing I’m fine with. I think the keyboard one’s funny.

Garrett: Why? What’s not nuts?

Brady: I don’t know. There’s probably a reason for it.

Garrett: Then why can’t they tell me?

Brady: Because they probably don’t know the reason.

Garrett: This is so… Oh, you want to know what drives me nuts as a human is like a rule that makes no sense and nobody knows. We’re all just like sheep abiding by it.

Brady: Probably like power surge during takeoff could blow up your device. She’s helping you. That is not true.

Garrett: And then the other one is, they would be, sir, we’re going to need you to remove the iPad screen from the iPad keyboard during takeoff. But you can still watch.

Brady: Well, they first tell you to put it away because it has a keyboard. Right?

Garrett: She said, you have two options. You can either put it away or remove the screen from the keyboard during takeoff. Once again I said, can you explain why? And then she said, I’m going to need you to either put away your iPad or remove… Like they won’t tell me why on anything. And I’m over there literally in my own version of hell.

Brady: She might know why and chooses not to tell you.

Garrett: Can we find out right now, Scarlet? Can we at least just take a moment? Because I can’t, there’s got to be somewhere else in the world-

Brady: You can’t have keys flying all over the plane during takeoff.

Garrett: Page-

Brady: Yeah. Page 3.

Garrett: 2017, this has been going on. iPad use three. I had to take my iPad out of the keyboard case if I wanted to use it during takeoff and landing. They’ve been doing this, guys, for six years to people.

Brady: It’s poor training.

Garrett: No, they do. They do have a problem now with charging phones, too. What’s the point, though? I know they could just turn off the outlets too when they take off. Does anyone tell you why? UA safety? It’s not in effect, but what does it mean? Oh, because if there was an emergency, they don’t anyone tripping on the cables.

Brady: Fair.

Garrett: Really?

Brady: Plane’s on fire. I’m trapped in because your iPad’s charging?

Garrett: How?

Brady: No, it sucks.

Garrett: What are we doing here anymore, as people?

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: What are we doing?

Brady: I mean, I’m trying to think.

Garrett: Oh, it’s everything I hate about the world.

Brady: I think laptops might be too big during takeoff and so they made the policy of anything with a keyboard. Not thinking like, iPads technically have keyboards.

Garrett: And we had some innovation. They never updated with the policy,

Brady: But they’re so very straightforward. It’s a keyboard. Can’t have it.

Garrett: Got to go. Blackberry out of here. Well, all right. I’m glad we got to amuse me. Any final thoughts on the AR- VR war that’s going on, Brady?

Brady: Like you said, I don’t think it’s much of a war.

Garrett: Yeah.

Brady: I’m just excited to see how it pans out.

Garrett: I am, too.

Brady: I think they’re very smart with the early next year release. I think if they launched in September expecting holiday sales, they would tank and then the media would be all over it.

Garrett: Forecast misses. So I think stock market-

Brady: They already know it’s going to take some time. I’m excited to experience one. It’s my, not concerns, but will it be as magical and seamless and smooth as they advertise? Mostly with the hand motions and controls?

Garrett: But they have distribution. We didn’t think about that. We can go to any Apple Store in the world and try one of these out. You can’t go to a Meta store. Where are you going to put on that Oculus and test it all out? This product, I can guarantee you when it launches, there’s going to be lines at the Apple Store of people wanting to try it out. Because if I could try this out and it really did change my world, I’d be like, all right, I’ll do this.

Brady: It’ll be interesting to see how they cycle people through the store for it. Because it’s very different than-

Garrett: Any other product.

Brady: Any other product. It’s a net new category.

Garrett: It is a net new category. But when they bought Beats back in the day when I thought one of the cool things about that was we could all go to the store and try the headphones on. And that was a big part of them selling that kind of product. This is the definition of, I ain’t dropping$ 3, 500 on nothing if I can’t experience it.

Brady: They might do a credit check before you try it.

Garrett: See if I’m qualified?

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: If have enough ability to finance it.

Brady: You got to go through Experian first.

Garrett: And with their new Apple Card? This would be huge for Apple because everyone is going to finance this. I don’t think there’s going to be that many people who buy it outright. Because if you already financed their iPhones, this is three times as expensive.

Brady: Oh, yeah. It’ll definitely be financed.

Garrett: It’ll be financed. And then they’re going to make money selling a product to people that they can’t afford and don’t need, in every way imaginable. Fully integrated from the chip to the financing. Apple is fully vertically integrated. I mean, they are going to, if this works, it puts them over the top. I mean, AirPods is already a Top 10 tech company in the world if you isolated their P and L. If this works, it’ll be bigger than the AirPods.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: Because every home would have one. And at that price point, I mean, that’s an unreal amount of money. This could definitely put Apple in a whole new category, which is wild to say.

Brady: Yeah. Speaking of the credit card and the commerce side of things could be interesting. I’m just thinking of my wife wearing the headset. We’re going to a wedding.

Garrett: Yep.

Brady: We’ve been this weekend. It’s cocktail, so I’m now debating, do I wear my suit? Or do I try to put something together? I’m not going to wear my bandana. That was a Western theme.

Garrett: That was a one- time thing.

Brady: Yeah. Episode 40. Now we got all these throwbacks to the first ten episodes. But anyway, I could be in the room. Okay.

Garrett: “Brady, just stand there.” She has the goggles on. She’s on, I don’t know, whatever, express. com and could just be going through outfits that she could see on me. And then what? Blink twice, put in the cart? I don’t know. But just the shopping side of AR could be, because everyone’s trying to do it. That’s like Snapchat AR. They’re all trying to integrate their products into AR filters. And it’s like Warby Parker with the facial recognition, putting the glasses on you. This could be next level. Even looking in a mirror, I don’t know how that could, standing in a mirror with these on, seeing yourself in the outfits you’re shopping through.

Brady: Imagine if your butt was bigger. Your boobs are bigger.

Garrett: Plastic surgeons having their own apps.

Brady: Well, that’s not… The use cases of how they’re going to integrate this to our life could be pretty nuts. You go to the plastic surgeon’s office and they’re like, what about like this? What about like that? What if your nose was like this or your breasts were like this? Whatever it is. There’s a billion use cases for things like this that are coming. And it doesn’t matter if I don’t like it.

Garrett: Yeah. You can advertise those things though. When I was in the medical skincare space, there’s all these Google regulations and ethics around advertising body changes.

Brady: Which I think is healthy. I mean, we don’t need more people feeling insecure about their bodies, but this is going to change a lot. This technology, you combine this with AI.

Garrett: We’re in for a whirlwind of being old people trying to figure out what our kids are doing, man.

Brady: Yeah. We’re in for-

Garrett: I’m hoping six, though. I hope within the next two years. I want one.

Brady: Really?

Garrett: Yeah. I think it’d be cool. It’s just such a big exciting new product category. Because that’s what I thought about the Oculus.

Brady: I want to throw it in the ocean and just get out on my boat. You know what I mean? But I feel you. It’s-

Garrett: Or you could just put that thing to the side and just pull the line out. Hook it if you want. Pull a line out and unhook it.

Brady: Yep.

Garrett: But no, it was my thought with the Oculus, I wanted to want the Oculus. It was a new category to me. I knew they had virtual golf stuff. I was really into it, but it just never got to the point where I wanted one. I tried one out. I hit Top Golf app. It was cool. I think it’s the$ 300 price point that got them in trouble.

Brady: But I didn’t want one.

Garrett: They weren’t Apple.

Brady: $3, 500, dude.

Garrett: Now are they doing the Elon playbook? Can I pre- order it? Can we check that out real quick, Scarlet? If we go up a little bit? I think, yeah. How does this, is that it? That’s our CTA? Okay. Go to Tesla for me, will you, Scarlet? I want to show something. I think this is a little bit of a miss by now. So if I go to, let’s say, oh, they took it out of the car? They took it out, huh? Go to, what the heck? Where did the truck go? Cyber truck. It’s not on the menu.

Scarlet: It a different site.

Garrett: No, I just thought it, well, I don’t know. I pre- ordered one of these two years ago. But see how it’s ordered now? So watch, click that experience. Fully refundable order with card.

Brady: Consumer capital.

Garrett: Correct. I thought this would’ve been interesting for Apple to do, especially if they’re not launching until next year. I mean, they could have also got in a pretty good heat check on market demand, and I don’t think they’d have to release that data. So then it could help them with doing their forecasting. Because they’re going to have to do their forecasts. Essentially when this product launches they’ll do that forecast for that quarter and say how much revenue they think they’re going to make. And they’re all going to, they’re going to sandbag it. As they should, right? Because they shouldn’t overcommit. But I think if you had enough pre- orders, you could at least get some sentiment for market demand. And then price analysis.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: So I just thought that was interesting to me personally, was that they didn’t have a way to pre- order it. It was just like, ” notify me.”

Brady: Yeah. I’m surprised. I’m noticing-

Garrett: Because even their phones and other stuff, I can pre- order a lot of their new stuff. And they didn’t do a pre- order there.

Brady: But even to your point with a deposit.

Garrett: Correct.

Brady: Could have been smart.

Garrett: Yeah. So I thought that was a bit of a miss from them. I just wanted to point that out. I was like, oh, wonder what the CTA is, right? Because I have this structure for how I evaluate marketing. And the call to action/ value proposition was” Notify me.” And that’s a bit of a miss to me, in my opinion.

Brady: But yeah, it could be, another announcement will be like a pre- order.

Garrett: And this is the Vision Pro? So maybe vision is 17 8 99 or something like that. Because they usually only use Pro for like, it has-

Brady: Different generations.

Garrett: It has a nomenclature to it.

Brady: Maybe they will drop a vision.

Garrett: Yeah, I didn’t, correct, I didn’t know. But a lot of people have been leading with the Pro because more expensive and it’ll pay for the mass marketing of the vision. So a lot of times people have been leading with the more expensive product.

Brady: It might just need Pro for the price point.

Garrett: Correct. To create enough margin.

Brady: It ties with speed and-

Garrett: Yeah, exactly. And then they can reintroduce another version that’s a little bit more acceptable to the commercial. I think now there’s an iPhone SE I believe. Is that? Yeah. Can you go to Apple iPhone? Myra bought this one. She wanted this one. I was like, get the other one. I think she regrets it because the phone’s-

Brady: The one that repurposes the iPhone four case? The

Garrett: The SE. No, this one.

Brady: Okay. She likes that home button.

Garrett: Oh. No, she doesn’t have that one. Never mind. I think we looked at it though. I think we had it before. And I was like, we can’t just do this. Stop doing this to yourself. You should get the other one. But this is their same version of going down market, what, 10 years into the iPhone, 15 years into the iPhone, whatever it’s been. But it’s still running on that new chip and everything. But how much does this one cost? If you buy? From$ 479?

Brady: Yeah, $430.

Garrett: On 128 gigabytes. I mean, that is a mass market phone. That gives them something to compete with Android on to a certain extent.

Brady: Yeah. So pretty expensive.

Garrett: It is. With one camera? Come on. But you get Apple. You have blue text. You know what I mean? And that’s what’s so crazy, is that now everybody uses that Meta product. If they ever go to texting, it’s going to be a green text. Like that kind of stuff, I think, matters. And I think that integration that Apple has is so powerful that they can charge what they want and we all pay for it. So pretty wild to see and pretty cool. But it’s a wild world, man. We’re going through a lot of technological change on this podcast.

Brady: Could be watching us in AR this time next year. Soon. Oh, you and I are just doing the podcast. Oh, God.

Garrett: Who knows? Well, thanks everybody for tuning in. Episode 40. We’ve done it. Appreciate all y’all’s support. Like, subscribe, leave five stars. And see y’all next week.

Brady: See you next week.