Episode 9: Shock Marketing, Liquid Death and Making a Better Golf Experience

01:02:43 | July 1st, 2022

Episode Transcript

Garrett: Well, episode nine.

Brady: Episode nine.

Garrett: We are back in the studio.

Brady: I think we’re good. We got it down now. This is definitely episode nine. I would bet a couple bucks on it.

Garrett: I would bet much more. All the listeners praise episode 12. You guys have been off.

Brady: I think we’re good.

Garrett: What of it’s just a running bit that we don’t realize is a running bit? You know what I mean?

Brady: I mean that could be a thing. It could be our intro bit is we just raffle off a number.

Garrett: Yeah, just every time. No, I think it’s episode nine. What’d you do this week?

Brady: This week or this weekend?

Garrett: We normally record on Monday. We’re recording on Friday this time.

Brady: That’s true.

Garrett: It’s how committed we are to you all. We squeezed it in because Labor Day was Monday. We didn’t want to take off for the holiday though. And then Wednesday, I was out of town when we initially rescheduled. So, now it’s Friday. We’re getting it done. So, how was the weekend? Yeah, let’s talk about the weekend.

Brady: Yeah, weekend was good. Did some surfing.

Garrett: Whoa. Wait, Brady’s getting back in shape.

Brady: No, I went to Doheny.

Garrett: Okay. Never mind.

Brady: Too many people. It wasn’t that great.

Garrett: Where were you surfing at though?

Brady: Just by the jetty.

Garrett: Well, I know where, but what size? Because you don’t normally-

Brady: Oh, my wife’s sister has like this… It was a huge board for her. So, it was like the most foam I had, but it’s still like a five, 10, 135 liter board.

Garrett: That’s it.

Brady: So that didn’t work. And then my buddy who I surf with had my wave storm. He keeps at his house. So, I hopped on that and it worked.

Garrett: You need a little bigger than the wave storm though.

Brady: No, you totally do. There’s people way out there catching all the waves.

Garrett: I know and they come in. You might as well be kayaking when you’re trying to compete.

Brady: Yeah. There’s guys on foil boards now. That’s a thing out there.

Garrett: I’ve seen that. It’s cheating.

Brady: They are catching it.

Garrett: Then they ride them all the way back. I mean they can just ride wave after wave.

Brady: Yeah, they’re taking up all the real estate too.

Garrett: So how’d you feel about all that, Brady?

Brady: It was all right.

Garrett: That’s not fun.

Brady: My buddy’s like, ” Oh, I have a surprise for you in this chair.” So I’m thinking I’m getting a Coors Light.

Garrett: Yeah, a gift.

Brady: He brings out a Frisbee. So, we throw the Frisbee around and I step on this huge rock and just tear the ball of my foot open.

Garrett: Oh, it’s healing now?

Brady: No, no, no, but just a huge gash out of my foot.

Garrett: Did you pee on it?

Brady: No. That’s a stingray, but that buddy, funny story, he grew up in Ecuador.

Garrett: Okay. It’s Riley.

Brady: Yeah, it’s Riley. I mean you know who he is. He has no clue who this guy is.

Garrett: White guy grows up in Ecuador.

Brady: One of his stories is he was in middle school and they had a beach day. His teacher got stung by a stingray. Him and two of his classmates peed on her ankle.

Garrett: Wait. Time out. Time out. Time out.

Brady: I don’t know if it’s culture or what, but in his mind, it was normal.

Garrett: Wait a second. Did you all ever talk to him about this and be like, ” Bro-“

Brady: Every time I’m in shock.

Garrett: That teacher doesn’t love their job. I mean did the parents find out? There’s so many-

Brady: I think parents were there.

Garrett: I mean I would’ve peed on her leg instead of my child if I was the parent, right? If it was an emergency.

Brady: Even that, I don’t think peeing on a stingray sting is life or death. I think it’s helpful. I’m sure it works. I think it’s actually a thing.

Garrett: If you’re there with your kid, right, Brady? It’s like you and your kid and it’s like someone has to pee or else they die. I wouldn’t have my kid do the peeing.

Brady: I mean if it’s life or death, maybe.

Garrett: Yeah. Well, I’m just saying. I mean why else would you pee on somebody?

Brady: I don’t know. I’m just thinking the headlines if that went down here.

Garrett: Oh, you would go viral for that.

Brady: Oh, my gosh. Anyway, that’s my random… You had some connection there. So, it just popped in my head, but what a wild story.

Garrett: That is a wild story.

Brady: I still can’t really process it fully, but that happened. It apparently is normal.

Garrett: Shoutout to Riley. You made it to the pod, bro. Your greatest moment.

Brady: There’s my one story.

Garrett: This is your one story. Oh, man.

Brady: But no, it was fine. The foot’s fine. I was able to golf on it. So, I golfed on it.

Garrett: You acted like you lost a foot. You’re going to golf after?

Brady: Well it’s on the back of my foot, so I’m just sprinting everywhere-

Garrett: I was over here like feeling sorry for you.

Garrett: I’m like, “Do you

Garrett: get stitches?” You’re like, ” No. Oh, it’s still pretty bad.”

Brady: No. Getting the sand out of it sucked. I put my shower head on, just jet mode and went at it. So, that sucked.

Garrett: Bandaged it all up. Yeah.

Brady: Went to La Jolla. So, we were in close quarters.

Garrett: Your wife’s a nurse though. She can tell you if it needs stitches.

Brady: So no, not as helpful as you would’ve thought. There’s patient nurse and professional nurse. And then there’s like home nurse where it’s more like, ” Suck it up, you’re fine.”

Garrett: So you don’t get full nurse supportive attention. You get more like, ” Don’t be a baby.”

Brady: No, I mean she is incredible. So, she gives me a lot of support. With something like that, she’s pretty funny. When she’s sick or something happens, I think it’s a different diagnosis and remedy than if she was in her professional standard.

Garrett: That’s the same for us though. When you try to do your own marketing versus if you’re a consultant for someone, you know what I mean? It’s way easier to be the consultant than be the marketer for yourself.

Brady: Yeah. I mean the girl, she doesn’t drink water. She’s terrible at drinking water yet.

Garrett: That’s health number one.

Brady: She’s in control of IVs and hydration for her patients but for her herself, she is so bad at drinking water.

Garrett: We’re all bad at drinking water. It’s Cobbler Shoes.

Brady: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s not say all.

Garrett: I mean you’re only what, two sips in there, brother? Subscribe to the YouTube if you want to watch Brady’s water ability.

Brady: I’m 340 ounce Stanley’s deep today.

Garrett: Wait, really?

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: Do you just live in the bathroom?

Brady: Well, now I do. Well, I now have a Stanley, which is 40 ounces.

Garrett: Oh, geez.

Brady: That’s been dangerous, because it looks good at work. So, I drink it during meetings. Usually, I just have a glass from home.

Garrett: I see what you’re saying.

Brady: Yeah, it’s been bad. I might be a depends customer.

Garrett: You know how much more productive you can be?

Brady: I joked about that today or not today, but this week on a call. I might just have to strap on a diaper and go at it.

Garrett: Just get it all done.

Brady: I’m drinking this much water.

Garrett: I love it. I know. I’m like, ” I need to drink more water.” I’ve been telling that to my wife too because she’ll be telling me she doesn’t feel well. She’s lightheaded. It makes sense. How much water you drink today? None.

Brady: Yeah. 90% of the time I think I’m sick, I look back, I’m like, ” Well, I’ve been outside. It’s been hot. Because we’ve been driving around doing stuff, I haven’t had water.” Yeah, not for me but some. Yeah. But yeah, I catch myself and just be like, ” Oh, I only had one cup of water today and that is why I don’t feel good.”

Garrett: Yeah, that makes sense. I mean, what are you going to do? Yeah.

Brady: Went to San Diego. I saw you were down there for a minute.

Garrett: Literally a minute.

Brady: The heat wave got to you.

Garrett: Okay. So, it’s my birthday. I know, I know. I look so young for my age. Yeah, so I was down there. I went down there. I rented a Airbnb by Moonlight Beach in Encinitas.

Brady: Nice.

Garrett: That is a bungalow. Nothing nice.

Brady: Yeah, I love Encinitas.

Garrett: But check- in’s at 4: 00. I had a wedding on Friday so I wasn’t able to do the long weekend thing. So, I only had Saturday night, Sunday night. So, I had two nights, three days. I was like, ” I want to get a full day out of it.” So I wake up early, get the kids in the car, put everything in the truck, head down to the beach, hang out at Moonlight. It is hot as blazes. No wind, muggy, humid.

Brady: Oh, yeah. We’re having a weird wedding in La Jolla.

Garrett: It’s weird weather right now. So, it’s historic heat wave right now in these area. So, I’m down there, whatever. We hang out at the beach. I melt. I go surf for a while too.

Brady: Nice.

Garrett: I actually got inaudible. That was actually pretty good out there.

Brady: That’s the only shade you got that day.

Garrett: I know. It was for real. That’s all I was doing the whole thing. Go back to the house to check in, walk in. It’s an army of fans. There’s like 30 fans in this thing, Brady. I just want to understand that’s not how fans work. Fans are just circulating the crack hot air. So, you walk in and it’s maybe 10 degrees hotter than outside, like a legit 10.

Brady: Oh, my gosh. Because they don’t have AC in beach houses.

Garrett: No air conditioning. By the way, so I get everything there and I’m like, ” All right, let’s just go get food.” So I get to go food. None of the restaurants have AC. Now, I’m eating outside, but there’s no shade. The entire city is built for 72 in balmy.

Brady: Yeah. Overcast, San Diego’s known for marine layer.

Garrett: Yeah, no, not one cloud in sight. Not a breeze in sight. Mucky, nasty heat. No air conditioning anywhere. I just told my wife, I’m like, ” Baby, we’re going to wake up at 2: 00 in the morning. I’m going to be soaked through the bed. The kids aren’t going to be able to sleep. They’re going to be screaming all night. Let’s just go home.” I went back to my house. So, I have a pool and I just went in the pool and I was like, ” Yeah, now I feel like I’m back on vacation.” Airbnb didn’t give me a refund.

Brady: Wow.

Garrett: So I just ate it. I was in the house for approximately an hour and a half.

Brady: I mean with the kids, you have to. It was just me and Lindsay and we only did a half day in La Jolla.

Garrett: It’s miserable.

Brady: We had fun. We did the stuff we wanted to do and then we went home.

Garrett: It was miserable. So, that was my weekend. Could have been frankly better. And then on my birthday, we got still the three kids so we took care of the kids. It was just new birthday.

Brady: Got the three- day weekend.

Garrett: I had the three-day weekend in. Had some people over on Monday. So, it was nice. And then back at it. But today, talking to advertising jealousy, Brady.

Brady: Nice. I think we got some good ones. They’re similar in a sense.

Garrett: Are they?

Brady: I don’t know. You saw mine. I saw yours. I think there’s some overlap.

Garrett: Let’s start with yours today.

Brady: All right. So, mine, do you want to check out? You watched it, right?

Garrett: Yeah, I watched it. Why don’t you show us again though?

Brady: Cool. You pull it up.

Garrett: Pull up and is it on the podcast Slack channel?

Brady: Yup. I’ll watch it with you.

Garrett: Plug the TV.

Brady: Play at the same time.

Garrett: Riley, this is your time. You got to explain to the group what happened with the wall mounts on the TV, brother. They gave me the wrong anchors. Yeah. Yeah. So, we have a wall that’s honestly the soundproofing, Riley crushed it. The lighting crushed it. Backdrop, mics, everything’s good. We’re just missing the TV. So, we’re almost there. We got a nice little setup. I think next week, the studio will be complete. We’ll have the TV with the advertising jealousy pulled up on there. So, it’ll be a little easier. We’ll be looking at it like this in front of us. So, which one did you want to go with? Because you had two.

Brady: I know I had two. I want to go with the video. So, it’s a YouTube link.

Garrett: Then I didn’t see this one yet.

Brady: Oh, really?

Garrett: I actually have seen this one.

Brady: Looking at YouTube, it’s from 2020 but I actually found it on Instagram.

Speaker 3: Size does not matter.

Brady: I haven’t memorized. So, you can just watch it. Let’s start with volume on, right.

Speaker 3: It’s big already. It’s messy too and expensive. Why? Lots of plastic, lots of water, shipped all over the country from factory to warehouse to retailer. That’s what you’re paying for. It’s a dinosaur. We all know dinosaurs are extinct. Meet our imitators. This is your average detergent pot. It is 20 plus chemicals with names nobody can pronounce. Nice colors. I hope they don’t stain. I know color doesn’t clean, but would you take a bath in either of these? No way. That’s why we develop Drops. Drops is dye free, NPE free, phosphate free, animal cruelty free. So, free, it’s freaking awesome. We make Drops with only six safe ingredients certified by the EPA.

Garrett: I can’t stop it.

Brady: It’s a unit.

Speaker 3: Doing a laundry with Drops is hard to fuck up. One drop equals one load. Now can we talk about my package?

Brady: He almost cracked right there.

Garrett: He did.

Speaker 3: Manufacturing Drops ourselves and distributing directly helps us cut out the middleman and reduce transportation calls. Hello? What are you saying? The cleanest close at the lowest price? Damn right, it’s a great deal. Thanks for calling. Shipping is always free. You choose the product and plan that’s right for you and we’ll drop Drops at your door. The naked truth is that Drops makes laundry better and life easier. Every drops counts. Saving money, plastic, water, and time. So, go to drops. com.

Brady: It’s pretty good. I like it. I like it. So, it was cool because you just watch on your phone. I’m sitting over here. It was nice to only listen to the audio because one of your first points was it’s good copy. I think the copy’s great throughout it.

Garrett: It’s got the sexual innuendos but in a way that isn’t sexual.

Brady: That’s the thing.

Garrett: No offense to the dude but he’s the perfect-

Brady: There’s a market out. I’m sure there’s a market, but I know what you’re saying.

Garrett: He’s the perfect person to deliver it, because it doesn’t come across sexual.

Brady: I’m sorry but I do think it falls under the category of Sex Cells, because even though maybe the percentage of people… It’s not like a whole Carl Jr. Sex Cells where there might be a higher percentage of people attractive.

Garrett: Beautiful one.

Brady: But it’s still this dude naked in a tub. So, I still think it falls inside the category.

Garrett: It does. It’s like shock marketing with a sexual angle.

Brady: But the reason why I liked it is and I think even in the YouTube comments, you can scroll down and see it, but on Instagram as well, people love the ad. So, people were like, “Oh, my gosh. Marketing that I actually enjoyed.”

Garrett: Genuinely not a fan of business owners doing their own commercials, but this guy obviously doesn’t take himself too seriously. A trait that’s not enough of these days. Love the Drops. They work well and lugging those heavy bottles home from the store is a PITA.

Brady: Pain in the ass?

Garrett: That’s my age on the acronyms. Yeah. Geez. I text full words still, Brady. When I was in high school, someone put HAGS in my yearbook and thought that it was hugs. They just misspell hugs.

Brady: So, you just go up and grab them. They’re like, ” What are you doing?”

Garrett: No, that’s be awkward, but I didn’t know what it was. I just couldn’t understand this message. I figure out later is have a great summer. I didn’t know that. I’m not good with acronyms.

Brady: Apparently. Wow. Just hit me up.

Garrett: I love the ad though. The part I like was obviously the copy, but I thought he also did a good job of comparing and contrasting against the competition, which we’re going to talk about in my version of it as well. But his was a direct competitor in the sense. The one I’m going to show does a job of I think even more clever job of framing your product, because you frame it against things it’s not framed against. So, it’s apples and oranges. He did apples and apples but he’s a better apple, but I still thought it was brilliant.

Brady: Yeah, I think he mastered the entertainment side and so he gets you to watch it from A to Z. But along the way, the copy is actually very strategic. At the end, he gets into the suit and he has the… I think it’s 500, 000 unit or something.

Garrett: Fifty million units sold it said and something like that.

Brady: Yeah. He has a social proof there. I think that’s so smart for his product because he’s disrupting a routine. Everyone does their laundry. Everyone currently has a solution. That was not a pun, but yeah, they have their laundry solution.

Garrett: And detergent.

Brady: Yeah, he disrupts that. He gets you to watch the video. He has better pricing.

Garrett: I think the best part from a production standpoint was when she put the cell phone in front of him and he did the sales pitch.

Brady: Yeah. Well, it was like a review, right? It was a customer calling in for a good review.

Garrett: Wait, what are you saying? It’s the cleanest and cheapest you’ve ever had?

Brady: That’s entertainment and social proof. So, he’s covering all of the best practices of a good ad, but doing it in a very entertaining, creative way where I think some people, when we talked about the car insurance commercials, they lean way too far into entertainment. They miss the value props.

Garrett: No, he crushed the value prop. I thought, to me, it felt like a really good reenactment and version of Dollar Shave Club when they do something similar.

Brady: Yeah, The Squash. I think that soap company.

Garrett: Oh, Sasquatch?

Brady: Sasquatch. Yeah.

Garrett: Yeah, they’ve done that, but it’s like a founder. So, I know it’s the guy who did Dollar Shave Club did the ads in the beginning too. Cheap ads, but just viral, hilarious, play well, sell your product well. I mean that’s some of the best ads I’ve seen. So, no, that is definitely some advertising jealousy.

Brady: Yeah, I’m jealous of it just because it’s a consumable, right? He gets people on subscriptions.

Garrett: So do we.

Brady: Yeah, I know.

Garrett: I’m always jealousy, you know what I mean? I’m like, ” Man, we can do stuff clever like that too,” even in B2B for our clients. You know what I mean? Now, you need the right client. The client has to want to be down. I think it does actually come better when it comes from the founder if the founder’s as good as that. If you’re not as good as that, he’s pretty good on camera. He’s a good actor.

Brady: Oh, yeah.

Garrett: He’s very talented. So, you can’t take that away from him. But if you’re good like that, I mean that was a good ad. Genuinely good ad.

Brady: Yeah. And then like I said, the comments is what got me to bring it up today. That was my favorite part was actually reading the feedback from the market, where if you go to an ad on Instagram and usually they have comments turned off.

Garrett: It’s blood bath.

Brady: But if they don’t have it turned off, it is a blood bath.

Garrett: I love it.

Brady: I mean it was so good. I was like, ” Does he really pay this many people to leave these comments?” But I don’t think that’s the case.

Garrett: He isn’t paying for those comments.

Brady: I don’t think it’s the case. They were legit comments. He even had people with the verify check mark just loving the ad. So, I definitely wanted to give it kudos.

Garrett: Yeah, well played, Brady. Well played. I agree. That one was awesome. I’m going to pull mine up real quick for us here. So, mine is Liquid Death Mountain Water, which is the fact that-

Brady: So do you know what Liquid Death is? Is it just Spring Mountain Water?

Garrett: It’s like the whole industry.

Brady: I’ve never had it.

Garrett: Okay. Well, I’ve never had it, but it’s the whole industry.

Brady: Riley, have you had Liquid Death?

Riley: No, I hate it.

Brady: What is it?

Riley: Poorly bad tasting water.

Brady: Is it sparkling?

Riley: No, it’s just normal water.

Garrett: That’s what I’m trying to say. That’s why I love this industry. All water’s the same. I’ve got an Arrowhead. What do you got?

Brady: Spring Water by Sprouts.

Garrett: The only reason people buy water is whichever one is most convenient for them to throw in their grocery cart. I would say people have types the like. I see each family has a type that they get.

Brady: Yeah, I’m an Arrowhead family.

Garrett: I do Arrowhead too, as you can see. But if someone puts a smart water in front of me, that’s what I mean.

Brady: I’m going to feel like a genius.

Garrett: Yeah. What’s the premium? So the reason I like water, it’s the ultimate branding play. What’s different between your water and my water? Well, Liquid Death puts it in a cool can.

Brady: Yeah, it looks like an energy drink.

Garrett: But it’s water.

Brady: Riley, any energy benefits or it’s legit just water?

Garrett: Well, this one’s Liquid Death flavored sparkling water.

Brady: Okay, I mean that makes sense for them to expand into flavors. Just like that Drops company, he talks about not having any fragrance to it. Makes sense. And then I went to the site and now they’re doing lavender scented.

Garrett: Okay. So, you like their social thing too. So, this guy Ricky Nelson, I think they just create fake accounts. Let’s see. Yeah, it doesn’t have much. Maybe it’s not, but they say, ” Liquid Death is the best water on earth. Before I started using liquid death, I was thirsty and illiterate, but now I’m not either of those things. I’m also immortal now. I definitely did not give Liquid Death my password so they could tweet this.” So, it’s a bunch of just tweets. If you were offered$ 100 million and all you had to do is not look at your cell phone for 30 seconds, they just have these-

Brady: Yeah, there’s like the promotion spam stuff.

Garrett: I think they actually do a pretty clever job being like a water brand and their hashtag’s Murder Your Thirst, Death to Plastic. They’re aluminum, not plastic. So, there’s some angles and they’re a lifestyle. They made water a lifestyle brand. What did the last people do with the water? They made it a cardboard, like the milk parts? Remember those people?

Brady: And then there’s like that black water.

Garrett: Yeah. So, here you watch the ad. You watch the ad. Tell me what you think.

Brady: I’ve definitely seen it on Reddit.

Speaker 5: A blind taste test. Liquid Death flavors versus the most expensive beverages on earth. $ 1. 99 Liquid Death flavored sparkling water.

Speaker 6: I like that.

Speaker 5: $50 lobster bearnaise sauce. $ 58 Spanish squid ink. $ 580 beluga caviar.

Speaker 7: That’s disgusting.

Speaker 8: Do you need the bucket?

Speaker 7: Yeah, I don’t even like normal caviar.

Speaker 5: $51 gourmet wagyu cheeseburger.

Speaker 9: Oh, man, do not make me try again.

Speaker 10: This is much better. It tastes way better.

Speaker 11: Yes. I love this one.

Speaker 12: I hated B. I hate it.

Speaker 13: No, no, that’s B again.

Speaker 5: Better than the most expensive beverages on earth, starting at$ 1. 99. Blindfold your friends. See what they prefer. Murder your thirst.

Speaker 13: Which do you prefer?

Speaker 12: That one!

Brady: I like it. I like the energy of the lady just in the first clip. Just turns around. Fuck you.

Garrett: She’s pissed. She’s not happy about this at all.

Brady: I mean like you said, their comparison is extreme. No one would actually drink-

Garrett: That’s why I love it though.

Brady: …those other drinks. But it’s funny, the pricing that is tied to-

Garrett: Correct. So, they take apples and pineapples and they’re like, ” Does the pineapple take like an apple?” You’re like, ” No, it tastes like…” It’s not even fruit. They’re like pineapple versus brick.

Brady: Even the squid ink. I had squid ink in a scallop dish in Mexico and I was like, ” I get why you can now price it high, but-“

Garrett: Not necessarily delicious.

Brady: “…I’d rather just have my scallops nice and seared with some lemon.”

Garrett: Oh, yeah. Caper butter sauce.

Brady: But drinking that stuff, I couldn’t imagine.

Garrett: No, that’s not fun. But I think they did a couple things I love about the ad beyond just that. I love the microphone coming down. So, I like the framing on the white background. I thought that’s really, really clever.

Brady: Low budget production but strategically. Right.

Garrett: Yeah. I love that. I like that they blindfolded them, because it did the blind taste test. But your competitor was obviously trash so it’s hilarious. I really like that they used the social media voiceover thing and not a real voiceover.

Brady: I thought that was smart too.

Garrett: I thought that was brilliant. And then I liked the hook at the end where they said try it with friends because they were hopefully trying to see if they could get a trend to go within and get some UGC. So, I don’t know. I thought it was overall a world class ad. Not just from its production and its execution, but I thought it was exceptionally creative in the sense that… I mean everyone else would’ve done it like Liquid Death for smart water, Liquid Death versus Dasani. By the way, can we all agree Dasani is the worst water? Have you ever tried Dasani?

Brady: I mean I’ll drink it all. Yeah, I’ve gotten Dasani, Disneyland water, right? Isn’t that the theme park bottle is Dasani?

Garrett: It tastes like Wild Rivers water. The actual water of Wild Rivers in your drink.

Brady: I’m fine with it.

Garrett: Really?

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: I’m like fine with all water except Dasani.

Brady: It’s probably got more minerals. Better for your gut health.

Garrett: You think?

Brady: Yeah. That’s a thing.

Garrett: Wait, no.

Brady: Yeah, there’s doctors in Japan who say they overfilter their water and it messes with their microbiome system because it’s too pure and clean. That’s a whole other conversation.

Garrett: That is a whole other conversation.

Brady: But I like the ad. I do agree. I mean a part of me says like, ” Oh, no one would drink wagyu ground beef. So, what’s the point?” But what it does is that’s what makes the entertainment.

Garrett: Correct.

Brady: Even if people think Liquid Death is better than Dasani, the reaction would be like, ” Yeah, this is better. I like it a bit more taste.”

Garrett: But nobody’s going to be watching it. Yeah, it’s not an ad.

Brady: No one’s going to watch it. The end goal of them is for… I’m just thinking of my routine. Someone going to I Love Bagels, the local bagel shop.

Garrett: I do love that.

Brady: When you’re in line, you have the refrigeration section.

Garrett: On the right hand side, I know exactly what you’re talking about.

Brady: On the right hand side, they want people to look over, see Liquid Death, and be like, ” You know what? I’m going to give it a shot. I’m going to try it.” That’s how they grow like crazy is that situation, because you’re next to Nesquik chocolate milk who would take the cake for me all day every day. But maybe after that ad and having that in my mind, to your point, using the TikTok voiceover, tie it to a trend, I think that psychologically does tie it to a trend. I think that would increase the chances of someone pulling a Liquid Death from-

Garrett: You can do Liquid Death challenges out of it.

Garrett: You

Garrett: could do Liquid Death try it for the first time, because you saw it go viral. Yeah, I think imagine though being the creative director and they’re like, ” We’re going to test Liquid Death against all the other waters.” I mean someone in the room is going to be like, ” Can we think of a more boring concept watching people taste water?”

Brady: Yeah. The reactions just aren’t going to be there. They had a lady throwing it up.

Garrett: What are they going to say? They taste like water? Of course.

Brady: I also think they did a very good job at that. I think it’s very difficult to have someone puking in your ad and for it to not come across-

Garrett: I wish I saw it puke.

Brady: … actually disgusting.I think that’s too much. They found that balance.

Garrett: It’s too much. They blended up a wagyu cheeseburger.

Brady: Once you get someone actually showing the puke in the ad, there’s people who can’t watch jackass.

Garrett: That’s why I want to see someone go there.

Brady: I think that would throw them off and it would be tied to their brand. So, I just think it was very well balanced. It’s the nuances in these ads. I think both of the ads, the nuances of it I thought were brilliant and the details that people don’t think about. I think they thought about it. So, people don’t have to think about it.

Garrett: Okay, so let’s say you’re Skittles. You could have people tasting starburst and then puking out the colors of the rainbow, but it would be animated. At the end of the, try Skittles.

Brady: If it’s animated puke rainbow-

Garrett: I can’t raw dog the puke. You need it to be produced.

Brady: Yeah, it’s got to have some bit tied to it.

Garrett: You’re right. If it was just pure puke and I feel like I wish they would.

Brady: No, they’re selling Liquid Death. Not what that lady ate for breakfast or the beluga water.

Garrett: Imagine tasting the beluga water.

Brady: That was a thing?

Garrett: So you know how caviar comes in a can?

Brady: Okay.

Garrett: I don’t have experience in caviar. I want to be clear. I’ve never bought my own caviar. However-

Brady: It’s not good.

Garrett: Is it?

Brady: No.

Garrett: I mean I love it.

Brady: I’ve gotten the nice can.

Garrett: I stand with Ukraine. So, I haven’t been supporting-

Brady: I do not know where that tie is.

Garrett: Because Caviar’s Russian.

Brady: Oh, I didn’t know that. I’ve seen the Gordon Ramsey when he goes to the farm and they cut open the 30- year caviar. So, it’s a certain fish and I think it has to age for a while.

Garrett: A beluga or a whale?

Brady: No, it’s a big fish.

Garrett: The beluga caviar is the top caviar. I think beluga’s a whale.

Brady: I just know it from this specific fish that holds a ton of eggs and they cut it open. They harvest the eggs and they wash them. But the processing is actually pretty mellow because I think that’s the whole point, is it being natural out of the stomach.

Garrett: Oh, shoot.

Brady: So it’s like a specific fish, raised a specific way, harvested in a certain age, a certain size. So, I think that’s where the rarity and the price goes.

Garrett: It’s like an 18- year- old scotch is a good caviar.

Brady: Yeah, but I always compare it to I can eat shit while surfing and have the same taste experience is my caviar comparison. It’s very fishy, oceany. I don’t know. Maybe I’ve had the wrong stuff. Maybe I didn’t go enough on the sour cream. I

Garrett: I’ve had caviar a couple times but I don’t think plain. I’ve had it where I ordered a dish and they put a caviar thing on top. I didn’t order caviar, if that makes sense I guess. Yeah. They put it on the top.

Brady: I’m all about the fish on sushi. Oh, we had it on that one stack thing. I was there.

Garrett: For the caviar?

Brady: Yeah, it had the potato bottom. It was a triple seven decker one bite appetizer.

Garrett: I remember that now. You were there for the fish.

Brady: I think there was so much going on. I was an hour late to a dinner.

Garrett: It was an hour late.

Brady: Garrett is trying to get out there and I will own it. I was an hour late. It was nap time for me.

Garrett: Vegas did Brady dirty.

Brady: The AC was louder than the alarm and I was tired. It was the hottest weekend, 110 outside.

Garrett: Yup. Keep it going.

Brady: It takes us to a point. It takes six hours and so now I’m just having fun.

Garrett: I see.

Brady: I’m happy with my game. I still get upset. It’s not like I hit it bag.

Garrett: Can we be honest? That’s my first change.

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: On my golf course, it’s not 18 holes. I think I’m changing that.

Brady: Yeah. Well, I think that’s a part of it is better promoting nine holes.

Garrett: Not nine. Nine’s not enough. I’m thinking 14. They’ll hear me out.

Brady: You’re bringing some Brooks Koepka narratives to this.

Garrett: You want me to market a golf course. Do you want to create a new golf course? I want apples and I want everybody else to be oranges. We talk about this a lot. Don’t be better than everybody. Be different. So, my first step is give you 14 rounds, because I feel like seven and seven, there’s a wide case. There’s a lot of golfers like you who know their handicap. There’s a lot. Hey, Riley. Do you golf? If you were to golf, how long would you want to spend doing it in your head? Just generically, what’s the amount of time you’d want to like… Okay, that’s 14 holes, baby. That’s 14 holes. So, here’s my angle on it. Nine isn’t enough sometimes and you feel like you got cheated. Nine’s fun. I don’t mind playing nine, but what if 14? I’m just saying.

Brady: The front seven, the back seven I think could help actually splitting the scorecard. So, you don’t feel like-

Garrett: Do you think guys like the hardos would do it just to experience or do you think they would just hate it?

Brady: So, I’m only speaking from my experience. I’m not stoked when I show up at the course and it’s a par 71. That’s just me being psychotic, because in the pros, they play par 71. No, I think they have par 71 courses on the tour. But just something about me, I want it par 72. If it’s getting dark and we’re on whole 16, I will play it out, because I don’t want to submit-

Garrett: The fake story.

Brady: …the whole scorecard. We’ll take your handicap and on average, you would’ve gone to both.

Garrett: That goes another point. We can make more money with my 14 holes because we can get more groups in.

Brady: Oh, yeah. No, I think splitting up seven to seven, there’s a demographic there.

Garrett: There is a group. So, remember, let’s market this. So, we’re coming up with a golf course. I’m over here proposing 14 holes and we get that casual golfer who goes two to three times a year, usually with their buddies. Maybe they play a scramble for someone’s foundation or non- profit. They get invited to it. I invited to one of those. A buddy of mine did heart respiration and he’s doing a really cool thing where he is helping people who have heart failure, like cardiac arrest and getting more awareness for it. So, I was able to donate, be a part of it. I’m going to go play in the tournament. But if they told me it was 14 holes, I would be pumped, because you get in, get out. Now you don’t lose the whole day. So, are we okay with this 14- hole concept?

Brady: I am. I think from here, because I was thinking-

Garrett: We’ll get to that too.

Brady: …standard courses. But I think there’s going to be some overlap here. If you’re committing to 14 holes, you’re definitely different.

Garrett: Our gas station from last time, right? Our car wash has a specialty coffee inside.

Brady: Yeah, the Malasadas. Don’t forget the Malasadas.

Garrett: And the double, we want double. Remember you told me, I wasn’t sure if they had doubles? What do we find out?

Brady: I mean I saw an image on LinkedIn of a double. It didn’t go into the statistics of seven-hole-

Garrett: I’m just saying we had some-

Brady: It’s a thing.

Garrett: …different ideas. This one, 14 holes, I think is a different Idea.

Brady: So now in the branding, I’m thinking we have betting scorecards with games built into scorecard, because now we’re thinking it’s more casual.

Garrett: Correct.

Brady: You want to bring your friends out, maybe finish around after work. Let’s be not betting forward, but let’s have it on the scorecard. Let’s have betting games built in. You could even use a certain score card for skins versus match play.

Garrett: Even when you say scorecards, everybody’s not aware. When you go to a golf course, they give you a piece of paper and a pencil. It’s just 18 holes and they show you the length and the difficulty of the whole. But what if we did ours like stupid proof? What is it when they do the one through 18 on the whole difficulty? It’s not actually obvious. See what I’m saying?

Brady: Yeah. So, each hole has a handicap. When you get strokes on someone, which means there’s a differential between your two handicaps, you get strokes on the number one handicap hole, number two, number three. I don’t even know.

Garrett: I know. What if we just made the whole experience idiot proof?

Brady: Yeah, just idiot proof but still being-

Garrett: Because I’m an idiot. Correct.

Brady: You could have games per hole, make it very unique.

Garrett: So to your point earlier, when someone shows up, there’s three different games you can play on our 14- hole course and we have three different cards for each. Now there’s another thing I hate that I want to fix about this golf course, how you order the food and that process. I wish in a perfect world, they brought the food to me.

Brady: Yeah. It’s just ready at the next tee box.

Garrett: It’s already at the tee box there. Just maybe we had a dining room table and a server right there and it’s not nice.

Brady: It’s grab and go like Chipotle.

Garrett: Correct.

Brady: They have a nice cubby shelf with your name on a bag.

Garrett: Even easier. There’s a little grab and go with your group right there. I would love that.

Brady: Yeah because they do some have order in advance. So, when you roll up on the ninth hole, usually, you pass the clubhouse between 9 and 10. So, you call in your order.

Garrett: If you order on the eighth, you order on the eighth, they have the telephone on the eighth. You order it in and you can pick it up ninth.

Brady: But you still have to park. You got to walk in. Sometimes they don’t even have it started.

Garrett: They don’t have it started. Now, for me, I get anxiety. Is the other group going to get ahead of me?

Brady: I’m with you.

Garrett: Because that’s the worst. These are the real problems of golf and we’re fixing them today.

Brady: Yeah. There is a lot of pace, pressure, and anxiety.

Garrett: Because now if you fall behind and now you have a foursome in front of you and maybe you’re the twosome and now you have to wait and then you have to play through on the next, it’s a nightmare.

Brady: Yeah. The golf has some funny nuances. If the group in front of you is slow and that’s why you’re slow, the group behind you will always just look at you as the jackass. That’s just the culture. Even if they see the group in front of you slow, that’s just part of the game.

Garrett: What if we could use Scarlet’s letter but for slow golfers? Is there a way we could brandish them?

Brady: I mean I think this is where we hire the Marshall very specifically is we’re almost known for the hardass Marshall.

Garrett: Oh, you like that? So we’re just going to go like general pan type?

Brady: Yeah, like the restaurant, dick’s last resort. There’s the hardass waiters.

Garrett: They’re just busting it and they’re just making the boys play a little faster. They’re like, ” Hey.” Now I had an idea for our advertising theme. I think it’ll go viral. It’s like the wife is pissed that the husband’s going to be gone all day playing golf. You know how they always do on Instagram, it always goes viral when it’s like, ” My husband always says it takes six hours to play golf. By times, it was only four.”

Brady: Yeah, when they actually golf with their wife, they’re like, ” Oh, my gosh. This is the fastest it’s ever been.” There’s tons of memes about it.

Garrett: So you know how that’s only a thing. We could make it like they’re pissed and then they find out it’s only 14 holes. I think you could do a whole thing about guilt- free golf. You’re not going to get in trouble. Essentially, dudes all get in trouble pretty much universally for playing golf on the weekends. Their girlfriends or wives or spouse wants to be with them and then they’re gone all day playing golf. I think we got to lean into that angle. I think it could get viral and it’d be really funny if we did it right like the ad we just saw. I think you could do it totally like that.

Brady: Yeah, and then you can advertise to the spouses.

Garrett: No, we have the ladies be the men and we do roll swap.

Brady: In the ad?

Garrett: Yeah. So, the girls are the ones telling and then the husband is playing the wife. He’s like, ” Are you sure, baby? It always takes you six.” We switched. I think that they could play.

Brady: Yeah. I mean I think this course would also be good date golf. I think that’s a good demographic for it, because I was even thinking what are the revenue streams of golf and the food after. If you actually get two beers and a meal at the course after, that’s good money.

Garrett: All our ideas have high- end food, because I think we both like our food. So, I agree. I think I’m tired. Okay. So, I went to this one golf course, the one in Newport, the bad one like the Newport.

Brady: Yeah, the one with the mats?

Garrett: Yeah. But then they gave me the lettuce and the lettuce was like moldy or the tomato was. I now struggle with golf course food because it’s like that a lot of times. You go to a dark clubhouse that hasn’t really been renovated. The kitchen is the definition of a dive bar kitchen. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. Usually, you just get hot dogs. You know what I mean? I feel like if you did good food somewhere like the ranch, Ben Brown, that golf course has good food. They charge for it. It’s experience. I think it would be good if people could go to our golf course and eat food but not golf. It was a country club without a membership.

Brady: Yeah. I think that’s a good comparison because that’s a nine- hole course.

Garrett: Yeah, exactly.

Brady: Because I do think a part of the promotion is how do you promote the meal after? How do you get the family to drive to the course around when you’re going to wrap up and have a meal?

Garrett: Like it’s a country club. That’s what they do at the country club. They’ll meet up for lunch after the round.

Brady: You show your scorecard and get half off drinks. Does your wife eat for free?

Garrett: Stuff like that. Yeah.

Brady: What are some ways to get the rest of the family excited about you playing golf?

Garrett: I think we should invite food influencers and be like, ” Have you ever got the best meal of your life from a golf course”? And then if we got the foodie influencers, whoever’s running the local newspaper’s food column, the cities. So, you get those local Instagram influencers and you do this whole angle of, ” What if the best food in Orange County was at a golf course?”

Brady: Like the Long Beach airport. They’ve won awards for their food.

Garrett: Correct. That angle. Yeah. So, I like that. Now here’s the big idea also, because this is my big pet peeve. We invest in elite lighting so you can play true nighttime golf. What do you think about that, Brady?

Brady: Yup.

Garrett: I mean to me, aces.

Brady: I think Dubai might have a really good-

Garrett: I’ve never played anywhere that had good lights for golf.

Brady: No, I think it’s good in Korea and Dubai. They have it locked down.

Garrett: The Koreans by the way would love our golf course if we do the betting rate, because from what I’ve understood, Koreans love to bet when they golf.

Brady: And night golf.

Garrett: And they like night golf.

Brady: They’re big in simulators too. They have a whole simulator tour in Korea.

Garrett: Do Koreans love golf? If we could get the Korean group in there as well as some of the local non- Korean people, we get a couple diversity in our marketing. I like this. I like this.

Brady: Yeah. I like the betting angle. I’m good with the 14 holes, I think especially if we split it up seven to seven.

Garrett: If there’s certain demographics, like Koreans too, what if we got top Korean influencers to come to the course? If there’s certain demographics that we just know we want, because how else do you reach a Korean community if you’re not really marketing to them? They would’ve to discover it randomly, which is fine. But if we had a community of people we wanted to enjoy the course, I think that that could be huge.

Brady: The built in betting is good for their content. Even a Bob Does Sports, he would go to the course and they would play the bets on the cards and it would be a part of their content. He’s like, ” Oh, this course came with bets. We’re going to play them. This is our game today.” and then it would get exposed.

Garrett: I really like that. I have a question for you. This is a serious one. Music. I know, I know. I hate when you’re playing with a foursome, you’re in your cart and they’re in theirs. They’re just blasting their music while you’re putting and stuff. I’m not a huge fan of golf music. Now, I know a lot of people like it. It’s their way of keeping it casual. I don’t mind like barefoot golf, stuff like that, drinking on the course, having a good time. But the music, what’s your take on it? You know what I mean?

Brady: So I’m all for it now. I don’t do it myself.

Garrett: Okay, but you’ve embraced it. Because all the carts now, Bluetooth, crappy speakers. People bring their own speakers now.

Brady: Yeah. People bring their own speakers. I was listening to Country on Sunday with Drew-

Garrett: See this is what I’m talking about.

Brady: …and some old school like’70s rock, I think. I’m cool with it. You get where I’m coming from, right? I don’t care if people step in my line. I’ll talk to someone in my back swing.

Garrett: I hope Drew listens to this episode because Drew can be a talker out there.

Brady: I think it’s for me because I accept it.

Garrett: Yeah, you don’t even do practice swings.

Brady: I don’t do practice swings. I talk while I’m swinging.

Garrett: Drew’s a great golfer.

Brady: I’m out there having fun.

Garrett: I am too.

Brady: I think you got to go with music.

Garrett: You have to have music, huh? We can’t be like 14 holes and this fun betting-

Brady: If you get 14 holes, then we got to have music.

Garrett: You’re right. You’re right.

Brady: I think it’s part of golf.

Garrett: Yup, you’re right. What are we doing about our driving range? Because I think that’s more the date night. I don’t know if the course is the date. I feel like the driving range could be.

Brady: It’s a lot of real estate. So, we’re talking about creating a new course.

Garrett: Well, it’s less real estate if it’s 14 holes.

Brady: But range is more real estate to add on top of the 14.

Garrett: I want to acquire a golf course and I think we could take their worst holes, turn that maybe into the driving range.

Brady: Yeah. So, definitely obviously, lights on the driving range. I don’t know the-

Garrett: That’s where you have the DJ.

Brady: …the profitability.

Garrett: I Like to bring a DJ in. Like turn into a club. So, there’s this one by my house.

Brady: That’s floating one?

Garrett: Yeah. They do really good lighting and stuff at night, but here’s where they’re bad. They don’t sell any alcohol and they don’t let you bring any alcohol. So, I think we turn ours into top golf but not top puffs.

Brady: Yeah. So, there’s a range in Oceanside with Drew Arrowwood. Half of their range is called the flight deck. They have TVs and they have ball tracers and they have this crate bar with really good appetizers.

Garrett: Now you’re talking about language.

Brady: It costs like 30 bucks an hour. You get four people in there for two, three hours.

Garrett: A bowling date crowd. You know what I mean? The people go bowling or go to Topgolf, but to me Topgolf can be a little gimmicky. I want to be able to bring my own clubs. I still want it to be golf. Topgolf to me isn’t necessarily golf.

Brady: No.

Garrett: You got what I’m saying? Because I’m using their club.

Brady: You use air clubs.

Garrett: The games are a little weird.

Brady: No, I think this Arrowwood course did it very, very well.

Garrett: Okay. So, we want to maybe get some inspiration out of them.

Brady: They just use their own range. All the flags on the range are built into the tracking. The other half of the range is just standards. Just mats and you get your balls.

Garrett: I have another idea. To me, what we’re monetizing is a property. I think we have a pool in the driving range area. So, you can do a pool party.

Brady: So now we’re getting into Topgolf. Isn’t that their thing?

Garrett: I’m getting a little close there but you bring your own clubs and you’re still at the golf place. It’s more a little high end. To me, I don’t want us to feel like Dave& Buster’s. I want us to be more like you’ve been at Lido House before?

Brady: I don’t think so.

Garrett: Let me think. This aero spot, did you feel like it was more classy? It’s still golf, right?

Brady: Yeah. I felt like we can bring our wives to because the chicken fingers and onion rings were pretty bomb.

Garrett: Now what if ours had cables and more sushi. See what I’m saying? I want to elevate. I want to say Topgolf. It’s like elevated version of that. Because I think if you elevate slightly, the cost of goods sold goes up a bit, but the ticket prices. I mean we could start charging for it like it’s premium then you experience it. It’s our own version of golf. I think nothing should be like golf, but everything should be like golf.

Brady: Yeah. I think for driving range, you can definitely add enough entertainment to where more people can come to.

Garrett: Who don’t really golf. They’re not there to golf.

Brady: But I think sometimes that is challenging to compete with everything else they could be doing.

Garrett: Like you were saying earlier, I think it’s 50/ 50, because I think you should have an area where the guys were about play around.

Brady: Yeah, they want to get a small bucket.

Garrett: Totally.

Brady: I was thinking of doing long drive events.

Garrett: I like that. I need it.

Brady: I think as a revenue stream too, costs 20 bucks to sign up. You only get eight balls. So, now people are paying premium price like per ball technically compared to just gaining a large bucket.

Garrett: I like that.

Brady: You have events.

Garrett: Do we juice the ball? Do we juice them?

Brady: I don’t think you juice them. It’s just range balls.

Garrett: I know, but imagine if all the broad just drove that one 400. What if people…

Brady: Are juicing?

Garrett: No. What if we are juicing the balls and they come back to ours because that’s where they always drive it the furthest? I know it’s a little cheeky. But you know how range balls are always bad?

Brady: I’m always looking for the shiny one to hit driver.

Garrett: They always go, “Oh, it’s just a practice ball. I normally drive it three.” You know how the guys will say, ” Well, it’s practice ball,” so it’s obviously not as far.

Brady: But maybe we only have certain balls for the long drive contests.

Garrett: Like Kobe ones or something.

Brady: Yeah, but I think that would be fun.

Garrett: I agree.

Brady: Because as a creative director mindset, I think it’s like how do you make it everyone’s home course.

Garrett: I think we need a blended slushy course drink. You see what I’m saying? Like a blended slushy machine. Massive slushy machine in the bar. This is our course drink and it’s like a novelty thing. That stuff I think works.

Brady: Yeah. I think you can honestly look at country clubs as an inspiration. They all get their tournaments. They have their long drive contests. It doesn’t mean a public place like this couldn’t. They just don’t do it.

Garrett: Less tucked in shirts, less pastel colors, less naughtiness.

Brady: Yeah. You can wear your hat inside.

Garrett: Yup. Your hat could be backwards.

Brady: It could be backwards.

Garrett: You don’t have to wear a collared shirt.

Brady: You don’t need a collared shirt.

Garrett: Don’t have to tuck it in. I think we could get good energy. Now here’s another big question, Brady. It’s very important. What does transportation look like?

Brady: On the course?

Garrett: Yeah, because there’s all sorts of… You know what I mean? I had a crazy idea. Do you want it?

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: What if there was a train?

Brady: Whoa. Just hear me on this.

Garrett: I’m getting there.

Brady: I’m thinking logistics already. I just need you to explain more. If the train’s on the right side, the fairway, your ball goes to the left, I’d be pissed. What do you mean train?

Garrett: So, you know how some courses, you have to walk?

Brady: Yeah.

Garrett: Well, this one, what if it just has a train? This is constantly running. It stops at all the holes. You can walk the course and take the train. So, you have to walk to get your ball, but you can… You don’t like the train?

Brady: Logistically, I think there’s going to be some gaps on that.

Garrett: Okay. I’m going wild with this.

Brady: No, I like it, but I don’t know if we have those… Have you seen those bikes?

Garrett: I’ve seen all of them. I’ve never seen the train.

Brady: The Monarch scooter.

Garrett: I’ve never seen the train.

Brady: Never heard of the golf cart. That’s a thing. The golf cart’s a thing, electric. We have a very solar storage unit.

Garrett: I like the gas time out. I like the gas carts. You ever had a gas cart?

Brady: Yeah. Gas cart, no governor.

Garrett: It feels pretty cool, but that’ll be dangerous. We got remember slushie-

Brady: Environment, slushies. I’ll think about the train.

Garrett: The train could have-

Brady: Even the ski lift things where you hold onto the rope.

Garrett: Something even better. Right down the middle of the freeway from the tee box to the green.

Brady: The airport box?

Garrett: Yes.

Brady: You land on that sucker with your drive and you’re going all the way to the hole.

Garrett: All the way hole. If you’re playing in the fairway, you’re always in line.

Brady: Right. Well, we’ll run the numbers on these ideas because they sound cheap.

Garrett: They all are cheap Ideas.

Brady: They sound pretty cheap.

Garrett: All right. I’m going to get you my favorite transportation though. I wanted to save it for last. Okay.

Brady: Heelys?

Garrett: Better. You’re not thinking big, Brady. This is a little bit of a joke. I’m not going to lie to you.

Brady: Jet packs?

Garrett: Even better. Lazy river.

Brady: Oh, my God.

Garrett: Okay, now hear me out.

Brady: It’s a hazard and it’s transportation.

Garrett: And it’s transportation. What are wife and kids doing while you’re playing around?

Brady: Just getting knocked in the head by golf ball. That’s awesome. Just head injuries day in and day out. The lawsuits are going to be fantastic. I can’t wait.

Garrett: I gave you a train and a lazy river and a water way.

Brady: It could be netted with certain entryways.

Garrett: I’m not going to lie to you. Lazy river could be epic use of the property. Imagine if you had a lazy river all around the golf, the marketing. I mean I’m just saying the lazy river could play. There’s a way I think we could do it.

Brady: Yeah. People love lazy rivers.

Garrett: Love lazy rivers.

Brady: I mean some type of golf theme to playground. Not totally serious where here’s your practice clubs, but how could a playground be actual river?

Garrett: There’d be real cool concept. So, my wife, she likes to work out at a gym called Burn. Her primary reason she likes to do is because of daycare. What about all the dads? Remember I think the country’s 50% divorce rate and the dad’s a lot of times have the kids on the weekend because mom has them during the week. What if dad could bring the kids to the golf course when he is on his parental duty and he drops them off at daycare? We could crush with daycare at the golf course. I think daycare at the golf course and then even better. Myra and I have three kids under three. I’ll chop off a limb to have a babysitter to just get some one- on- one time with her. Imagine if we could go here. It’s like Topgolf earlier but with babysitting. There’s daycare and you drop the kids off at the daycare. You’re going to church or something. You go to church, you can go to the service kids with the daycare. You have a check in, whole thing. You can get insurance on it. The gyms that do that crush. I bet you if we had a golf course with daycare and remember we talked about advertising and how we advertise it. I think the daycare feature is a game changer.

Brady: It could be some sense of golf training just with lower expectations.

Garrett: You know how they have building blocks at other places? Ours would be kids golf balls that they can’t choke on, kids golf clubs, little putting stations so they can practice. I think you can do a whole theme and then the babysitters are all teaching them how to golf and your three year old. They send you cute little videos on the Procare app and you see the whole thing. I feel like the daycare could crush. Yeah, daycare could crush. What else do you got for us, Brady?

Brady: I’m trying to think. I think ads could be on the course better so that maybe this is more for a municipal course.

Garrett: Not the crappy real estate agent ad on the bench from 12 years ago.

Brady: I’m thinking each sign per hole where it shows the yardage from each tee box, having a legit local ad there with a QR code for a landing page or promotion. I’m thinking more just revenue streams for the carts.

Garrett: Our marketing person could do the landing page for people so that they at least get it done.

Brady: We have a whole program.

Garrett: One page template and you can add your offer.

Brady: As I was thinking more of less create a new course and more existing courses, just even hiring a high school kid who’s getting into drone photography and just getting stuff out there and getting your course out there, all with the vibe of, ” How do I make this someone’s home course?”

Garrett: I have another idea for you.

Brady: Outside of pricing.

Garrett: I’ve got another idea that you just gave me. You know at Disneyland, at the end of the ride, you check the photos. What if we had photo booths and stuff like that and you could sell the photos? So you know how it’s always hard to get the photo when you’re out on the course with the guys? You’re like, “Who’s going to take the photo?” One guy’s always out of the photo unless you’re playing with a group. It’s not that easy to get a photo taken. This could work.

Brady: Live cams on the course, Surfline. You know how you go back? You were telling me.

Garrett: I always do that. Do you do that?

Brady: I’ve done it before but you were talking about how your watch allows you to go back and use the Surfline camera to watch your wave. I mean why not have live cams on just the tee box? That would be entertaining.

Garrett: That would be sick. See this course right here is the greatest golf course.

Brady: I think it’s just a course built around marketing and fun.

Garrett: For the audience. I want to remind you all, notice how we’re doing the marketing. It’s all in the product.

Brady: It’s in the product.

Garrett: It’s always in the product. The marketing is not what you think it is. I want everybody to hear me loud and clear. Marketing after the product is done is not marketing. Marketing needs to be integrated to it so that the product markets itself. The service markets itself like directive. We grow like crazy through people experiencing our advertising to them and then becoming jealous then wanting that same thing for themselves. So, marketing should be baked into what you do and that’s where that crazy organic growth comes from.

Brady: Yeah. I think you and I, even though the words we’re saying are all around product, we’re doing it through a marketing first lens, which I think is a great way to think about product.

Garrett: What do people want?

Brady: Because when I think marketing, you’re thinking, ” What would someone actually want?”

Garrett: Yeah. What do I hate about the current thing? I hate playing 18 holes on a Saturday or Sunday and it takes six hours when it should take three and a half. That’s just painful for my soul.

Brady: Yeah, me too. I hate it so much.

Garrett: Come on, you do. When you show up on that first tee box and there’s four carts lined up at Rancho San Joaquin.

Brady: Yeah, no, I don’t do the long days anymore. I used to be like, ” Oh, I don’t want to wake up that early because I’m a little stiff.” I’ll play well now. I’m booking like 6:30 AMT time.

Garrett: I’ve been with you. We wake up at 4: 30 to try to get this.

Brady: No, I’m with you. It takes up. It’s a day.

Garrett: It’s a day and you come home and you’re spent. You’re beat up. You don’t have that energy. I like where we’re going with this. Now, there is a final angle we could take. What if we had norm attack and IVs and stuff after?

Brady: Like a rehabilitation?

Garrett: A rehabilitation room and you can only get access to that.

Brady: So that ad would be funny.

Garrett: If you join the membership, so we can sell memberships. I want to sell recurring here. It’s open to the public but you can have a membership, but with the membership, you might get access to the pool, you might get access to the lazy river, you might get access to the rehabilitation room. You know what I’m saying? I feel like if you had some perks for the membership, that thing would be sold out before you could blink.

Brady: Yeah, that would be funny for that, because there are golf memes of people coming home after golfing and trying to act sober when they’re blacked out drunk. You could do some ads around that.

Garrett: Get your IV, get your water up.

Brady: It has all the bets in the app, right? You keep your score on the app.

Garrett: I like that.

Brady: The app has GPS locations so it can actually give you your live cam footage after because it knows who you are and where you are.

Garrett: If you could log into the app after the round and watch it back.

Brady: It gives you your footage. It almost gives you social content.

Garrett: We wouldn’t need it may be on the fairway if we couldn’t get a photo of everything. But if you had tee box camera and putting green camera and those both automatically uploaded your round to your app. At the end of the app, you could see my putting stroke, I’m getting a little wobbly on my back. This golf course is elite right now.

Brady: You can maybe pay for better footage, where the camera tracks you. I honestly think you could set up cameras with an app-

Garrett: That run along the table.

Brady: I don’t think they have to be like that. I just think they’re placed like tee box, a couple places in the fairway and the green.

Garrett: Have you seen our game lately, bro? I mean it’s hard.

Brady: A few in the trees.

Garrett: A few in the trees.

Brady: Couple in the canyon. One GoPro on the lazy river.

Garrett: Yup, that’s what I’m saying.

Brady: But I think there’s a way where when you’re done with your round, it would give you legit content.

Garrett: It would give you legit content and it would be educational too. We all would love it because it’s fun, but we’d be hardos too.

Brady: Yeah, I mean it might be a little far away to analyze a swing but you’d be able to-

Garrett: You never analyze your swing when you play though. That part would be so cool.

Brady: I mean there could be on the tee box cameras.

Garrett: That’s what I’m saying, bro. Getting to see your driver swing and be like, ” Yeah, in the third round or at the 12th hole, I started getting tired.” You could see where I was dropping my hip or I was doing this different. Oh, my weight’s too far here. Because you could get the hardos and you could get the casuals. If you add the cameras, the hardos will go and they’ll treat it like a practice round. Yeah, they’re not going to record it to their handicaps. It’s not a full 18, but they would go out there and they would use it for practice. So, you get the hardos for practice and you get the casuals for the fun.

Brady: It’s like Topgolf. Those trackers are entertaining for the casual golfer. But if you’re into it, you’re looking at, ” What was my swing speed? What was my ball speed?”

Garrett: Yeah, but you don’t totally take it serious because the balls aren’t good and you’re not using your own clubs.

Brady: The swing speed is the swing speed. That’s just me personally.

Garrett: No, I know, but you don’t use your real clubs there.

Brady: Yeah, that’s why I like the one I’ve been going to in San Diego because you just bring your clubs.

Garrett: They do have the shot and they do the swing speed and all that.

Brady: They use a different tracer. I guess they have it way above you and it tracks the first 40 yards of the flight and then it uses an algorithm. It’s pretty accurate because you actually get to see the ball so it lands where the screen is saying it landed.

Garrett: That’s sick. Dude, I’m telling you right now, if this golf course existed, I would’ve a membership to this course.

Brady: Yeah, the apps and the camera, to me, right now are something that I would love to experience and that would force me through the whole 14- hole thing as a stickler with 18 holes.

Garrett: Yeah, that’s how you get the harder part of you to like it is the cameras on the tee box and the greens.

Brady: Yeah, that would be-

Garrett: That’d be game changer.

Brady: …so cool to experience.

Garrett: Well, I’m ready to play this course.

Brady: Yeah, me too.

Garrett: We marketed it.

Brady: I think let’s buy Oso Creek. That might be the spot. They’ve done pretty good with their rebranding once they purchased it.

Garrett: Yeah. If we were to do this, it would hit. I love this segment because now I always want to actually fund the ideas. I legitimately want that car wash and now I want this golf course.

Brady: It’s just fun because all these industries and we see it in our career, their limit is their best competitor. I think in golf, there’s the excuses of we’re not Pinehurst. We’re not all these places so we can’t do that.

Garrett: So they end up just being a crappy version of the old things instead of something innovative.

Brady: Your imagination just shuts off and you look around to your closest competitors and they’re not doing anything different. So, you feel like this is what it should be. This is the best. I think we get to enter this knowing not much about running a golf course.

Garrett: Yeah, we don’t know anything about it and we don’t have to pay for it. So, this is the real idea.

Brady: It’s a very open mind and I think there’s some wins in there.

Garrett: I love it. Dude, this is awesome. Well, thank you everybody for listening. We’re going to be back next week as always. So, like, subscribe, ring the bell. Thanks so much.

Brady: Yup. Talk to you soon.

Garrett: Later.